Clearing the Haze: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Details Their Cannabis Policy

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Sheriff’s office has fielded many questions over the past several months regarding how the changes in the law will effect enforcement of illegal marijuana cultivation in the county. Proposition 64, the adult recreational use of marijuana, allows any adult age 21 and older to grow 6 plants on their property, possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and possess up to 4 grams of concentrated cannabis. No persons can smoke marijuana in a vehicle or in a public place.

The State of California and the County of Humboldt has passed laws and ordinances to create a clear path to legitimacy for persons that choose to grow commercial marijuana. Since the passage of the Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance and the adult recreational use state law, we have seen exponential growth in the illegal production of marijuana in the County. As the county permit process has shown, the motivation to become compliant with the law is limited with the cultivators.  Out of the 12,000+ documented grow sites in the county, only 2300+ permit applications were filed with the Planning Department.   The 2300 applicants are in various stages in the permit process.  43 growers and processers have received permits from the County.   Over 800 permit applications are now complete for processing and are moving through the governmental approval process. Permit applications with the planning department that have been inactive for over 6 months will be deemed “Withdrawn” from the permit process.  An application for a cultivation site that has been deemed “Withdrawn” will no longer be viewed as a lawful growing operation.

The Sheriff’s Office views all Humboldt County permitted growers as being licensed, lawful and legitimate Marijuana Cultivators in the County. A permitted grower will have the following documentation on site:
County Conditional Use Permit/Special Permit or Zoning Clearance Certificate approved by the Planning Department.
County Business License for marijuana.

Absent a valid permit, the Sheriff’s office will use the following criteria to determine if a subject is operating a lawful commercial marijuana grow site in the county. The grower shall have all of the documentation on site in order to prove the validity of their growing operation.  The following is a list of documentation necessary to prove legitimacy.

For sites which have not yet received County approval — Humboldt County Permit Application Filed- possession of a signed Affidavit “commercial cannabis activity” with a blue HC Planning Department stamp.
Grower will have a documented site plan, cultivation/operations plan including detailed description of water source / storage, environmental protection, and storage of pesticides and other regulated products.
Grower will have a Processing Plan to identify cultivation areas, cycles, and plant count.
Distribution plan: MOU / Contracts / Agreements with licensed dispensaries for established product from grower.
Grower (if applicable) will have a copy of their permit, license or registration from the State Water Resources Control Board division of water rights, Streambed Alteration Permit from DF&W, copy of any well permits, copy of a Cal-Fire approved timber conversation (if applicable).
Valid Sellers Permit from the Board of Equalization and possess an Employers Identification Number.
The commercial grower will have a federal and state identification number from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the California Employment Development Department (EDD) and have documentation that they are paying all taxes as required by state and federal tax laws.

The Sheriff’s Office is firmly committed to investigate and enforce ALL of the California marijuana laws and hold the violators accountable. If a Marijuana cultivation site does not have a permit application in process and the cultivator fails to have the above listed documentation, enforcement action will be taken. Per the policy of the Sheriff’s office all the marijuana will be removed onsite and the suspects will be arrested.

A permitted grower cannot grow what they have not applied for. If a permitted cultivator is growing outside of their permit size but is otherwise lawful the investigation becomes a county Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) issue. CEU has the authority to investigate, issue fines, and issue destruction orders through the county. All cultivators who are in the permit process who are growing over their application limits could be subject to criminal prosecution and referred to the CEU for investigation.

The County board of supervisors approved the Sheriff’s request to hire two additional deputy sheriffs for marijuana enforcement. The Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), Department of Fish and Wildlife, Cal Fire, State Water Resources, and County Code Enforcement will be teaming up to enforce both criminal and civil laws associated with illegal cultivation of marijuana. Since Marijuana is a 365 day operation, the DEU will be tasked with working illegal cultivation cases throughout the year.

Marijuana enforcement priorities are going to continue to be complaint driven. The DEU will be targeting the most egregious violators of the law. The following will be the priorities for Sheriff’s marijuana enforcement for the county:

1. Enforcing state marijuana laws on the non-county permitted growers.
2. Preventing the sale and distribution of marijuana to minors.
3. Enforcing State marijuana laws on the properties that are damaging the environment through the destruction of our forest, rivers, streams and wildlife.
4. Enforcing “Trespass Grows” on public or private land where the growing of marijuana has not been authorized by the landowner.
5. Prevent / investigate human trafficking associated with marijuana cultivation.
6. Enforce State firearms laws at illegal marijuana cultivation sites.
7. Preventing revenue from the sale of marijuana from going to criminal enterprises, gangs, and cartels.
8. Preventing the distribution of the marijuana cultivated in Humboldt County to areas outside the State of California.
9. Preventing Humboldt County authorized marijuana activity from being used as a cover or a pretext for the trafficking of illegal drugs or other illegal activity.

If you have information regarding illegal marijuana cultivation or environmental damage from a marijuana growing operation, we ask you to contact one of the following phone numbers:

Illegal Cultivation – Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip line: 707.268.2539

Environmental Damage, water diversion, illegal grading associated with marijuana Cultivation – Fish and Wildlife Northern Region Eureka Field Office: 707-445-6493 or 888-334-2258

Illegal water distribution, illegal water diversion, water contamination –
State Water Board: 916-341-5272 or

Illegal timber conversions – Cal Fire: 707-725-4413 Ask for Resource Management

Illegal grading, unpermitted structures, growing more than permitted – Humboldt County Code Enforcement Unit: 707-476-2429

Illegal dumping, Hazardous Materials, improper water storage, Sewage Humboldt County Environmental Health:  707-445-6215 or 1-800-963-9241

For information on State Licensing, transportation, dispensaries, and distribution – The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation
800-952-5210 or




    • There is no track n trace for any grows in humboldt county the state has not issued any gps plant bands .What the sheriff may be doing is involving himself in a huge conspiracy to distribute black market marijuana ,he should be scared of the feds.. all these multiple thousand pound grows will need to recoup operating costs and will have two options. option one is a California market saturated.i predict many will go route 2 .as it’s still untraceable!

      • I am surprised that all the smart people on this site can not figure out what the powers that be are doing. Think about you`re own life and what you do if this situation was on your front door. Stall and Stall again, the Cops and bureaucrats are at a loss what to do. You the people are asking them [ cops ] what should we do ? Since the cops don’t know themselves, they make crap up. Like lets have a pathway to legalization. That’s it says moron # 1

        the bureaucrat says, Lets start a process to keep them busy and charge them for the use of said process/program, and let us make it so complicated that it will take them years to figure it out. Moron #2 says, you mean just like Obama care. but lets charge them before we do anything and do it quickly before they find out. Moron #3 you mean it takes time to do nothing ? and we get paid for it ? Why this is ingenious. Where do I sign up. Moron #1 says, ” just get in line behind the marijuana/ cannabis legal group, they appear to know what to do.

  • What about 215 laws ?

      • The More You Know...

        That isn’t true. They follow different rules for 215. In fact 215 patients are the only ones allowed to have “open containers” of herb in a vehicle. Additionally there is a different taxation for 215 patients than recreational users when purchasing herb.

    • What about 215?

      • Recreational laws don’t go into effect until 2018

      • I think 215 law still applies. Can a state voter initiative be overturned by state legislators? I’m not sure it can.

        • Hi Rolling,

          215 laws remain in effect through 2017, and the only legal way to cultivate mj is by following them. The legislature can not alter prop 215 because it was a voter initiative which prohibited changes w/o another voter initative. But the 215 laws allowing collective cultivation, which is how almost all commercial cannabis is grown, was a legislative expansion of the initiative and can be overturned, and will be. Collectives are legal until Jan 1, 2019. The year 2018 will see a dual system of state licensed cultivators and collectives, probably tending more towards the state licensed. 215 and Prop 64 individual cultivation laws remain on the books and are not touched by the licensing laws. 215 is on the books until removed by a voter initative.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            So, Ed, wasn’t it prop. 64 that we voted on to allow personal growth of six plants by adults? Didn’t we win that? Wha’ happened? I mean, sure, six plants is a piss-ant punitive number, especially if you start seedlings, which, as you know are about 50% male. And, as you know, even a lousey six clones may very well not all survive to harvest, just like in all farming and gardening. Also, the issue of low clone vigor, etc., ad infinitum. But still, six plants I thought. Where did I go wrong?

            Oh, OK, I re-read your post. Is P. 64 only six plants? I get that it’s on the books and P. 215 can only be changed by another voter prop. Or neo-Confederate Jeff Sessions shows up with the Sky God to bring the wrath of a righteous Lord on our heathen heads. Anybody who thinks that is a cheap shot had better review direct quotes of Jeff B. Sessions III. No good person smokes marijuana. Look it up.

            • Smokers / dealers/cultivators do make excellent non violent prisoners for the private prison business.

  • Is this all clear to you cowboys?

    You may not think that the sheriff can stop you, but economic forces and tax laws WILL get you.

    AND I especially like all the phone numbers for reporting violations…

    • Why dont you list those numbers right here bud! Thanks!

      • OH I think they are pretty clearly listed above…

        And they said the Kaczynski types lived in Willits…

        $200/pound, here we come… Time to move to Kern!

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          Let’s see: Here’s some numbers…

          12,000 grows, times say 2500 plants each = 30,000,000 plants.

          Say 2 pounds marketable per plant, that’s SIXTY MILLION POUNDS just from Humboldt!

          Gee, there’s a market for that… At $200/ pound that’s 12 billion dollars! AND –

          You all wasted your summer, and effectively LOST YOUR ASSES!

          Feel stupid yet? HEY, let’s get high!

        • You’re such a negative Nancy

        • Do you know that the San Joaquin Valley has one of the highest amount of roundup used in the entire country. Maybe not such a good place for cannabis.

        • It takes all kinds


  • Beautiful Country

    I will post all of these numbers on my road in hopes that all my neighbors will use them to call in our biggest grow neighbors. We know they are unpermitted at this point- they are just blowing up huge scenes after filing that “intent to grow” BS last December thinking it would protect them. Please HCSD- please hear our complaints and drive out here to chop down the plants of these terrible people blowing up our forests and destroying the habitat for the forest critters! We have had enough of this corrupt demon cabbage!!!

  • LMAO, demon cabbage! Priceless.

  • Veterans friend

    It will be different next week. Hold your breath.

  • Those are cute laws and regulations. How do they propose to enforce them? Does the permit say “pretty please?”

  • So in other words, business as usual, no enforcement.

    • What’s it going to take to keep it out of the hands of young developing brains? I understand the economics. I want my neighbors to have success, but I don’t want my students getting “wasted.” If it’s a legitimate industry then let’s treat it that way. No underage smoking. No more, “forbidden-fruit” attraction.

      • Being stupid enough to smoke weed before chemistry in high school was not such a good idea for me. Art on the other hand went pretty well thou.
        Good luck with your students because with luck they will be grateful forever.

  • It’s all so clear…

    While Humboldt and Mendocino Counties Shoot Themselves in the Face.. other parts of Cali, the Nation, the Globe carry less baggage onto this flight.. and are going for the gusto. Say goodnight HumCo.

    The Drug War is Ending. Good Morning World. Read the report from the UN/WHO.. the decriminalization in Oregon, and then the report from the DOD on the End of the American Empire…

    Respect you mom and pop cannaisseur roots !!!

    Where are the restaurants ready to serve infused lava cake?
    Why are there STILL no new medical storefronts? For years!
    Why are we tearing up Prime Ag land and not improving existing sites?
    Who the fuck is gonna truck a big rig of dirt (and water, amendments, caterpillars and land movers, 10k water tanks, etc 45 minutes up a mtn road after the Central Valley flips the switch?
    I could buy 60 joints in SF or a LB in Humboldt.
    Same price. Different level of intelligence/industry/insight: fore and hind.
    Respect your roots or watch your plant shrivel and die.
    I have as little respect for the greed in the fields as the greed of the so-called CEU.
    How about a cannabis Education unit. An Economic unit.

    How come evolution has to take such a long long time……..

    (Or line your pockets while in office with as much legalization legislation (that’s an oxymoron) as possible…….. ah, ok…….. I see you.)

    State Water Board.. no pun there..

  • The sheriff is wrong, 215 still applies. Think about what Billy is saying, basically if you are one of the 43 permits you’re good to go and don’t need a sellers permit or a legal route of sale? Come on, that don’t make sense. If you don’t have a permit approved you need this long list of stuff including a county business license? This wouldn’t hold up in civil court. If someone who is 100% compliant with prop 215 (still in affect) had their plants destroyed they would be entitled to sue the sheriff in civil court for damages to their property?

    Wheres our legal expert to chime in?

  • How do you get a sellers permit before your land use permit? How do you ask for a business license when you don’t even know if your business is legal?

    • The sellers permit is from the tax board of equalization they will issue sellers permit to anyone all it does is allow you to pay sales tax. County business permit cannot be issued without a permit first.

  • The county sure did a fine job putting 90 percent of applicants into the grey zone ang getting paid for it, this is the sort of shit that drives folks mad [edit]

  • I was legal had 75 an the sheriff’s came an cut an chipped my medical pot an shot it in the field for my horses to eat an turned me in to code enforcement an they have been up my ass ever since and I’m tired of the lies an false bulls hit I tried to be legal but they are ting to say different an I always thought that the cops wouldn’t lie but I was wrong

  • The county won’t do shit about the Bulgarians. The county refuses to fix the roads. The county thinks I am going to cough up 60% of my MMJ income to “come into the light”. Fuck the county, state, and the feds. As long as the orange baboon is president, the black market reigns.

    • I agree with your sentiment. [edit] are out of control and never get hassled. Meanwhile locals are getting busted. What’s up with that?

    • ahem, please do NOT refer to the Troll-in-charge as an Orange Baboon no matter how true you and others may find it.. he is to be known now and ever more as the “OCELOT SNOWFLAKE”!!!


  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Damn. What happened to those hippies that used to live around here?

    Now there’s just straight up crazies who want to operate piratical and completely illegal “grows” while having the “County” give them roads and services and the “State” give them “disability” and “welfare” and “free healthcare”, whilst they complain constantly about unfair competition from the “Bulgarians” and “Rastafarians” and the “Cartel”… Not to mention complaining about nearly ANY other irritation or inconvenience of everyday life… AND there’s now so many of you in Humboldt, Trinity, Mendo, Lake, Butte, Nevada and Yuba counties, that you will see a total economic collapse of your “industry”, unlike anything you are competent to imagine, not to mention the coming regulation and taxation that will be attendant…

    After this all shakes out, and most of you have gone back to fixing air conditioners, building apartments or doing landscaping, or gone back to regular life, wherever, HOPEFULLY, the industry will be taken over, in Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and MAYBE in central CA, by businesspersons, operating legally, and possibly you will get a job in Cannabis somewhere! Then the Sheriff of Humboldt could maybe get back to doing something he could actually do, and the remaining population could spend 100 years cleaning up and repairing the damage that the growers have caused.

    Wow, you growers are funnier than ANY sort of comedy, EVER! AND:

    I think you should all keep smoking that shit, as it’s obviously working for your condition…

    • tenderHummingbirdneckbbq

      the county doesn’t give them shit. or does the county print their own currency?
      did you not yet understand how life works, let alone where government of any sort gets funding from??
      its the peoples money you brainiac!
      they take a lot of money from the people, than they mismanage or defraud the most part and give a little back in services, that we are supposed to be celebrating.
      why don’t you look up where the word government comes from,… you have been got pal.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    And here is something you may enjoy… Our species may be wiped out by: a bacteria!

  • “The commercial grower will have a federal and state identification number from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the California Employment Development Department (EDD) and have documentation that they are paying all taxes as required by state and federal tax laws.”

    Ya, sure they will have an IRS number for commercial business. Might as well draw a giant target on themselves for the DOJ to seize the farm. Literally.

    This seems like the tail wagging the dog. Don’t let the industry form and stabilize, but apply a pile of rules here that people elsewhere don’t have to follow and the income the county as a whole gets from growing will vanish. It won’t be Phillip Morris who took away the post-timber economy, but our own un-elected Sheriff.

  • Let’s get this straight. You can grow six plants but only possess one ounce? Those will be some damn small plants. If I grow six plants and do a reasonably good job I am going to have six pounds. How does this make sense?

    • Victor G. Flashman

      It does not make sense. It does not have to. Have your six pounds, just don’t carry it around. Or sell it. Simple, like most pot smokers.

      It’s America, home of easy money! Easy money always attracts too many easy people. Too many easy people always wrecks the whole thing.

      The gold rush ended. The timber thing – over. The pot thing – pay attention – it’s finished.

      Its a flower, not a business or an occupation. Everyone grow your own! Serving the individual at-home grower should be your focus for a new industry. That’s for free!


    • Dear Festus, you can grow 6 plants and possess all that they produce – so long as you keep it in your house and don’t give it to anyone else for love or money. If you grow 6 plants and get 6 pounds you should have a year’s worth of marijuana. Enjoy it. But you can only carry 1 oz away from your property, and you can only give (GIVE ONLY) small amounts to anyone else – like under 1 oz. We don’t know yet how often you can give someone cannabis you grow. Once a minute, once a day or once in a season or once in a lifetime? Be careful until we find out.

  • there’s the laws, but where’s the penalties?

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Dude, the penalty would cost what few taxpayers there are around here FAR too much, and, the real penalty is the mess, the degradation, and the culture of druggies surrounding us and strangling the “community”.

      When the smoke clears, following “legalization”, when cannabis is grown on proper farmland and when this commodity is freely available and forces of economics mitigate the value, and when taxation and rule of law has been applied, then we will see penalties in effect for black market operations.

      For right now, price collapse will level the craziness. We are just waiting to see what happens next!

      • Great comment. Excellent foresight unlike the delusional reefer mad trolls who. live to tread on you and me.

        • Victor G. Flashman

          You will grow into wisdom. Hopefully you will then realize that drugs are almost never the answer.

          Clean and sober is the way! Everything is beautiful! Love is the answer!

          Power of love, not love of power!

  • As long as it can ne shipped out of state for a decent price the growers will keep growing

  • Lots of legal ways to make a living. Try one!

    • Yes, Diesel, if only someone would open a McDonalds in Garberville, everyone would quit growing weed and line up for minimum wage jobs flipping burgers. Why bust your butt trying to make a decent living when you can be part of the employed poor and good food stamps to help with your salary from 40 hours of work?

      • Boom!💀

      • You gotta be fairly brain dead to eat at McDonalds unless they recently switched to antibiotic and hormone free, humanely treated beef and chicken. Eating at McDonalds is just as lame as….smoking cancer stick cigarettes!

        • dont kid yourself in your little pea brained humboldt bubble.
          more than half of this nation starts the day with breakfast at mcdonalds!
          then they spray round up and fertilize with miracle grow in their own back yards, some of them on their own vegetables.
          radio advertisements on organic food elsewhere are subliminal, God forbid you say the grocery store helps giving you cancer with all their toxic products. General Mills bought out ANNIES the other day so expect some more poison in our children snacks. America seems to thrive on the intellectual dishonesty.
          spend your life looking for loopholes.
          you can breathe all the fresh air you want and you will still expire. and for the greater good was the reason the holocaust happened. govern your self, not thy neighbor!
          everything that wrong with this country is doing financially just fine, business is up. truth became a form of hate speech and big mouth liars are wearing armani suits at $8000.-
          just head into mendocino where kmud fades out and look at americas reality, sac town isn’t all that far and you can get a good look at the belly of the beast.
          these bloodsucking bureaucrats don’t like the idea of a small town people making more money than they do. up until this compliance legalization a clear cut was what it was, and they’d make the enviro devil out of you, now the same clearcut is approved and amazing,because they got to collect some fees.
          the basic fundamentals of america have eroded, so much gets lost in a single generation, but the BOSTON TEA PARTY WAS REAL!
          Our founding Fathers would shit themselves if they knew the abuse and taxation the people are subjected to. we don’t need government to build roads, just take a good look at your roads anyhow.
          from the building and planning department to the waterboard, not to mention engineers and DFW they are all PARASITES!
          having a few plants stolen or pounds ripped off or shorted on a deal, taking low offers make these organizations look like a day at the beach. lets not forget that taxation without representation is completely unconstitutional, meaning that the county and the super are all violating civil rights. imagine that. they’d take all your life efforts and liquidate it faster than you can say” yo mtv raps” just for a few bucks, then the sheriff will sell your belongings to some other good ol boy or pal.
          the best government man can bring fourth is and always will be corrupt.

        • He was talking about working there, not eating that crap.

      • Victor G. Flashman

        It is possible to use your brain for something other than, shit I don’t know, processing signals. This country is full of opportunity, and you don’t have to be poor. Growing weed is a LOT of work, and the rewards are quickly shrinking.

        But you should grow poppy, and learn to make HEROIN. Ya lazy SOB’s – Much easier than working…

        Millions of Afghanis can’t be wrong… They can’t catch everyone!

        AND if there was a Mc-eydoodles in Goobsterdam, someone would probably burn it down…

  • There actually isn’t, that’s the pink elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. Over 50% of this country lives in poverty, and this community is much worse because all industry engorges the cost of living wherever it flourishes. There is no “legal way to make a living” here, unless you work for corrupt institutions or destroy the planet or exploit people that is. I tried to have a job I loved for $15/hr, but I couldn’t afford the gas food etc to get there. That is reality for most here. It’s called capitalism, cannabis is not the problem, but capitalism on the other hand has threatened cannabis and everything else that is sacred for thousands of years.

    • Wrong! Capitalism is what the weed market was before scumbag bureaucrats took over; lot’s of money to be had if you’re willing to work hard. Now that the government is involved, it will be just another low paying, bullshit job. The biggest douchebags are the ones who complain about big corporations outta one side of their mouth while trying to pay off the powers that be outta the other side of their mouth. In other words, they are doing exactly what the “big corporations” do. This is crony capitalism, not capitalism.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Well, just give up!

      I caaaaaaannnnn’t!!! If everyone quit, we could just go back to the stone age!!!

      You are just lazy! Try working on something… Hell, go to school! Learn something! Apply yourself!

      I know, it’s toooooooo haaaaaaard!

      Well, maybe your mommie can feed you forever…

  • I have my 215 I will continue to grow my 99 plants … Forever…


  • Would you ever take sex advice from a virgin? Of course not! Virgins only have a theoretical notion about sex. They don’t anything about it save the hours of porn they watched and even then, self-pleasuring is not even in the same universe as sex.
    Peabrain cannabis prohibitionists are very similar in this area. In most cases, those who are staunchly opposed to the idea of cannabis or any other drug for that matter, have never tried it themselves. The typical response of a prohibitionist when this point is made goes as follows, “Well, I’ve never jumped off a tall building but I know I’ll die if I do”. It might not be this exact example, but the basic gist of retorts goes the same, “There are things I know without having to try them”.

    • Thinking allowed

      So it’s better to take advice from a prostitute? Who knows a lot about many things but none of it good or healthy?
      Knowing that you can get disease, assaulted or arrested and thinking its normal is not the same as having the wisdom not to fall for it in the first place. Or at least taking a look around to see what has happened (or usually in the case of pot, what has not happened) to those who use regularly and deciding it is not worth the risk. Someone who thinks so poorly is not a person to be taken as an example no matter how much they think they know.

      • Omly prudish countries ban pro sex workers, and most sex workers are more safe then what you pick up at night clubs in humboldt

  • Veterans friend

    Does ANYONE think this “clears the haze”?
    More bs from law enforcement, that follows the changes every week from the supes.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Only thing that is clear… Dope game still alive. #oneround

  • It’s obvious the Trump[edit] really hate culture, people who are different and they most certainly hate weed and will jump at any chance to eradicate it. However they love their booze witch causes more crime and fatalities than weed ever has caused. Law Enforcement should focus on properties that are damaging our water shed and the environment, everything else should be secondary, because a healthy environment is our greatest asset. And like why is there so much weed hype? These same weed hating people are more than happy eating their poison Monsanto’s FrankenFood and mechanically separated chicken hot dogs??

    • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

      “Law Enforcement should focus on properties that are damaging our water shed and the environment, everything else should be secondary, because a healthy environment is our greatest asset. “. That would be good if it were what they actually did. It just becomes a cover story for their corruption.

      Like calling a woman a witch to burn her at the stake. How many times was that used as an excuse for who knows what. “I think my wife cheated on me, oh wait I meant she’s a witch. Let’s burn her!”. Everyone is looking for a boogie man to blame. Once a method of labeling is established and accepted it will be used to exploit by the corrupt. We have given government and law enforcement to much power.

      There are ways to accomplish what you said just not with these agencies. Chopping grows and asset forfeiture should not be on the table for them. Matter of fact don’t even give them a warrent or jurisdiction. Fines only, and for certain things only. Must be specific evidence of the violation. Give the land owner their rights and only take it further if they continue violation. Much like speeding tickets, speeding can kill right? Humans too. More important than fish&trees wouldn’t you say. Law enforcement does not deserve this power nor can they handle it properly.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Looks like Jeff Sessions found a work around, he won’t need funding and state laws can be bypassed. Feds have visited several legal states already to discuss.

    “Earlier this week, Sessions rolled back Obama-era restrictions on the use of civil asset forfeiture. Under the new policy, local cops can partner with the DEA to use forfeiture in drug cases even when it’s against state law.”

    “It is now far more lucrative for a municipality to work with the federal government on drug arrests, rather than prosecuting individuals under state law”

    “Under federal seizure laws, they receive a much larger percentage of assets seized. We have received word and believe that these meetings are about circumventing state law because of this revenue difference. “.

  • Sooooo. Legalized grows are determined by each state….. Revenue is deemed for the benefit of said state….. How much really stays in the permitting state –and how much is crossing state lines…. who is spending money and paying taxes on all this “free revenue”? ??? Well???

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