[UPDATE 1:12 p.m.] DEA and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Convoy Headed Out Briceland Thorn Road

convoyThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that they are assisting BLM the DEA in a marijuana raiding operation in the “Whitethorn” area.  A reader spotted about 25 vehicles headed west on Briceland Thorn Road about 7:15 a.m.. She said this consisted of …”Sheriffs, chippers, out of state plates, ( Oregon, Arizona) exempt plates..

UPDATE 8:38 a.m.: A reader tells us that about 7:30 she saw “9-11 unmarked [vehicles] and one ranger just cut a gate and pulled into a private property…on old Briceland road….2nd bust here over last 11months.”

UPDATE 9:01 a.m.: A reader sends us this photo:

Law enforcement raiding a home

UPDATE 1:12 p.m.: Lt. Mike Fridley contacted us and told us that he had made a mistake. His office is assisting the DEA.



  • #lawenforcementproud


  • Nice mash up graphic. As said before, ” roll up your window dummy!”

  • I’ve been seeing a white helicopter with a red/orange stripe flying the neighborhood. One I’ve not seen before. Circling the neighbors house a few times.

  • Instead of fighting real crime they’ll straigten your garden out. Not too late for a replant!

    • #lawenforcementproud

      THIS is real crime!

      • shawn the fisherman

        Criminal Enterprise is the problem.. The growers need taken out of the area. I want to deer hunt with my son this year and its stupid I have to carry a handgun with my rifle to feel like I can confront somebody growing if I stumble into their mess.

        • Damn you actually got a tag? I’m jealous. Too many fuckin people can’t even get a deer tag 2 months early. And btw your rifle is way more effective than a pistol in the outdoors.

          • shawn the fisherman

            There are thousands of b tags left at Grundmans in Rio Dell. I agree with ur rifle statement its just good to have a surprise under ur shirt, Like Glock 23.

          • There is a list on DFG website of the tags left,there is a lot

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            BTW, carrying a back-up handgun with a rifle on a hunting trip or in dangerous country is fairly common. A handgun is a reasonable coup-de-grace device after downing the wild hog or deer, pursuing possibly dangerous game in heavy brush or because you feel like it. Spend a few seasons actually out in the woods and it will become obvious. We all know that rifles are usually more powerful and accurate than handguns. That’s not the point.

        • so you are hunting on private land???

          • shawn the fisherman

            There are plenty of outlaw grows peppered though out public lands.. Geez where you been? Not just on private land. If you stumble on some Mexican grow its prolly on public land.

            • I think Dan was just trying to bring it back to THIS article. THIS article is not about a trespass grow it is about a raid on private property.

        • Life time local

          It sounds like to me you are part of the problem. Going somewhere armed like that and ready to pull your gun on people isn’t smart. Don’t hunt somewhere you at not familiar with….

          • shawn the fisherman

            I go every where armed! People like you are the problem! People like you are anti American. Go ahead and depend on somebody else to protect you, Depend on your telephone and wait for help. Flatlander has never been out in the woods where there is no help and had to depend on one self. Go back to the bay area.

            • Anti-American? Just because you are not armed and ready to draw your gun when you see another human? You have been watching WAAAYY too much television.

              • shawn the fisherman

                Yeah I draw down everytime I see a human! What a dumb thing to say Meebee. Its better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Im a scout always prepared.

              • Apparently you haven’t encountered the “humans” out in the hills. These guys are part of the same cartels that will cut your head off and put it on a stake. Get out more and stay informed. Not every “human” will act human when you encounter them.

            • Triniboldticino

              I ain’t no flatlander, and I have a house full of guns, and tag out every year, but some “God, guns and guts” whack job pulls his manhood out from under his armpit to “protect others” in a public place in front of my grandchildren, he better go for center mass, because this Papa doesn’t put up with the fantasy that whacks have a “God given right to (unnecessarily) carry everywhere.” Friggin’ scared little boys. The “anti-American” crap won’t play when adults are around. It’s just the answer given by a blind follower that disagrees with common sense. My NRA membership evaporated a few years ago when I saw they were more the mouthpiece of companies like Lorcin and other cheap crap manufacturers.

          • Just My Opinion

            He’s talking about defending himself…dah

        • De-schedule cannabis and this all ends. But the DEA and other law enforcement agencies make millions off of the illegality of it all. Their unions lobby congresses to slow down or stop the push towards de-scheduling or full legalization, despite the overwhelming number of people who want cannabis left alone and out of the hands of corrupt government agencies. Face it, despite your moral protests, prohibition is really just a poor’s people tax. A war on the poor. Government will get their piece of flesh one way or another. The Cartels from south of the border overrun the landscape with heroin and meth and coke and x and whatever and the DEA is still busting pot growers. In what messed up world does that make sense?

        • Kenny's friend John

          Stay off their property. You don’t
          need to hunt on others property anyway. If it is public land, just be very aware of your surroundings and keep kids close.

      • agreed…..when you cant even go hiking safely on PUBLIC BLM lands because if you do, and you stumble upon an illegal grow…you are the criminal? you are the one who gets shot? you folks that want the illegal grows “okay’d” are crazy…public lands are for everyone not for everyone’s grows. We should be able to go hiking safetly..or hunting or what ever our rights give us, and thats on PUBLIC lands….get the illegal crap out of there!!! Otherwise..its them with the guns…

      • How do you know? There are literally NO details to this story. Over in our neck of the woods we are watching private, low lying Ma and Pas get cut while big destructive criminal grows go free and expand their enterprise. There is always more to the headline…

        • TrinFriend, if you know of the “big destructive criminal grows…” then turn them in, you are part of the problem! This is exactly why the remote areas of the County are turning into a criminal zone. Quit turning a blind eye to the problem, be responsible, and drop the dime.

          • Bill, over in Trinity, the anti-marijuana code is complaint driven. “Drop the dime” means you have to sign your name on the complaint. When you sign a complaint you place a target on your self and have no way to know who you have complained against, with the exception of the property owner, like LLC, who seems to own many properties. Kind of like admitting you voted for Trump, but with possible serious, or even lethal consequences.

            There are numerous allegations of TCSH personnel involvement in grows here. If they are true or not I don’t know.

            Its kind of unfair to accuse someone of being part of the problem when they are scared and only trying to stay safe and protect their family in a situation they don’t fully understand or are not capable of dealing with; i.e. they don’t want to get involved with lethal violence.

            • Understood and good point. I guess it is just a frustration on my part that over the last 10-20 years I strongly feel that we (the community) have a lot of responsibility to bear on this issue. We have assumed, incorrectly that growing is okay, but in that period of time the “blow up” has happened in the hills. The Green Rushers and Dopers with their complete disregard for community, environment, wildlife, road etiquette, water, etc. has absolutely brought me over the edge and am completely over it, I want them all gone and gone now. If they leave broke and with their tails between their legs then so be it. Good Riddance!!

            • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


              Just call about dope and automatic weapons fire.

              They are gone in a couple months max depending on what they are doing.

              It’s easy….

  • That’s what I call a rude awakening.

  • As they drive directly past HUGE greenhouses full of illegal plants, fields of unpermitted grows on their way to get ONE patch. How can we take any of these guys seriously? It’s a joke and a farce and just tiny insignificant busy work to generate another meaningless headline about how HCSD is pretending to do their job. All of us with real eyes in the county know this for the absurd fake-out that it is. The Hmong and the Bulgarians and the Mega-monsters are laughing.

    • #lawenforcementproud

      Not for long…

      • Yeah right . The Bulgarians have been blowing it up huge for two decades and almost never get busted . Must be paying off your buddies .

      • Please. Some of us are old enough to see through the facade you hide behind. Quit lobbying congresses for prohibition so you can continue the flow of cash enterprise you are involved with. Or don’t you get the old adage of violence begets violence? Your failed drug policies have turned many streets in this nation into war zones. YOU are just as much to blame as the criminals.

      • pffft. I could point out 25 longtime illegal big growers that HCSO office KNOWS ABOUT and knew about and never did a damn thing about because they were paying the department off in one way or another. Careers were built on it. Fortunes made. So quit with the pious act. Law enforcement shares as much if not more blame for the mess we see around us now. Good thing old Jim Eddy CPA dropped dead of a heart attack in North Carolina ten years or so ago. An open examination of his books would have buried Humboldt County in litigation for decades and put many officials in prison.

    • Agreed 250%!!!! Take out a few Meth Labs & a few DOZEN MEGA Grows instead of wasting time Nickel & Diming around about it!!! Bust every last Meth Lab in the county then & ONLY then start attacking the “Illegal” Grows!!!

    • Much of the $$$$$ also goes east. Towards a particular ‘agency’. True.

  • If this amount of energy went into solving the murder of Josiah Lawson, Humboldt Co. Law enforcement would look less racist and greedy. But hey, might as well fuck up a staple of the economy! 🙂

  • Almost looks like the owners tundra is part of the convoy almost didn’t catch that

  • What is that banner on the roof?

  • They might want to drive down the road a bit, pretty sure I saw a [edit] missing his shoes running down the road!! lol.

  • Banner on the roof reads “sugar leaf?” ..okaaay

    • Google Ona’s Sugarleaf….. these folks must be those Bulgafarian/Rastagarians we have been hearing about in town…. apparently the devil’s lettuce as church sacrament defense didn’t work… second bust there in 11 months? Catch and release?

  • Veterans friend

    Not much of a defensible space around that home.

  • Laaaaame, do something useful

    Wait what? Operation whitethorne on old briceland? That makes no sense, but i guess thats typical for the cops. Cars from other states? Lame. Waste of time, the garberville hotels are full of wastoid needle using losers, but this is what they focus on?

    Yeah all those guys standing around are our tax dollars hard at work! The
    y love that, the shoot the shit to rack up the hours. The chippers still attached to the truck. Obviously not a big deal, duh.

    When you say drug dealers, are you saying this is a pharmaceutical lab or a meth house? Because dealing pot is now legal, so stop comparing it to other drugs besides alcohol.

    It doesnt look like a crazy scary drug scene, just a bunch of cops taking jeff sessions up on the new rules to keep their cash cows going. If you think the only thing the sheriffs were selling were peoples estate items, youve got another thing coming! Theyve been making bank off of everyone for years. Now sessions says yes please circumvent your local and state law and come on under our fed umbrella and then take as much as you want from anyone CHARGED with a crime, not even found guilty, and we’ll help and protect you. Look it up, you could be next, you could be falsely charged for any crime and have your home car and money seized.

    Its all about the money, your safety means nothing to them or they would be out at the super scary poison filled scenes, pot and meth alike. Or helping residents who have new neighbors who are from another country, not mexico, who come over with shotgins threatening people and their kids unless they sell them their property. Its f’n scary as hell, bulgarians are awful, and the sheriffs wont help at all as theyre probably in their pocket.
    The sherifs here have a long history of being cops for sale, (maxxam henchmen) and the only serial killer
    here was buddies with the sheriff guys and they didnt believe him when he turned himself in so he had to go get a frozen breast from his freezer to bring to them so theyd believe him. His family member convinced him to turn himself in while drinking at the ocean grove bar in trinidad.

    “Wayne Allen Ford turned himself in, he walked into theHumboldt County Sheriff Department inEureka, California in November 1998 with a woman’s severed breast in his pocket.[1] He confessed to having killed four women in 1997 and 1998, and is thought to have killed others.[1] He was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder on June 27, 2006,[2] and was sentenced to death in August 2006.[3]Currently, he resides on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California.”

    If only theyd put the same amount of energy into finding all the missing women here!!!!

    • Very well stated, I agree 250%!!! Missing Women & at least SOME of the Meth Labs & Large Scale Heroin dealers, THEN & ONLY then go after the “illegal” Cannabis Growers

      • Follow the money, not much money in meth unless they get the head honcho, can’t even get gold tooth from a tweaker, unless he stole it.

      • #lawenforcementproud

        ALL of this is intertwined … Drugs, the making and the selling of it… and Human trafficking
        So Law Enforcement is doing their job!!!!!!!
        A lot more would be done if it wasn’t for our POS governor!!!!!

    • Read the article. This operation is headed by BLM with the assistance of the HCSO. There is not enuf BLM LE up here to run this kind of operation so they ask for assistance. If your garden, house, greenhouse, water source, etc. is anywhere on BLM lands they will get you, esp. in this small county.

    • Thats the “main” house. people that are that big n da weed business have there stuff elswhere. There looking more likley for paperwork etc.

    • shawn the fisherman

      Its not the weed thats so terrible its the criminal enterprise that goes along with it. You have employees? Then its a criminal enterprise and is on top of the list. Whats the dif between tweekers and in Garberville and career criminal dope growers, Same to me.

  • Kym, why was the photo with the sniper taken down?

    • #lawenforcementproud

      Because it NEVER should have been posted…. neither one of them.

      • Get a job

        Seriously in the last 4 days national cop news includes another unjustly killing of an innocent Australian woman in Minnesota and in baltimore a body cam caught a cop planting evidence.

        Enjoy your pride, you can eat it with a side of ____.

        • #lawenforcementproud

          No need to go out of state for crimes… just look around you locally
          There’s good and bad everywhere… but when I see POS like that being arrested …. Damn straight I’m Proud!!!!!

          • Like who? Who got arrested?

          • Your right.

            Local. Like Marci Kitchen?

            You must be very proud.

            Local. Like Sheriffs robbing dead people.

            You must be very proud.

            Local. Pride is delusional everywhere.

            • Excellent catch on the cop planting evidence, sadly this is why a LOT of cop’s Body Cams are never turned on… We forgot!!! Ya right, then there’s the story of Cinderella, it’s a Fairy Tale as well

              • If you know beyond a doubt someone raped your wife. BEYOND A DOUBT! But there was. I evidence, and you went the liberal route and called the cops, they can’t do anything as there is no evidence… do you plant evidence to get him thrown in jail knowing full well he is guilty as sin? Or do you just let it slide and hope to catch him next victim? Just some food for thought

            • #lawenforcementproud

              Ummmm wrong department…. talk to the lame judge for in that
              After all… this is Humboldt

              • Ya ok. Local is a radius of 5 sq. footage for you. Got it.

                Back to the point.

                What of the sniper pic Kym? Just curious if you were asked to take it down, told, or made a decision of your own…

                *Though there’s really no radius to sq ft.

        • Not to mention the incident on the Martin’s Ferry Bridge, the other night, 22 shots & luckily none of them hit the Night Watchman, attempting to do his job!!!

  • You can bet they aren’t there for a BBQ, unfortunately for the Owner!!! 8~C

  • Good going boys, if you want funding for your own police department you’re going to have to earn it through asset forfeiture and seizure. Good riddance to all that there Lucifer’s arugula.

    • Wa, a wa,…you mean that little chicken hawk?

    • It probably wasn’t “Lucifer’s arugula”.That weed’s no good! There’s no way to get rid of it. Everyone in the know is growing the super- cerebral “Beezlebub’s Buttercrunch” now, ’cause it’s what everyone wants and at least you can get rid of it!😉

      • Marihuana branding has ruined the market, besides ‘Beezlebub’s Buttercrunch’ the only other good product on the market is ‘Satan’s Sour’. Those there be top shelf everything else is just ‘mids’.

  • It’s time to clean up around here!!!

  • Humboldt Redneck

    Maybe they are sending 25 Officers to solve a murder, or solve a home invasion, or maybe to investigate a burglary or robbery……
    This is Nor Cal where Money and assett forfeiture is the ONLY goal of the game.. . the only crimes law enforcement cares about solving or investigating are crimes which involve the possibility of making some money…. Asset Forfeiture for the Sheriff Department and Handfuls of $100 bills for the deputies to slip into each other’s pockets….

  • Somewhere in this mess I suspect there’s going to be a Tacoma involved.

  • Guess what? It’s NOT LEGAL! So don’t: divert streams, use rodenticides, cut down trees, bulldoze, build un-permitted structures, put big tanks all over, tap the springs, and plant 45,000 plants!


    Be reasonable! Grow sustainable, grow small, grow without potting soil, diesel generators, tarps, trimmers, big pickups… And don’t invite your asshole tweaker buddies!

    OH and the BLM, Fisheries and Wildlife? You don’t want the legal problems THEY will bring you!

    Never mind. The value of your “crop” will soon be $200/lb and you will leave it all behind… Bye!!

    And: There might be a dishonest or corrupt cop, somewhere, but the average L.E.O. is six times braver then the average grower, AND has 100 times the integrity of the average druggie.

    • It’s even more illegal to shoot & kill someone but it doesn’t get even half the attention that an “Illegal Grow” does because there’s NO $ involved in solving Murders!!!

    • I dont know where you get your info but take some time to research the history of HCSO. Ill tell you who’s good there, swithenbank and brennan and thats about it. In case you havent been here long, cops like anderson who drove the chp trans am got demoted after they found a meth lab in his sisters bathroom. Its like that.

      How can you even say theres majority good cops when the acting coroner was selling dead peoples items???? Thats the tip of the iceberg.
      Look up the info on search and seize. Pleaze. Have you never heard peoples stories of what was taken from them? Regardless of the crime, almost anyone arrested who has cash “seized” can tell you that the amount on the police report is always less than what they had.
      I saw a cop show filmed in virginia where the cops said they busted pot and coke cuz thats how they make their money.
      Do you know how many people who are guilty of crimes are walking the streets because they had a property/money they were willing to sign over to the cops in exchange for no prosecution? I can think of 5 big growers off the top of my head who gave one of their holdings to stay out of jail.
      Or the guy who had his excavator taken and the cops said buy it back for 30,000 and we wont prosecute, so he did. The storiez go on and on, its nationwide. How do you think all those rich guys stay out of jail?
      As mentioned above, not surprising to see it was the dea what with themew doj ruling a few days ago, theyre ready to make money money make money. T

  • Hi and thanks, Kym. I’m curious about the “sniper” photo you took down. Censorship worries me. Plus, I am unable to respond to your explanation. Comments to your post are disabled (or there is a technical glitch specific to your post.)

    Please understand that I’m am not questioning your judgment. It’s your blog, not mine and I’m down with those rules. However, I will appreciate a fuller explanation if possible.

    Be Well!

    • #lawenforcementproud

      Those should never have been posted!!!!!
      It could cost law enforcement their lives!!!!!!!

      • Sorry but cops with guns cost people more lives, there has been more police shooting people than people shooting police in the last 15 to 20 years. In fact being a logger fisherman roadworker are all more fatal jobs than being a cop, yet none of those jobs require the people to be armed with assult weapons or to slam people around.

        • #lawenforcementproud

          Yiur hilarious! When you put your ass on the line like they do… then speak up

          • The Ostrich Hunter

            Why do you want to hide the picture of the officer with the rifle?

            Does it go against your narrative of portraying cops as saviors?

          • #lawenforcementproud: Enough with the self-righteous diatribe already! I respect cops and the job they do. With that said if you have reached the point of viewing yourself as “most courageous” self-sacrificing and just too important to be held accountable, then you need to find another occupation. So SICK of LEO’s claiming hardship and superiority. Get over yourself. You ARE a critical function of public safety but you are simply one arm of public safety. I don’t see unarmed EMTs and Firemen claiming they have a right to be ASSHOLES because their jobs are dangerous…

          • Oh you mean like when leos taze 80 year old grandmas for not complying ? Or shooting unarmed women in the allys or when they are speeding through neighborhoods without their lights on, or how about when they cover each others back and look the other way when they know something is wrong. Seems to me that leos should be held to a higher standard not lesser since they have been trained in the law. Only self rightous narcissistic prick would think they should enforce laws on others when their house is such a den of crime.

          • Veterans friend

            Over 1000 citizens have been killed by police THIS YEAR.
            64 COPS HAVE BEEN KILLED

        • Typical liberal guilty of hatred towards anyone who isn’t like them, using the typical cover up blaming others for something inaccurately portrayed by the media(obamas media)… cops may have a bad apple here and there, but an actual malicious shooting f an innocent suspect is VERY VERY RARE…. if black lives matter movement used actual incidents that were truly unjustifiable, their argument may have actually held some validity. Sadly, all that is truly going on, is whites being racially profiled and oppressed by blacks, Mexicans, asians, other races, and whites that are racist trying to look good in the politically correct climate we live in.

          • Hrmmm the lady shot in the alley way was white, the grandma tazed in fl was white, nowhere did i mention race only that most police forces have several bad apples , infact they are trained that everyone is a threat, that alone makes all law enforcement suspect. Their primary goal is not safety but creating criminals for the industrial prison machine and sucking money from the people. The average american commits at least 3 felonies a year without even trying.

          • Hey “wow” you are straight fucked in da head brah

    • Anon, her answer should suffice.

      I saw it, there’s not much too it. An agent with a tripod and rifle.

      If the person who sent the pics has reasons, let’s respect that. Kym has many things to balance.

    • I’m curious too, AF.
      Which agency agent was it? BLM, F&W, DEA, Sheriff, Blackwater..

  • Not much news just a bunch of shit talking!

  • i was hoping C.H.U.M.P. Would be all over this one. Where is he?

  • Cannabis certainly is a dangerous drug. Here’s the proof. It causes:

    1) Property damage – when the [edit] cops bust down your door and trash your place looking for your stash.

    2) Brain damage – when the [edit] cops whack your head with his nightstick to get you to tell him where your stash is.

    3) Death – When the [edit] cops caves in your head or shoots you for resisting arrest. Alternatively, marijuana related death can occur when your cellmate shivs you.

    You see? It’s obviously true that cannabis is dangerous just like those peabrains say.

  • Duck-Incoming fact checking

    People using and/or growing pot have a very telling refrain- complaining about those who object to the fallout from their activities and calling them stupid because they do not complain so about non pot involved violators of the law. Yeah, right. Beside the obvious that violators of the law are just that- violators of the law and equally are held accountable, the major difference between pot involved and non pot involved is that non pot involved group generally knows that pointing to someone else as just as guilty didn’t get them off the hook with their mothers when they were trying to wriggle out of punishment and hasn’t improved not that they should be acting like adults.

    So spew all the hate you want- the police being bad or the rancher running cattle through a creek or someone whose logging causes damage does not mean squat as far as your own guilt. You do not get a pass on doing wrong because you think that someone, sometime, somewhere got away with something. Adults understand this. For some reason pot involvement seems to prevent the maturity necessary for understanding that life is unfair in general. In fact it is more unfair for those not making wads of money from pot yet having to pay the bills of those who do and simultaneouly listen to their spurious self justifications.

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” as Hamlet’s dear guilty Mom said.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Sessions report is coming out this week. Did the DEA get an early copy?
    Guess we’ll see what it has to say about marijuana and crime.


  • Wow the Comments section has grown quite literate while I was away.


    It’s about time.

  • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

    Feds are visiting legal states and talking to law enforcement looks like it might be happening. No one connecting the dots? I don’t know what it means over all but something is brewing up.

    “Earlier this week, Sessions rolled back Obama-era restrictions on the use of civil asset forfeiture. Under the new policy, local cops can partner with the DEA to use forfeiture in drug cases even when it’s against state law.”

    “It is now far more lucrative for a municipality to work with the federal government on drug arrests, rather than prosecuting individuals under state law”
    “Under federal seizure laws, they receive a much larger percentage of assets seized. We have received word and believe that these meetings are about circumventing state law because of this revenue difference. “.

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