Bicyclist Injured In Multi Vehicle Traffic Accident

Accident on 4th Street in Eureka

The accident scene on 4th and O Street in Eureka. [Photo and video by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately quarter after one, a bicyclist was struck by another vehicle on 4th Street in Eureka. The bicyclist was injured and taken to the hospital.

According to Sgt. Eddie Wilson in the video below, a black Toyota Tacoma was attempting to cross 4th Street when a bicyclist drove in front of the vehicle. The driver was forced to stop and the driver in the red Avalanche struck the truck. This caused the Tacoma to hit the bicyclist.



  • Why are these people allowed to weave in and out of traffic on bikes and cause these accidents? It’s not fair to the drivers!!! Are any of them ever given a ticket?

    • I agree!!!

    • It’s not generally prioritized because a bicycle is obviously a lot less dangerous to others than cars. They’re mostly risking their own necks.

      Not saying they shouldn’t be punished if caught, but it’s definitely a lot less of a big deal than out of control drivers – I’m fine prioritizing them over cyclists.

  • Why did the red Avalanche strike the Toyota? Wasn’t that driver paying attention? And why, then, does it make it the bicyclist fault?
    If the bicyclist was in the bike lane would it have been his fault anyway?

    • charles engebretson

      Thanks for being the voice of reason Bill…sounds like the truck was going to cross amd maybe didn’t notice the bike..we got just as much right to use the road as you…

  • shawn the fisherman

    I was always told if you rear end another vehicle it is you who is at fault. Should always be ready for somebody to jump out in front of you. I trust no human.

  • They need a cop to do nothing but go after bicyclists breaking traffic laws. Maybe then they think twice about running stop signs and whatnot

  • All of you are completely wrong. I saw the accident and we have footage proving the bicyclist had nothing to do with the accident just a poor bystander who got hit in the crash. We are letting the police know what really happen but it certainly was not the bicyclist fault.

  • Katie is right – the statement from the officer is incorrect, albeit based on what the he was told by the drivers involved. I have a complete, clear video of the collision and will submit it to EPD on my way home tonight.

    The Tacoma truck was at the old leg of Myrtle Avenue that crosses 101/4th street where P street hits 101/4th, waiting to cross 101/4th, east to west for approximately two minutes.

    The driver of the Tacoma appeared impatient (rolling back and forth on the clutch while waiting) and decided to dart across 101/4th, pulling out in front of the Avalanche, which was traveling at the speed of other traffic going south on 101/4th.

    The cyclist was traveling south on 101/4th in the right hand side of the right hand lane, and had already begun crossing the Myrtle/P street intersection when the driver of the Tacoma gunned it to cross 101/4th in the direction of the cyclist, landing his or her self directly in front of the Avalanche, which struck the Tacoma, spinning it around so that the back driver’s side of the Tacoma struck the cyclist, sending the rider airborne.

    Both the cyclist and the Avalanche driver had the clear right-of way; no stop on a through-traffic highway corridor. It was incumbent upon the Tacoma’s driver to wait for a safe opening in north-south traffic.

    The driver of the Tacoma had not stopped in front of the Avalanche, they simply pulled out in front of it. The Avalanche was bright red and its headlights were on – highly visible! The cyclist was almost directly across 101/4th from the Tacoma when the driver of the Tacoma tried to dart across 101/4th.

    This was VERY clearly the driver of the Tacoma’s fault. Ironically, had that driver had a few seconds more patience, both the cyclist and the Avalanche would have rolled on past and there was a nice big gap in the 101/4th street traffic, which would have provided safe crossing to the Tacoma.

    (Note: I may have the ‘polar’ directions incorrect; I’m referencing all of the directional cues on 101/4th being the ‘southbound’ direction of traffic.)

  • People on bicycles should not be allowed on the road period. They are inconsiderate and do not care if they cause an accident,ive had to run off the road and almost wrecked into a redwood tree because one was in the road and a motorhome had to go in my lane to get around him,all this on a blind turn on the avenue of the giants.the cyclist didnt even look to see what happened. They should not be allowed on the road,the roads where made for motor vehicles not bicycles

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