70-Year-Old Eureka Man Killed in Crash on Broadway


John Williams [Photo provided by a friend]

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

EPD Eureka Police Department BlurOn July 18, 2017 at about 10:27 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 3000 block of Broadway for the report of an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and pedestrian on a motorized scooter. The pedestrian was transported by ambulance to the hospital, but ultimately succumbed to his injuries. Next of kin has been notified and the victim has been identified as 70 year old Eureka resident, John Edward Williams.

The preliminary investigation indicates that the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado had been traveling north on Broadway. The driver made a turn into a shopping center and collided with Williams who was on the sidewalk on his scooter.

DUI does not appear to be a factor in the collision. This is an ongoing investigation; any witnesses are asked to email Sergeant Gary Whitmer at gwhitmer@ci.eureka.ca.gov.



  • How many wrecks have there been so far today ?

  • Your compassion is appreciated.

  • motorized wheelchair/scooter sporting a blaze orange flag, from what i’ve hear.
    rude much, me?

  • It appears that the victim was identified as a pedestrian, and sidewalks are where pedestrians belong. In any case, pedestrians gave right of way, and the Silverado driver failed to yield right of way, and incidentally, killed someone. Go back to CSI and try to figure out why you can’t really blame the victim here.

  • Sounds like driver ignorance does appear to be a factor

    • Not stereo-typing, but there does seem there is a certain ” person in big truck behavior “.

      • Thinking allowed

        I have a big truck. Used to haul feed, equipment, fencing, animals to vet, firewood. The only stereotypical behavior I have is the whining that occurs when I try to park these days in a lot designed for little city cars.

        Frankly Broadway has become a mess to drive. Too many entrances and exits, cars going too fast, pedestrians and drivers impatient and ignoring rules, not enough setbacks or coordinated stoplights and it should have medians. It simply has not been updated to account for the population increase and behavior changes.

        When cars are coming right, left and in between, it is very easy to miss seeing something that needs to be seen.

        But I forgive your bias. I have my hates too. I’m quite willing to blame arrogance innate in drivers of Mercedes or BMWs, those with tinted windows, those with bumper stickers that tout their child going to Berkeley or world peace or voting for Bernie. I once was stuck behind someone with a bumper sticker demanding the reader “Evolve” and it took every bit of evolution to keep calm when she fully stopped in the middle of every intersection to look around. Dang Volvo owners.

        • I agree with the Bernie stickers… He lost, he’s a socialist, he is too old….

        • I like the way you express yourself and completely agree !

        • Ha! I love Bernie and have a sticker but I fully agree with your comment. We should ease up on each other and admit that we all have some funny prejudices. Your comments about Broadway being dangerous and unimproved is spot on. We have a lot more people than when I arrived in ’81! This was most probably a stupid tragedy and I imagine the driver is feeling miserable about it for the rest of their life.

      • Yes, that mentality does exist around here.

  • He was my neighbor

    • Thinking allowed

      Thank you for the gentle, non preachy reminder that this was an inappropriate place to be sarcastic.

      My sympathy goes to all effected by this death.

      • I agreed with your post about not being “preachy” until I learned that Mr. Williams’ name can be found on Megan’s List.

    • charles engebretson

      Sorry.. My deepest condolences to the family. .I think people see the stuff and are automatically detached like its not real…these are our friends neighbors and family members

  • >”Frankly Broadway has become a mess to drive. Too many entrances and exits, cars going too fast, pedestrians and drivers impatient and ignoring rules, not enough setbacks or coordinated stoplights and it should have medians.”

    True enough. Basically strip malls… with no side roads connecting businesses.
    Parking lots don’t even connect with each other.

    When they tore down the old woolen mill and the old Humboldt Brewery,
    should have thought about it then. Eureka should have had a bay shore road, connecting them all together.

    Oh well.

    • Broadway absolutely should not have medians. You’ll end up with the same shit as fortuna, with lines of cars attempting to make u-turns, often multi-point u-turns randomly blocking traffic, but a hundred times worse due to the much higher traffic flow.

  • Heartbroken :0(

    RIP uncle Jonny <3

  • charles engebretson

    Hey brainamamiac its called tact…that’s somebody’s kin…

  • charles engebretson

    Frankly when somebody uses the word frankly in such a flippant manner I wonder when the operation is?

  • Eeeeekkkk!! Someone KILLED an older man who was on the sidewalk!

    EVERYONE needs to have some compassion, some sensitivity. No matter what else is said here, this man is dead, it may have been accidental, but it will screw up your life to hurt people when you are driving!

    Drive safely, drive politely, drive sober! Please respect and protect the elderly!

  • Sure wish people would slow the fuck down. There is nothing, NOTHING in Humboldt that requires people to drive like I see them do ALL the time. People around here used to give a shit about each other and be courteous. But those days seem to be long gone.

    My condolences to this mans family and friends.

  • Every damb day, again what do you expect when the DMV hands out licenses for 20 bucks?
    Or is it that people in eureka are too stupid to work some pedals and a steering wheel? Today and tomorrow and every day after that forever there will be fatalities daily. How uncapable are these north coasters?
    Your all fired!

  • E. Bruce Hitchko

    RIP John. Known him since he was 16. Most honest, good hearted man I have ever met. Condolences to all family members.

  • John Williams was much more than another accident report in a community that has far too many, unnecessary such occurrences. He was a decent human being, an honest man, trusting to a fault, had a great sense of humor, and he never complained about a childhood illness that nearly took his life when he was a young boy that ultimately damaged his equilibrium. Despite his handicap, he was always ready to tackle any challenge, or adventure. Everyday, people are in a hurry. You see dead animals along our rural roads, read about pedestrians and cyclists getting hit crossing or riding our streets , or even walking on sidewalks. Is it too much to ask to be 5 minutes late to whatever, by driving a little slower, waiting till the next opening in traffic, or stopping for the yellow or red traffic signal? You just might be able to stop for road critters, or somebody’s brother, uncle, or friend ! R.I.P. John, perhaps one life can be saved by giving you a thought, next time they get in a hurry.

    • Thank you Sid.

      Sounds like John was a great person. I will try to keep John in mind, slow down, and pay more attention, the next time I find myself hurried or in a rush.

      I would like to offer my condolences to John’s friends and family.

  • Such a sweet and kind man. I didn’t know him well but always enjoyed helping him when he visited my workplace. Never discourteous or impatient, always thankful for any help you gave him, even if it was part of your job. We’ll miss seeing your face around here John. RIP!

  • Bruce A Thompson

    His mother was Pearl Williams Hughs (later remarried), LVN, who managed Dr Christensen’s and Dr Husband’s Surgical Offices on Harris at Harrison in Eureka for over 25 yrs. She passed in 2005, after a long illness. She was an absolute godsend to many, many people of the North Coast, including generations of the Old Humboldt County, multigenerational family – Alto / Dudal / Thompson … there could not be a greater friend and advocate than she. She was a lifesaver in so many ways. I could NOT possibly list all the ways she assisted people, both medically, and otherwise, even if I wanted to.

    Please do not use this post to argue about the politics of large trucks, or anything, for that matter. She made great effort to care for John…and his care and security were among her greatest worries as she declined.

    I cannot imagine what a loss this must be to those who loved and knew him well, as he was the gentlest of souls.

    We very much need MORE facts, and details about this horrific event, and whether or not there are repercussions for the driver.

    It is likely someone among the Authorities has someone they care about who was helped by Pearl (Yes, she was that significant in the Community!). For that reason, IF no other, they need to follow the facts in a painstaking manner, and work as tirelessly as she did in protecting John to determine the proper outcome to this catastrophe!

    I can only hope he was unaware of any pain. May he rest in peace!

    • Nice words for Pearl, Mr. Thompson. You captured the essence of what made John and the Williams family special. If more people were like that, the world would be a better place!

  • WTF! Kym. Between the years 1999 and 2008, side car flew the HC Fog Dog patch on the back of his vest. Why do you feel the need to keep this from your silly blog? You post the chump and his lamo supportes! Side Car Johnny was one of the Chartered members of the HC Fog Dogs! Johnny was know by riding in a fucking sidecar with his brother Jeff Williams (Fro). WTF! His ONLY surviving sibling would be proud to read my previous post…

    [edit] Come on, he was known as SIDECAR JOHNNY! Post me previous comments. I do follow your biased post! ~peace

    • Checked the trash. No such deleted comment. My guess is you didn’t hit post.

      • My guess is that you do not run your blog honestly. I am saddened to see that you choose to moderate your site to the extent of actually leaving lies in the replies. You know I left several comments that you did not post. Do better, be better, and you’ll feel better and be a better person.

  • Jeff I’m so sorry for your loss.weve lived by you for over 40 years.My sincere condolences to your family. My all of you find peace🕊

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