Man Faces 6 Years After Being Convicted of Striking an Officer

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

District Attorney DA HumboldtYesterday a Humboldt County jury found 26-year-old Alexi Greenspan of Arcata guilty of felony resisting an executive officer causing great bodily injury. This offense is a strike under California law. The jury also convicted Greenspan of felony battery with serious bodily injury, and felony battery with injury on a custodial officer.

The crime occurred on April 7, 2017 at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. While being re-located within the Facility, inmate Greenspan struck a senior correctional deputy in the face, causing an orbital fracture with muscle and nerve damage. Testimony and video evidence presented at the trial showed that correctional officers exhibited a high level of professionalism during this incident, including respectful treatment of Greenspan before the assault. The injury required surgery and forced the deputy to miss several weeks of work.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Trenton Timm with the assistance of District Attorney Investigator Gary Cooper. Greenspan will return to court for sentencing by Judge Feeney on August 3, 2017. He faces a maximum of 6 years in prison.

Earlier Chapter: Inmate Attacks Deputy Causing Serious Injury, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office



    • Since he was already in custody, and also should have realized that there were surveillance cameras, I’m calling double-dumbass!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Definitely few cards short for striking law enforcement.

    That’s enough time to ponder on actions..

    Wouldn’t it be fair to charge law enforcement on the same level, instead of paying off with sealed civil judgments?

    Allowing someone suffering damages by government agents to actually lien the WORKER as a person, might cause less gunfire on bridges at night.

    Holding the PERSON responsible is crucial to checks and balances.

  • Thinking allowed

    “Wouldn’t it be fair to charge law enforcement on the same level, instead of paying off with sealed civil judgments?” No.

    The public can’t send a policeman out into many potentially dangerous unknown incidents every day then expect the same actions as a civilian who has the option to avoid or seek help or simply has the only obiligation to follow instructions.

    Somehow there has come to be the ridiculous idea that the public has the right to demand law enforcement should risk their own lives ever more to preserve the health and life of every idiot out there while still demanding they “do something” when the public is hard pressed to say exactly what it was that should have been done after the fact. They tend to make up magical solutions like life was like a bad TV show. Someone actually thought the policeman should have just picked out a location on the body of someone shooting at them so shooting them was not fatal to the shooter. Abracadabra.

    Look at the comments on this site to decide how rational many of the public is even when they have the facts presented pretty clearly. Making every incident in essence a public trial is dangerous. Facts seem hardly to slow up the spew where every member of the public puts their biases on display with impunity while the government s prevented from responding due to privacy rights. Public trials can only be reasonable if the government is free to disclose every detail all the time. Not just selected bits and pieces that are permitted by attorneys and judges. Good luck with getting that.

    • Really? You pick the one super troll to compare ALL of us too? I think you will find more people agree with that than you realize. Maybe read more than one comment.

  • Sorry to hear this assault happened. Hope Deputy Greenspan fully recovers from his injuries soon.

    • Greenspan was the INMATE. Try reading, you might learn something more than just skimming the article.

  • the young man ,greenspan, is severely autistic,and has spent a large part of his “adult” life in lockdown mental hospital.his mother is one of the most whacko homeless-by-choice people around.She has been known to live in a high-end BMW(bought by the son with drug/thug money) panhandling for a living carrying a baby doll pretending to need diapers/baby food ,etc. .She has been an unfit/incapable parent since he was very young, hence he was raised amongst a neighborhood group of incapable “parents”drug dealer second gen grower thug kids which included Boddhi Tree,currently serving life in prison for double murder/triple shooting.

    • Ah yes bodi tree the murdering scumbag attempted rapist, raised by the most peaceful hippies you could imagine. Goes to show it doesn’t matter how you are raised its YOUR OWN fucking fault when you decide to be a pice of shit.

      • nothing peaceful or hippie about them.. simple “outlaw culture” mentality endorsing violence and hatred, devotion to the disrespect of civilized society.more hillbilly than hippie,and yes their influence does show in the children they “raised” .

        • Wrong! I know or rather knew them all their child hood, hippie to the core, I don’t think Jim wore clothes for most his life, never around violence or tv or anythig like that. Did you know Jim? Or amma? I doubt it or you wouldn’t be saying ignorant things. People are responsible for their own actions!

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