12-Year-Old Honored by EPD for Returning Lost Wallet With Over $2500

EPD Captain hugs youth

EPD Captain Steve Watson hugs 12-year old Ty Rose who returned a lost wallet to the Eureka Police Station. [Photo from Steve Watson’s EPD Twitter Account]

Ty Rose, a 12-year-old, found a lost wallet on July 13. The wallet contained more than $2500 cash! Rose brought the wallet and its contents to Eureka Police.

“[T]he very appreciative owner has been notified,” Watson tweeted.

Eureka Police didn’t want the good deed to go unrewarded.

“Ty was awarded a Captain’s challenge coin for excellence,” Watson tweeted. “What a fine young man! I’m proud of him. Maybe he’ll join EPD someday.”

According to a letter of appreciation to a similar recipient in 2013 when the award was implemented, the EPD

commissioned the minting of a special “challenge coin” to be awarded to deserving individuals who give of themselves in an exceptional manner. This unique full-color coin represents the Eureka Police Department’s cherished values of VALOR,SERVICE, and COMMUNITY and may be carried proudly. These values are printed on the coin’s face surrounding the Great Seal of the State of California. The reverse side of the coin depicts the emblem found on the Eureka Police Department patch.



  • Kudos to Ty! Great to see people doing the right thing!

  • Yay!!!!! What an AWESOME act of kindness you did Ty!!!!!! You’re a great kid and keep up the good work!!!! Also great job to his parents! Good job parents for teaching him right from wrong! ❤️ Love this story! The world needs more people like Ty in it!!!!!

  • Wow, what a great kid with a great up bringing. Way to go parents!! Way to go Ty!!! Makes me all warm inside.

  • Thinking allowed

    Yes, a young man who is an uplifting example to a world that needs it. Thank you.

  • Lol? Anyhow… challenge coins have been around a long time. We used them as a drinking game. If at a bar and someone pulls out, say, a coin given from a major, and I pull out a 1 star general, I have the highest ranked coin and the other guys gotta buy a beer for me

  • Very well done, Ty.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • A fine, upstanding young man! I’m proud to live in the same community as Ty Rose!

    • Loleta Bull Farmer

      Way to go Ty..In this day an age a young man’s honor is a rare thing..Keep developing it an it will serve you well as a adult..that said…Hope the wallet gets returned an not “escheated” to a leo crony that offers $20 for it..you, Ty are so much larger than them an you proved it

  • I would have deleted this comment.

  • Way to be Ty. Someday you can teach your children the same. Good job parents.

  • Ty, Your example of honesty is a lesson to us all. You are more of a Man than a lot of adult males in our community. You are truly an inspiration.

  • Way to go Ty! You are setting a great example with your unselfish deed. People like you make our community a better place to live. Thank you!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Very proud of you buddy! Great job. Hope my son would make the same decision if faced with the conundrum of finding 2500 bucks. Good boy Ty.

  • What an amazing kid! I hope the person who’s money it was gives him a reward

  • Uncle Mike & Aunt Shelly are so very proud of You! Now get over here! My lawn needs mowing!

  • What a good kid, I probably would have kept it and paid my mortgage, Karma be damned ! lol

  • Wow!! You are one to look up too! You have made many people proud!!

  • Good for you, kiddo! Setting an example for your peers! I wish more kids (and adults) would take your lead! Your parents should be very proud of you! Congratulations!

  • Thank you Ty, for being so honorable !!!

  • karma doesnt exist in everybodys world, but if you want to play the karma game, kid, youve got some good coming back to you…good job.

  • Hope the owner gives the kid a reward.

  • Im surprised the owner of the money didn’t tip this young man. He should have shown some kind of appreciation.

  • Shawn Cherry your comment was truly disgusting. Ty what a truly awesome thing you did.

  • He is a good hearted young man. This apple did not fall far from the tree. A giving soul, just like his father.

    Proud Aunt here!

  • Come on chump. Wheres your comment on it being satans salad money? Who walks around with 2,500 in there wallet? He/she must have just sold 3 lbs! Lol Way to go kid And nice job. Chump who ever didnt tip this kid

  • – I would have expected nothing less from this young man. He and his brother have been taught from the time they were very small children to be kind and honest. Jennifer, you are a fine example for your children and Dennis would be so proud of the boys and of you.

  • Think about ways you can follow this act of honesty

    Thanks to the Department for publicizing the story. There are many good decent young people in this community who for the most part go unnoticed. It’s the troublemakers that we too often hear about. We should all feel proud for this young man. He demonstrated maturity and honesty beyond many adults who would have taken the money and run.

    • This young man has an amazing mother who has taught her son to be a wonderful young man. I hope some day I get to shake his and her hand.

  • I would have taken that $2500 and bought a couple LBs. of light dep, flipped it in dimes and dubs and taken the profit and re-upped, eventually acquiring enough capital to buy my own little piece of paradise up Murder Mountain. Would have been pulling my own tarps by age 16 if I had found that wallet when I was his age.

  • Very proud of my nephew way to go buddy uncle Tom

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