Woman Motorcyclist Dead After Collision

CHP Feature Fatality

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On July 16, 2017, at approximately 6:10 PM Crescent City Area CHP responded to a traffic collision located on US HWY 199 north of Gasquet, California at mile post marker 24.08. Upon arrival, officers found a two vehicle traffic collision involving a Harley Davidson motorcycle from Lead, South Dakota and a Jeep Cherokee from Redding, California.

For reasons still under investigation, the southbound motorcycle crossed into the northbound traffic lane and collided head on with the Jeep Cherokee.

The three occupants of the Jeep were transported to Sutter Coast Hospital and treated for minor injuries. The motorcycle rider was succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Due to the extent of damage to the vehicles, injuries to the involved parties and the extent of the investigation, the highway was completely closed for 45 minutes. One way traffic control was then established and continued for an additional 90 minutes. The cause of the collision is under investigation.



  • My condolences to her family.

  • So sad, to travel from Lead, South Dakota just to have this happen on a rural country road.
    Be careful out there people.

  • Why is the gender of the motorcyclist significant to mention in the headline?

  • Bonnie just a troll trying to spread there stupid agenda.

  • There are a lot of female motorcyclist. You just don’t see as many because Humboldt is small compared to the rest of the state.

  • Thank you Kym. Respecting with honor, and posting this sad article, sisterhood thanks you.
    Prayers to her family.

  • Sorry to disagree with you Hmm but my brother built bikes and I’ve lived all over this state so I’m quite aware of bikes and whose on them. Take a ride down to Guerneville. See all the woman that are riding bikes there and I don’t mean Scooters.

    • My cousin rides, her daughter raced, know a young lady so proud of her endorsement! Ride on, Ladies!!!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Gasquet is very dangerous stretch of road.
    East bound rushing to Medford, West bound heading to the coast-

    Small pockets of microclimates all along the road, serpentine water distracting, summer has people jumping into the road from the water….

    Be very careful in there especially during cold times.

  • It’s all about respect and condolences period. Why even bring up the argument about it happening to a female. It is a tragic loss period. I have been a Medic for over 18yrs, as well as an avid Harley owner and operator for over 30yrs. It is a sad thing for her family. God rest her soul.

  • You know the one thing that really pisses me off about this little thread you guys got going is that we’re talking about a human being here who is dead who just happens to be a female and who was a friend of ours . She was a kind big-hearted beautiful person who had been riding for a very very long time She was wearing full protective gear and going 35 miles an hour . Now I don’t know exactly what happened yet but I will tell you people this her boyfriend is sitting in a campground by himself Dealing with this Tragedy while you folks debate Whether or not it was politically-correct to identify her as a Female !!!!!!! Her name was Lorna And she was a wonderful lady So show her , her family and her friends a little respect and keep your little liberal political correct BS to yourself

  • This was my 1st cousin that was killed.

    • She looks like she was full of joy. I’m so sorry you lost her.

      • Thank you and yes she was. We lost her brother only a year ago too. Her son (who served in the USAF is flying from east coast to get her. I cant imagine what her boyfriend had to go through seeing her after the accident. It’s a shock to us. She isn’t old enough to die.

  • I ride my girlfriend rides ive seen the good and the very bad . im sorry for your loss . .. Will say a prayer for her and the family…RIP. Anthony

  • so sorry to hear about this lorna was a great lady meet at sturgis in 1990 was a real good friend

  • sorry to hear this lorna was a great lady meet her in 1990 in sturgis sd great friend

  • Yep Lorna and her ex husband Si (he died in 2015) owned the Days End Campground in Sturgis KY. I loved staying there.

  • My sincere condolences to family and friends. A pretty lady whose life ended too soon. Prayers

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