Armed and Masked Men Posing as Law Enforcement Attempt to Raid Marijuana Farm

Daniel Hernandezsanchez and Alejandro Nunez

Alejandro Nunez and Daniel Hernandez-Sanchez

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 07-16-17, at about 2:33 AM, a subject called 911 to report that numerous armed subjects had just come onto his remote, rural property in several vehicles claiming to be law enforcement officers. Based on their appearance and demeanor the subject recognized that they were not law enforcement officers but were actually there with the intent to steal his marijuana crop. The subject fled to call 911, after suspects fired, and he believed that another resident was hiding on the property.

Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s were nearby and contacted the subject on Hwy 162, where he described what happened and the vehicles involved. The Deputies drove to the property where they encountered a truck matching one described by the victim. Upon seeing the deputies the vehicle attempted to flee, driving just out of sight and stopping. Deputies subsequently searched the vehicle, locating firearms and stolen property, but no suspects.

The other resident was located, unharmed, and said that he had been contacted at the house by 5-8 men wearing ski masks, armed with firearms, claiming to be law enforcement officers. These subjects questioned the victim at gunpoint about the location of valuable items and people on the property and forced him into a truck, threatening to shoot him if he did not comply. The subject was robbed of his personal belongings and forced to assist the suspects as they stole marijuana plants. The subject was released when the suspects drove away.

Deputies at the scene requested the assistance of the Mendocino County Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) to assist in searching the wooded remote area for the armed suspects.

At about 11:00 AM three suspects were located and arrested without incident. All three suspects, Daniel Hernandezsanchez, Matthew Sturges, and Alejandro Nunez were lodged at the Mendocino County Jail for the listed charges with bail set at $150,000.00. The incident remains under investigation and anyone with information is requested to call (707) 234-2100 or e-mail to crimetip@mendocinosheriff.

Earlier Chapter: Some Suspects Still on the Loose After Foiled Marijuana Robbery; Three in Custody



  • Government lettuce heads love the money. It’s more common than you think.

  • gotta love that “They were lodged at,,” I wonder if they get the spa and day room with the little mint on their pillow

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Hello! The pirates are here!

  • Typical cilantro fiends, soulless red hollow eyes full of psychosis, plotting their next crime, searching for the next victim to drain, taking a short vacation to visit other fiends lodged away at satans spa, then regroup and spread chaos and encourage the rise of 4th riche, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    • That would be Reich CHUMP, not to mention, about as likely as a snowball, in your home away from home, HELL!!!

      • Not a Pretty Picture Ahead


        All the growers should take some of their profits and spend it on their own police force or private security guards. They are taking the LEO’s away from all the other crimes that are now going on in Humboldt due to some of the collateral damage from the weed trade. Look at all the home invasions, robberies, violence, murders, etc. The meth labs and heroin problems are being ignored due to lack of money, training, and man power. Just the felons that are already on probation and in the system are being dealt with. No search warrant needed for this! No labs getting closed.

        I have a major problem with all the environmental damage that has been created in order to grow the pot. We are still trying to recover from 100 years of major damage from logging. Where are the fish? I hope there won’t come a time when none of us that have called Humboldt county home, will be able to live here any longer, due to the uncontrolled damage and crime that we have allowed to happen. It is nice to believe when you are young, that everything will work out. But as you grow older you realize that everything will eventually change and may not work out how you hoped it would. People can throw their greed and stupidity aside and try to solve these problems together, or we can all become obstinate and go down with the ship. What will it be? Time will tell.

        • Having a security plan in place is part of the permitting process. A buddy of mine is starting a trained police dog force that will be available to cannabis farmers

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            There’s an idea!

            Taking the love of free range pitbulls and selling that to growers.

            Like a shovel in the gold rush….

  • You can’t legislate morality. If someone wants to do drugs they are going to find a way pure and simple. If you take the thrill out of it and most people don’t want to do it anymore, the people who didn’t do them before still wont do them and the people who are addicted don’t need incarceration but medical help.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      This looks less about drugs and more about money… Be safe, stay alert, protect the women and children…

  • Pretty sure the cops aren’t gonna show up at your grow at 2:30am

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    The plant of peace…

    Ripoffs generally not random.

    Marijuana is the emerald path to the fires of Hell, nothing good comes from it.

    Call in the national guard, cut every single marijuana plant, arrest and deport anyone captured growing this poison.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Build a wall send them back south please… Thank you

  • I wonder if these are the same guys who’ve been spotted on security cams, armed & checking out private lands, and ripping people off down near Laytonville. They seem really predatory.

  • One set of drug dealers robbing other drug dealers.

    A pox on both their houses.

  • Where is INS,and ICE when you need them MIA

  • Northern Fellow

    I know for a fact that Nunez is a Mendo local, born and raised. Legal or not though, this doesn’t make the awful crimes these people have committed any better or worse. Terrible.

  • I like to check out the comments and occasionally chime in if I think I have something remotely topical or even chuckle worthy. Lately I have come to notice that it seems HBC and Guest are the same person with neither of those same filters. Posting on two devices under different names doesn’t hide their incoherence.

    • I have no affiliation with hbc, I only call it as I see it, lettuce use leads to paranoia psychosis and skepticism. I find it amusing the lettuce head will group two or more people together and think they are the same knowing nothing other than the same beliefs, to me that sounds like profiling the arch nemesis of freedom and liberty.

    • YES! And it’s really obnoxious. Kym, I think one person with several email accts has taken over your comment boards and is just having a lot of fun at everyone’s expense. It used to be almost funny, but the comment sections are becoming painful. I bet a you agree…

      • Definitely.

        Don’t feed a stray cat unless you want to keep feeding it and all of the rest of the cats it brings with it in the future.

    • Team chump!

  • ok;) …. carry on then, your secrets safe.

  • Coincidence or Connected

    DATE: “May 30, 2017”
    Incident Number: 2017-14936
    Crime/Incident: Burglary, vandalism and possession of a firearm (assault weapon)
    Location: 53000 Block of North Highway 101, Laytonville Ca
    Date of Incident: May 29. 2017
    Time: Approximately 11:35 A.M.
    Victim(s): Adult male and female
    Suspect(s): Male Hispancis
    Written By: Lt. Kirk R Mason
    Synopsis: On May 29, 2017 Deputies were dispatched to the 53000 block of North Highway 101 (Laytonville) regarding a theft.
    Upon arrival Deputies contacted the occupant of the property at which time they learned that unknown person(s) had entered a shed on the property and took approximately 20 pounds of manicured bud marijuana. The property owner then followed what he believed to be human tracks, at which time he could see FOUR (4) Hispanic males walking through a meadow on the property. The property owner, from a distance, noted that one of the subjects was carrying what he believed to be an assault type rifle.
    Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (including a Canine team and elements of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team) and personnel from the California Highway Patrol conducted an extensive search of the area in an effort to locate the suspects in this case. No suspects were located nor was there any evidence located which would lead to the identity of the suspects in this case.
    The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is requesting that any member of the public that may have information regarding this incident please contact us. Persons with information regarding this crime, or any other crime, who wish to remain anonymous may report information by calling 707-234-2100 or my e-mail at

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Twenty pounds is a lifetime supply of “medicine”!

      Glad the person misplaced it and hope help comes for delusional paranoia of people walking through meadows with scary black rifles!

      Sounds like it didn’t even happen, but was a bong hit too many.

      Marijuana addicts need help to get sober, it’s getting sadder by the story.

  • Sounds similar to an attempted armed robbery at my gro bro neighbor’s place a couple of weeks ago. The main difference is that my greedy, paranoid and thoughtless neighbor not only did not call law enforcement, he did not bother to inform the neighbors, most likely because he is afraid of getting busted for expanding his unpermitted grow. I am not at all against marijuana or its legalization but I cannot wait until all these idiotic greenrushers leave, bankrupt, with their tails between their legs.

    • Yep the outta towners ruined it for “humboldt”. And people balm us native local weed farmers for there ignorance. But as the old sang goes” make hay while the sunshines” and thats what they did. I used to be proud to say i was from humboldt and the weed i grew, now its embarrassing with all the media putdown n hype.I will adapt and so will u squeaky. F&$k those greenrushers.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        With you…

        30 years of something noble and now being embarrassed about a background.

        My children will never grow dope or know about my past, because I want so much more for them.

        • Not embarrassed of background chump. Embarrassed of the name humboldt has become. Its ghetto nowadays. Ruined by wannabes. PS. Good luck on keeping “secrets ” from yo children and controlling there lives…. i just said trolling. Swweeettt

  • What trash , they even look like shit a$$ punks . Wish they come on my place like that I would put my construction equipment to good use . We don’t dail 911!


    Do your Job Deputies

    Mendocino County Detectives are continuing to investigate a potential homicide related to the death of Decedent Mark Terry II, 60 years of age. Terry was a long time resident in the Willits, CA area. The location and condition of how the decedent was found remains suspicious.

    The photographed vehicle belonged to the decedent. The Sheriff’s Office is requesting anyone who observed this vehicle in or around the Willits area or any persons in or around the vehicle, while it was parked near the intersection of Coast and Mill Street in Willits, between 4-7 and 4-17-2016, is requested to contact the Sheriff’s Investigative Unit.

    Anyone with information on this case is requested to call the Sheriff’s Tip Line at (707)234-2100.


    Probably first time caught but not the first time for violence or robbing# many similarities between cases show that both robberies involved armed Hispanics (gang related) and braven attacks as if they had pulled off similar heists before, also “numerous armed Hispanic suspects” time to put this band of these murderer thieves and Crack Monkeys away and throw away the key once and for all, the motivation for both robberies was weed – coincidence or connected seems more than mere coincidence, then the kidnapping-murder of Mark Terry from Mendo ## Mendocino Cops need to do more to solve crimes rather than just makin money for the department from assett forfeiture from cannabis 24/7 * community is fed up with these Hispanic Northern Mendo gangstas robbin, Killin and mobbin, connect the dots, they are all friends on Facebook geeez – can’t be that hard to figure out, In terror gate their asses they will talk if they think they gonna get a break, 2 caught outta 7 -5 more gangsta ripoffs to go, squeeze em and they will squeel like pigs on eachother

    • Welcome to thunderdome. Two men enter,one man leave with a lesser charge. Like they say in the movie Deliverance, ” squeel like a pig”! 🐷

  • Squeeze Lika Pig

    Squeel Like A Pig,

  • Cracked Out Monkies

    Cracked Smoking Monkeys will steal from their own families to get another bag ‘o crack
    Cracked Monkeys Unite

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