22-Year-Old Arrested After Shooting Last Week

Weston RileyThe 22-year-old wanted for allegedly shooting at two men who came to the aid of a woman caretaking his mother’s home is in jail. According to a press release by the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office, on July 11, Weston Riley allegedly demanded a vehicle on his mother’s property located on Hopper’s Lane in the Covelo area. He allegedly became hostile. Eventually, the caretaker asked for assistance from two male friends.

According to the Sheriff’s Office,

The two men later told Deputies that Weston became angry with them and produced a small handgun and fired two shots at them. He then ran into a nearby shed on the property and came out carrying a long rifle. The two men informed deputies that as they were running to their vehicle to leave, Weston fired two rounds from the rifle at them before the gun malfunctioned.

According to records at the Mendocino Sheriff’s website, Riley was booked into the jail yesterday at 7:15 a.m. He’s being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and held on a $50,000 bond.

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  • Muddy Black Dodge

    50k. WTF? Not nearly enough…

  • 5k to get out after allegedly trying to kill them with a pistol? Hmm

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Rap music is my initial impression.

    Rap music is used by Hollywood to destroy communities and lives.

    Very sad that such a young man is in trouble that will follow him for life. Very sad…

  • Video games created serial killers to right?

  • CHUMP sounds just like TRUMP….very sad.

    • Liberaltards always have to bring up Trump! Amazing, live with you lost. We had to put up with Obummer for 8 years, and god know I didn’t like it a bit, but dealt with it.

      • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

        Agree with you on that, big Chas. Trump gets blamed for every societal shortcoming, even things that came to be under Obama’s far left reign. Amazing how a few months of Trump makes the “progressives” break out in hives…

      • Trumpflakes vs Snowflakes this could be a reality series if you like incessant whining. Both sides are like petulant child. The infantilization of America at its finest.

  • So that’s what it’s like to have 0% body fat.

  • I see neck tattoos in his future.

  • Must have been down to his last 2 bb,or did his red Ryder jam?

  • Looks like a normal young man to me…doesn’t look spun…maybe he has mental problems…seems like a lot of people in these cases do..he didn’t get attempted murder..he got lucky…

  • 22 year old skinny punk needs the shit kicked out of him. He’ll learn more from that than being arrested. Grab the gun and knock the shit out of him. End of story. Sometimes it takes a couple times!

    • Shawn. Your neanderthal ancestry is showing!
      Violence will likely only breed more violence in this young man. But, it will be with those that are weaker, and less able to defend themselves……

    • Amen to that this kid just needs a good ass whiping.

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