[Audio] Eureka Police Chief chats before starting new gig in Santa Cruz; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (8:45): After almost four years of service as the Police Chief of Eureka, Andy Mills has taken a gig as the top cop in Santa Cruz. Moving closer to family, he and his wife will relocate to a city with well over twice as many people.

“I just really wanna thank the citizens of Eureka and the residents of Humboldt County who’ve welcomed us with open arms, who’ve treated us with nothing but respect,” Mills said. “We walk away from this experience better because we have met so many wonderful people… I just think it’s time now for another person to step in and take it to the next level and I’m sure that’ll take place…”

In the podcast Mills discusses past misconceptions regarding EPD, the media, the achievements he’s proudest of, what he hopes for in terms of the new Eureka Police Chief, his progressive policing, a roller coaster, and much more.

The interview begins at 8:45.

Also covered

That new mural in Eureka, a cannabis farmers market is nixed for now, speculation that a recent prostitution arrestee is actually a victim, an attempted plane ride with pounds, an officer involved shooting, crime, and much more.

Andy Mills, photo courtesy of the Eureka Police Department



  • Great interview with Andy Mills! Liked his observations, and what he had to say.

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    Maybe that’s why there is only ONE comment for this great interview with Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills. Let’s hope and pray and plan on finding A replacement for Andy with such community compassionate humanitarian soul! Santa Cruz scored.

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    • Hope you can get this problem resolved. Maude says Hi!

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  • Andy rode in from San Diego on a gleaming white stallion to save Eureka. The past council, not the crazies now, thought they had found the cure for crime/homelessness/drugs and Eureka would be happier and safer. The ever lasting saying: YOU CAN’T STOP STUPID” was overlooked. The “safety savior” was ready to change Eureka’s image. However, Andy’s determination and ideals combined with the hiring of extra officers didn’t stop STUPID. The final straw of his career and dying presence was when he walked touch feely with the LGBT wackos and smiled because he knew he was going to Santa Cruz for a new job. Whatever gracious misguided intent that posturing represented is now a false imprint the Police Department has to continue. The new prospective Chief applicants need to know that fact when applying. Wow what a can of worms. I hear Santa Cruz is extreme liberal as they get so have fun Andy with your new spot on this earth.

  • Anything mills,


    Bye Felicia!

  • I am not the bridge chump!😳😂
    I am the Manager!

    You guys are the covesters and we are the lakesters

  • The Manager is back!

    • shawn the fisherman

      Hey more and more of us are coming around to c.h.u.m.p way of thinking. Just so fed up with these p.o.s dope growers, Time for change. Go back to hiding your ugly lifestyle please we are not impressed.

  • I agree she is probably a victim. As of last night she is back at the exact same spot across from the library. Not far away, is her easy to spot (and presumably easy to arrest with some investigation/surveillance ?!) “pimp”.

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