[UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: Officer Involved Shooting] One Man Shot and Lacerated by Glass Near Martins Ferry Bridge, According to an Officer on the Scanner

Shots Fired featureOne man has a graze wound from a bullet and lacerations from broken glass, after a shooting near Martins Ferry Bridge northwest of Weitchpec at approximately 9:55 p.m., according to information from the scanner.

Here’s scanner recording from the incident:

The officer begins about 25 seconds in. “Cover law enforcement. We have an unknown injured male subject,” an officer says.

“Shots fired on Martins Ferry Bridge,” Dispatch tells other officers.

Two additional law enforcement and an ambulance have been requested to respond, according to an officer speaking over the scanner to dispatch. The bridge is being blocked on both sides as it is a crime scene.

UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: According to a text from an off-duty Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, This is an officer involved shooting but details are just coming in. “Deputies are uninjured. Suspect is injured. Unknown to what extent….Medical and critical incident team responding.”

UPDATE Saturday: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Releases Some Info About Last Night’s Officer Involved Shooting.



  • Anything to do with the Rumored “Operation Yurok” that may have started several days ago?

    • huh? can you enlighten me, guy?

    • Again??
      Possibly the most misguided use of funding going on in this state. The politicians who have supported this have been under the spell that this is an irradiation operation targeting massive cartel grows. Reality is that it is a program to remove small farmers from their lands surrounding the Klamath river Yurok land and destroy property values to allow Yurok to repurchase these properties. Per the norm of the last four years, total lack of coverage by media.

      • You mean a program to protect ancestral resources from the greed that is raping our land while having the nice effect of allowing homeless tribal families to be able to have homes on the lands that their ancestors have been on for thousand of years? By all means, let’s get that news out to the world. As to the story, prayers for the injured in uniform and otherwise. Our land is under siege from drugs and I suspect this has something to do with it.

  • Anyone know who was hurt?

    • Read the article,and stop using our tribe as your handle cuz, just read if you can,its above us now get it together.

  • hell, that scanner was blowing up at that time, wasn’t it…
    what was in the air from right before this incident.
    kym, you heard this began as this car going clocked @ 100 mph near the macville airport rd heading north.
    during and after this chase & shooting you’ve reported i hear a flurry of intense dispatch calls:
    * a dispatch go out for a hanging in the jail;
    * requests to bring cars to block off a parking area (fortuna?) that’s packed but still cars must have been trying to get in and park. there was also concern that even though the lot was full that there was disable parking spaces still available. is the fortuna rodeo party going on tonight?;
    * a 415 involving 10 people and requests for – maybe in fortuna:
    * a suicidal woman;
    * and another suicidal woman
    * several different for people who had fallen and hurt themselves;
    * a fire. i swear i heard them say “crab park. hgwy 101 at crab park” (impossible, no place i know of, you?) i also heard the bridge to the left of crab park as a location of a grass fire, “robin bridge”. it wasn’t there cuz the loleta siren didn’t activate nor were the lvfd sent out;

    there was more but i was a little over whelmed, still am.

    time to let my dogs take me out for a walk. lol

    hope they’re in a festive mood and not effected by this air quality, …lol…

    kym, you have to stay here and hold the fort down while i go chill. thanks!

    • Veterans friend

      Good Job Judy

    • judi,

      Crab park is the baseball field in Arcata that is right next to 101. It’s between the plaza and the highway where the Crabs baseball team plays. Went there the 4th and watched a game. The Crabs beat the Solano Mudcats 13-1. Go Crabs!

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