[UPDATE 9:35 a.m] Two Vehicles on Fire After Traffic Collision

A vehicle is burning on Elk Creek Road in the area of Dyerville Loop Road northeast of Myers Flat. One person has been injured according to the
CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.
UPDATE 9:06 a.m.: According to the incident commander at the scene, there are two vehicles on fire after a collision. One is fully involved in flames. The other’s hood area is on fire.

“We’re having pump issues with out truck,” said the Incident Commander. “Keep the water tender coming.”

UPDATE 9:10 a.m.:

[Photo by John Sheridan]

UPDATE 9:17 a.m.: Fruitland Ridge volunteers were the first on the scene.

Fruitland Ridge Volunteers were the first on the scene of the fire.

Fruitland Ridge Volunteers were the first on the scene of the fire. [Photo provided by a reader]

The fire is now controlled but the ambulance has been requested to keep coming.

UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: Eric Jackson sends us this dramatic photo.
Car crash leads to fire
UPDATE 9:38 a.m.:
According to Cal FIre Duty CHief Kurt McCray, one person was injured but the extent of injury unknown. The fire is now out.

Fruitland Ridge Volunteer Department, CAL FIRE, and CHP all responded.

“Resources to be released at approximately 11:00 hours depending on removal of vehicles,” he wrote.



  • Look how far in the other lane that truck is wtf

    • Veterans friend

      That vehicle was struck & pushed that far off the road by a “farm worker” on his cell phone as he sped to what must have been a beer emergency at an early dep.

  • graduate of the Helen Keller driving academy just finished there driving test passed with flying colors good mourning me guest .

  • Prayers for all involved

  • I’ve lived on that road my entire life! And people drive insane! Slow down, leave earlier. It’s not a race. I have been run off the road multiple times!!! ( not just elk creek, it happens on all these local roads *alderpoint *briceland *Avenue… etc…) …. I hope everyone is ok

    • Hwy 36 is becoming a dangerous road to drive as well!!! Our Community Center Exec director was nearly run off the road a few days ago when she was returning home!!! Some damned “Grow Dozer who thought he OWNED BOTH sides of the road, was in her lane bearing down on her vehicle quickly!!! She had to hug the bank to avoid a head on collision!!! “Great” driving by ALL concerned who insist on using BOTH sides of the road!!!

    • The article didn’t state anything about either car speeding or even why they crashed. Think it’s clear one of them was on the wrong side of the road though.

  • unfortunately this was only a matter of time…fortunately no one was killed. For the past two years (thanks to the green rush) the traffic has gotten really bad on Dyerville. The grow dozers, Toyotas, dirt bikes, and Side by sides all use it as a race track to get from grow to grow. The center lines are a joke and the corners white knucklers. Add the deteriorating road due to large water and soil trucks and the county’s crappy patch jobs, and it is only a matter of when. Hope this slows them down for at least a day or two.

    • God Bless America~God Bless Capitalism~God Bless Cannabis

    • If you notice it’s a broken center line which means a driver can cross over it. Who’s to say anybody is rushing from grow to grow or is that an assumption? Elk Creek Rd is also a main route to blocksburg, ft Seward and all places in between so there’s a ton of people just passing thru. Not to say the green wave isn’t to blame for the extra traffic but for the most part it’s calmed WAY down over the past month.

      • Not on Elk Creek or Dyerville Loop. I live up there and it is insane. So many vehicles, outsize trucks, big rigs and piggyback loaders. So many of them flying, and so many blind curves with morons driving on the wrong side of the road. This accident was on a relatively flat straight area between a blind curve in either directions. Elk Creek Rd was really hammered this past winter, but all the damage slowed thd crazues down. Now I’m wishing that they hadn’t fixed the road.

      • Yeah I hope we don’t drive the road when you are out there…if someone is coming from the opposite direction, it is not a good idea to cross the center line. And when you see the same vehicles speeding by hour after hour, they are not “just passing thru”.

      • I live on on Dyerville & always have to pull over for mostly big trucks that come flying up to your bumper & ride it until you move! I have come around blind corners only to find someone in my lane from the opposite direction. I have even had them pass me on blind corners before I could find a pull off! All of this never happened before the green rush.

      • DetailsDetailsDetails

        “If you notice it’s a broken center line which means a driver can cross over it.”
        Close but missing important parts. A broken yellow center line means a driver must keep their vehicle in their lane, but may cross over ONLY to pass another vehicle or to turn in to a driveway or a cross road.

  • Is this before the road splits or after?

  • Ive been looking at vehicle cameras .I think we should all have one and show videos of crazy selfish drivers who don’t seem to care if they kill a family driving to school or work.
    they are only 50 bucks they turn on automatically and have special feature in case of a wreck..

  • There are hundreds of workers up this hill now. This road has become very dangerous. There always in a hurry and always in your lane.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    It looks like the accident may have set off butane?

  • Concerned citizen of 36

    I live on 36 and now know all of the places to pull over at to let the grow dozzers and such pass me. If They want to kill themselves have at it. Also the 45 zone don’t mean anything out here. Even though it is filled with houses on each side. People still go 55 or more through it :0(

    • but the trucks and the cars will stay on your bumper and clear up your ass until you reach the next pull-out spot.
      i drive the speed limit, or less, according to road and weather conditions.
      i don’t impede traffic. and always on 36 i’m being more or less harassed for driving the speed limit with tailgating and ignorant rude assholes.
      i use every pull out when there are vehicles behind me or coming up on me.

      people are fucking stupid and rude, and those who drive like they’re too important to care about anyone else are deadly.

  • I live up on dyerville & have most my life. This is a note to all you assholes who cut the corners …slow down and stay on your side of the road!! I for one am going to start taking license plate numbers & report your stupid asses to the chip for reckless driving. Iam sick of almost being hit on a daily basis by some idiot on the wrong side of the road. Go back to the place you came from,you have ruined a beautiful neighborhood with all your big grows and noisy trucks and equipment clearing land and your shity driving habits.

  • One of these days someone is going to stop putting up with this and really do something about it, dont expect law enforcement to

  • People are using both lanes all over Humboldt county. They seem to think they can make better time the way. Quit infringing on my rights and stay in your own lane and slow the f*** down!

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