Three Women Arrested in Prostitution Sting

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On July 12, 2017, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s POP team conducted an undercover operation in the vicinity of the 1300 block of 3rd Street. The operation was in response to multiple citizen complaints regarding the on-going and blatant criminal activity perpetrated by prostitutes.

The details of the operation will remain confidential so as not to compromise future operations. During the time frame indicated, the following subjects were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

18 year old Morgan Kayla Vinson from Florida was arrested for prostitution and for providing false information to the police. 

Elisa Yolanda Carlson50 year old Elisa Yolanda Carlson from Redding was arrested for prostitution, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Duffitt, Leanne

65 year old Leanne Duffitt from Eureka was arrested for prostitution, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Eureka Police Department’s POP team will continue to conduct these types of operations in the future. While this particular operation targeted the prostitutes, future operations will also target those soliciting the services of the prostitutes.




  • Veterens friend

    Arresting prostitutes and not the men who purchase their services is discrimintory, unfair, and self defeating.
    Are there no women police to “sting” the johns? Why not?
    Without customers, these women would not do this terrible, dangerous work.

    • Same argument could be said about drugs – arrest those who buy or are in possession?

    • She's off sick today, honey....... >;o)

      I have a feeling that’s on tomorrows’ agenda. Now that there is less competition.

      • I believe the two older women were pimping the younger girl, and keeping her high on drugs and providing a ” family setting ” for the youngster. The older women are smart enough to realize nobody but a drunk one legged hair lip would even considering sex with them. The young girl brings in the money and the older women provide a safe haven for young girl to live and work. I think it is called a “Symbiotic Relationship” like those small fish that swim in and around the shark, the shark gets the fungus growing on his mouth taken care of, and the small fish have food and protection from the bigger fish.

        • I don’t even think a drunk one legged hairlip would go there. If anything they would have to be a John for some poor poor gigolo who would probably quit right then and there!

    • i agree, and usually local stings do bust the johns. in fact, this is the first instance i can think of where they went after just the hookers. usually bait cop in slut gear. i think thats really unfair, too. entrapment. legalize it, lots of people are obviously very poor and very repressed.

    • Well since you are making loaded assumptions, I’ll play along. Maybe there were no johns, like no one was buying that day. Realistically it is easier to arrest the hookers as the are standing on the street all day trying to sell something illegal. Whatever, they said in the release they will be going after johns in the future so cool your jets.

      • I live nearby. Haven’t seen hookers down there in years. Now they are back. There used to be an older guy who drove around half the day looking for a “date.” He drove a giant red pickup. Must have been lonely these recent months ….


    • False choice. Police go after both.

    • Shades of Margo St. James! Well said, and hats off to the old COYOTE crew!

      • Crap! This has nothing to do with Margo St. James and women’s’ rights. It is the worst of oppression in bad economic times you god damned fools!

  • Sad. Let’s hope some sisters reach out to these women.

    • Lets hope men become responsible adults who don’t buy women. Are you stepping up to help here?

      • Yep! I am not a customer, ‘Fan’.
        Prostitution should likely be legalized and regulated, with education and services offered. It’s being in the shadows that allows prostitutes to be so often exploited.

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        Hmmmm, chicken or egg? In my world, these female persons sell drugs and personal services. That’s not exactly the same as exploitation, is it? Maybe they are exploiting their customers?
        It makes me sad to drive through Eureka on a Friday evening…

        And, ladies, 4 out of five men have never paid (directly) for sex in their lives. Don’t condemn the whole gender.

      • Woman buy men too… and lots of women buy women. So if you really feel strongly about balancing the scales.. id suggest getting off the
        ” only men buy women”train.

        • You are pretty ignorant. Don’t brag about it.

          • I knew a professional gigolo. He made good money but once he broke down and told me about how it was destroying his soul. It was pretty rough.

            • haha an you woke up with him. all would be amazed at how huge this is here . they train women from mack up an hair .. look at the local beauty school for more intel..

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        It’s rent, not a purchase. RENT. You can’t own people, except maybe Trump by the Russians. Lincoln freed the slaves at great cost. 150 years from the Great Emancipator to the Great Prevaricator.

  • No doubt supporting their lettuce habit, just one hit and bam! Next thing you know you are the one in the bottom photo.

  • BaHahahahah! Good one, you mean gummer though right?

  • charles engebretson

    Mom!!!what the hell! You said you were at the casino playing bingo!!damnit!!

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Were they trying to fill up the ladies side of the jail today?

  • Looks like a time line of pictures… prostitution and drugs @ 18, @50, and @65… Just happy there wasn’t a fourth, that would be SCARY!!! haha

  • Why are you guys making fun of these women? It’s a dirty job, it’s a tough job but it’s an honest job. One of the most honest. And one of the oldest. There are many better directions to ridicule and mock. Like most people in public office for one…Again- these women are serving a community need. Can you step in and do better?

    • Maybe, I’m a dude but after looking at these ones I think I have a shot. Does Obama care cover super-aids?😊

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Get several shots at the open-door clinic or planned parenthood if you go with these gals. Oh, I’m sorry, PP was de-funded by Forrest Trump. The ACA is next. So proud.

    • Lmao… your funny

    • Thank you

    • I would agree with you that it is an honest job, I have more respect for these women than I do for women who, “surprise!”, intentionally get pregnant in order to manipulate a man for financial support for the next 18 years. Heck, that even happened to me once, had a “friend” who said she and her partner needed a place “to heal” and showed up pregnant with what she called her “anchor baby” and telling me where they were going to grow weed on the land I live on. None of these women are selling you a lie, it’s sex for money, and that might not be pretty, but it’s honest, and I can respect that.

    • Agree – legalize prostitution and drugs, and use all the enforcement money to help people who want to get out of prostitution and drugs, and to make them safe for people who want to continue on those paths.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Fishing and hunting are the oldest occupations. Sex-for-food came next, echoes of which are still apparent in the familiar dinner-movie-sex dating scenario. Or direct-to-action prostitution scenario. One is legal, one is not. Go figure.

  • All they need to do is set up a camera in the room and say it’s a porno film…. jeez, learn to prostitute

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    It’s very odd how they migrate from far off.places and like a salmon or something end up on third..

    What is that all about?

  • Isn’t it the oldest known profession ???

  • I’m pretty sure you already know

  • How much money did EPD waste on this, when they could have been doing something useful? Last I checked, there was absolutely no shortage of car thieves, burglars, meth dealers, and other people actually harming society. But, no, rather than address actual problems, a bunch of officers wasted a day arresting a few hookers.

  • Do any of you seriously think any of these women are there because they want to be? Telling the young one to go home is not too smart. That is more than likley where this all started.Bust the johns!

  • Anyone ever go into the Cinderella dpa, garbervilled classy newish parlour.. the ladies I saw going to work looked healthy

  • A job where society doesn’t discriminate against age, sex, race and or religious beliefs is prohibited by law. I thought Caltrans and PG & E had a cap on that. No, they have a cap on Family Members, Friends and Relatives Only Hiring. A job that gives other humans pleasure with both parties agreement is against the law. Just doesn’t make sense.

  • Damn they already have it bad enough really need to arrest them, how do you think they will pay off the fines anyways duh. Well might take the bottom ones quite a bit longer.

  • Ok I give up, how much was it?

  • How sad… this is someone’s daughter breaks my heart 🙁

  • Commander Lost Planet.


  • Were they soliciting in public?? In Eureka ??

  • They could turn a bigger profit if they`d culture their microbes and sell them to Saddam Hussein for a bio-weapon. Nasty!! A full body coitus suit from B.F. Goodrich would be necessary when tapping one of these babes.

  • Legalizing prostitution would help on so many levels. You know these women are gonna get their butts kicked by their pimp. The drugs are really the main issue here, and if theyre hooking in a neighbirhood then i can understand the complaints. Its more the sleazy dudes coming for biz who are the problem.

    Watch the documentary on the bunny ranch in nevada. Not only is the place safe and clean, they really normalize sex in that they are so open and comfortable. Its religion thats got everyone tweaked about sex. Hmm and what was jesus’s ladyfriends profession?! There was a time in many cultures where priestesses were honored for doing this work, not like hard core porn today, but more for help and healing.
    It empowers women as they are in control of what and whom they do, and thats the power men in charge fear.

  • I am heartened to see that many of the commenters are better than the selection of trollish morons. Thank you for being human.

  • People only get convicted of one thing in this country:

    Lack of funds.

    The few exceptions are Federal Cases… cause the Feds don’t loose.

  • The 18-year-old looks like a victim of child sex trafficking. Pathetic. Hope someone steps up to help her.

  • at about three in the afternoon i saw two of them–youngest and oldest — back out working by the library.

  • I only did it once in Nevada but did not inhale. $500.00 for thirty minutes, she said that fixed her soul. Gotta go wives coming.

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