[UPDATE 2:16 p.m.] Brannan Mountain Resident Found Deceased in His Vehicle Beside the Road

chpstarA resident of the Brannan Mountain area of Willow Creek was found deceased slumped in his vehicle, according to California Highway Patrol spokesperson Cy May.

“Around 9 a.m., we got a call of an unresponsive male sitting in his pickup on the side of Brannan Mountain Road,” May said. “We confirmed he was deceased.”

May said that the officers found evidence of a minor traffic collision. “We’re not sure if he struck some object coming down the hill,” May said. But in any case, May added, the man’s death does not look like foul play. “Right now it is looking like some sort of medical condition [caused his death],” May explained.

UPDATE 2:16 p.m.: Press release from the CHP:

On the morning of Thursday, July 13th, 76 year old man lost his life after being involved in a traffic collision on Brannan Mountain Road two miles west of SR-96.

At approximately 9:02 am, Humboldt Area CHP responded to the area of Brannan Mountain Road for a report of an unresponsive male subject sitting in the driver seat of a Ford F150.   When emergency medical personnel arrived on scene they confirmed the man was deceased.  CHP units confirmed that there was signs of a minor traffic collision, however, there is evidence indicating that his death may have been caused by a medical condition.  Humboldt Area CHP is the investigating agency in this incident.  At this time we have not yet determined the cause of death. We would like to thank the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department, and the Hoopa Ambulance for their assistance.
*****If anyone has any information that may lead to the cause of this incident please contact the Humboldt Area CHP Office at 707-822-5981



  • So sad. Hope it was peaceful. Thoughts & prayers to his friends & family.

  • I received a weird email which appeared to be spam but now I think it was real. Said
    Steve Harvey had died.
    Steve Harvey lived on Brannan Mountain since the mid-70s.
    Here’s his State Bar history:

    While it says he had been disbarred I believe he had been working in Arizona or New Mexico on tribal matters and had not paid CA state bar dues for that reason.
    He was one of a number of people who moved to the Willow Creek area in the 1970s and
    also who bought property and built homes on Brannan Mountain. A neighbor, Susana Cruz McKelvy recently passed and her sons had a memorial service for her in Willow Creek.

    Steve had run for and won the election to be Judge at the Hoopa Justice Court, having been active as a defense attorney in the same court for a number of years. Quite tall, he had quite a presence in a courtroom even when silent and standing still. (I was one of those who answered jury summons; sometimes the best entertainment of the week).
    He was a friendly, outgoing man; the last time I saw him was at a Good Dog Band concert in Willow Creek; always full of life he had seemed to have aged little.
    Anyone who has driven Brannan Mt Road knows that it’s a typical Humboldt County mountain road with switchbacks, slippages, and all the other ongoing problems of a crowned almost-two-lane road with surprises to the unwary.
    I moved from the area so I don’t have any current stories to share; I hope others who know and remember him will share some of theirs.

    Ave atque vale, Steve.

  • Lynnmae Nice story.My condolences to the family.

  • Condolences to the family and friends. So very grateful for the first responders and law enforcement and all they do for our communities.

  • Chief Judge Richard Blake

    Very sorry to hear about Steves passing. Steve did practice for several years in the Hoopa Tribal Court and Humboldt County Court .His wit in hearing will be missed and on behalf of the Hoopa Tribal Court I send my prayers to the family.

  • He was one of my fathers best friends since UC Berkeley, I am so shocked! I just searched for his name because his phones have been disconnected. I’ll miss hiking with you Steve and all your wild mountain trail loving ways!
    Condolences to his family…
    RIP: Steve Harvey

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