[UPDATE 1:30 p.m.] A Vehicle Struck a Pedestrian in Eureka

scanner iconA 33-year-old woman is unconscious after being hit by a vehicle near 1 Marina Way in Eureka at a little after 1 p.m. An ambulance is at the scene.

Please avoid the area if possible as emergency vehicles are needing to access the incident which is at the public boat launch.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: The pedestrian was taken to the hospital.



  • I still think there is a CDL in EVERY box/bag/ WTF Ever have you of Cracker Jack Snack Mix!!! Judging solely by my observations here & on the road, it certainly seems that way at least

    • Well, move over Sherlock Holmes! It’s truly amazing that you were able to deduce with such certainty from the scant info above that this collision was the driver’s fault.

      • I never once insinuated blame!!! My comment was about drivers in general, including but most def not just myself!!!

  • I pass that location on a daily basis. Here’s the rub. There are too many on foot, that do not look prior to crossing the street! Many don’t use cross walks. Drivers do have issues with driving distracted here, and we have too many in old town that walk distracted too. It’s called an accident for a reason

  • charles engebretson

    Driving a machine you need to be aware of your surrounding… No excuse…but yeah sometimes peds.do stupid stuff..

  • I was traveling north on 5th street in Eureka about 6:45 last night. Just as I was going through the GREEN light at Myrtle Avenue, a guy stepped off the curb near the furniture store. I slammed on my brakes and barely missed him. He never missed a step. Two vehicles nearly hit him. I honk at him but he just kept walking. This would not have been my fault if I hit him; he is lucky I was paying attention.

  • Another one bites the dust!!!! Let’s see if a creative lawyer can tie this to the new cyclone fence just installed and how it “denied her a spot to weather the days”. Look out Eureka here it comes.

  • Sorry to hear of this person getting struck. Hope she is going to be OK.

  • Here is the law if you stop for a person outside a crosswalk it’s against the law you get fined! what wrong with that law!!

  • Nan where the hell did you come up with that at

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