The Demand Is There in Nevada But the Supply of Buds Is Short

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Wanna share? [Photo by Kym Kemp]

NPR is reporting that Nevada has a shortage of cannabis….Uh….do they know about California’s surplus? We’re sure somebody will drive it over…

Seriously, on July 1 Nevada’s retail marijuana stores opened for business and sales were so brisk, they ran out of buds. Legally the companies can only get marijuana from licensed distributors. NPR explained,

Right now, only companies that are also licensed to distribute liquor in Nevada are able to bring marijuana to dispensaries….The dispensaries say that’s why they’re running out of the drug…

In the agency’s statement of emergency, [Nevada’s] Taxation Department’s executive director, Deonne Contine, said changes are needed both to prevent marijuana customers from reverting to the black market…

Too bad that unlike tomatoes the legal surplus of one state can’t be sold in another…



  • Yeah well that’s what happens when you let government handle the biz …..

  • Instead of “North to Alaska” , It should be “East to Nevada” A rush,,,,is a rush.Does not matter what the gold is or where it is being mined. Screw the stinking laws,,,those are Nevada laws,,,not Cali’s and who cares if they are? Seriously,,who gives a shit? That’s what back doors are for. BMM black market matters People are so broke and sitting on triple digits in weight and being evicted and getting their lights shut off cause their broke. I am sure trips have already been made. Should be fucking caravans of our weed flooding in to that state………………In a perfect world eh?

    • Second that! We need a smokey and the bandit character, or three, to run our crops across state lines to nevada just like they had to do with alcohol in the early 1970’s!
      Anyone in nevada, we have the opposite problem here right now, lots&lots of product and very few safe buyers.

      Too bad we cant do a sister county project where humboldt could sell to the county las vegas is in. One million tourists a week in vegas alone! Colorado’s tourism skyrocketed after legalization, people were going there from states where its not legal and filling suitcases with edibles to take home.

  • Next January 1st no medical cannabis will be legally purchased from growers unless that grower has a cannabis seller’s permit from the Ca board of equalization. In addition, that grower is responsible for a $150 per Lb excise tax in addition to income and sales tax. The result will be that dispensaries will experiance a near complete change in who they get herb from. That change may be smooth or it may be rough, we shall see. As for recreational herb there will be almost none at first because no cultivation permits exist now. California could well experience a lack of legal sources for a year or more.

  • Ya soon as you cross that state line it’s called trafficking haha go for it with your “medicine” see what the Feds think of it.

  • I’ll drive. I got a 69 roadrunner perfect, for the run it’s suspension is rated, for 200mph it’s a street legal NASCAR .750 HP east bound, ,and down .

    • You should sell me that thing!

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        Lots of roadrunners available around $50-100,000. Wish I had stored up a bunch of those in 1969!
        They didn’t handle too well and had crap brakes.

        Try an Acura RL. Nearly as fast, VTECH, good brakes, AWD. Big trunk… Those old cars don’t really run well on modern motor fuel.

        • That’s ridiculous, it’s a whole different style, you can upgrade the brakes, roadrunners and chargers are some of my favorite old cars in certain years around 68/69, you can’t even compare them to an Acura. You still can get good fuel here you just have to know where to find it.

    • SHOTGUN!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Nevada will have a tough time growing their own.

    Much of the high desert water is very alkaline, high in boron and other mineral. Using a R/O system can generate around 10 gallons of waste water per one clean.

    They would do better making it a felony again to protect the groundwater and surface water from marijuana growers.

    • Yes yes they should. And prevent the influx of criminal terrorist organizations from getting a foothold and spreading the lettuce seeds of destruction, no woman or child will be safe.

      • Ahhhhh yes. They should also bring back hanging to nevada for anyone who smokes satans cilantro. Protect the borders with nuclear batterys and m1 abrams tanks. Ban anyone that looks remotely like a hippy since they could potentially pollute the water with patchouli.

        • Yes the cilantro addict will take over and brainwash children for generations, soul less red eyed fiends wandering around spreading disease and chaos prostituting for their next fix, they don’t have to worry about the water contamination though hippies won’t touch the stuff especially if there’s soap around, they only want to drain the and pollute it so fish can’t breed.

    • Triniboldticino

      Yup, and rainwater collection as well. Then make the private harvest of CO2 and O2 illegal (that would include transpiration and breathing). Under the current administration, if anyone comes up with the idea, I’m sure we’re well on our way. Nestle Co. is stripping aquifers all over the U.S. so they can sell you water at $8.00 plus a gallon in little plastic bottles that never go away.

    • I don’t think they are going to have a tough time getting investors to pour money into warehouse grows. It just might take a little while to get them up and running.

  • Commander Lost Planet.

    The Nevada growers can sell their reclaimed waste water to the Casinos to keep their fountains full.

  • I am feeling pretty certain that many, many loads have gone out to Black Rock for the Burn. Just drive east on 299 till you get to Cedarville, then turn South to Reno. Easy! Even you stoners can probably figure this out… If you are breaking 100 laws already, what’s one or two more?

    • You mean Susanville?

      • Susanville is not on 299, but cedarville is and it is on the way to blackrock

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Susanville: Garberville with some prison jobs…

        Actually, the folks are nicer in Susanville, and they have a real hospital there…

    • Once you get to Cedarville keep going east. When the black top ends, you’re in Nevada.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Just don’t get pulled over in Modoc, because weed is illegal there, forever.

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          Many grows in Modoc. Pit River tribe grows.

          I meant drive past Alturas, go North on 395, take a right to Cedarville over Cedar Pass, then drive South to Gerlach. Slow down in Nixon, due to over excitable speed patrols. Then find your way to Reno, and anywhere else South of Reno. Weed remains illegal in many places, but stupid people still smoke it and claim it’s for their “condition”.

          In my condition, which is employed, I will skip it!

          Watch out for the mean people of Cedarville! They hate outsiders even more than the lovely folks in Goobsterdam! They will take your money for gas and food and beer though!

  • Fun read😸

  • We could sell them all the weed they busted lately,use the money to buy more dead people’s stuff. I’M JOKING. But we could sell them our black market

  • Yes drive it there as fast as you can! Quickly they really need it! When you get close just call the state patrol and tell them you need an escort to meet you an the state line! That you have all the lettuce they so desperately need. Only YOU can save them!

  • Did you not read

    They have the weed…there are distribution legalities

  • I hope they can “hash” it out and get a steady supply.

  • I heard it was the alcohol companies wanting to get sole rights on distribution ,..

  • Sounds like someone needs to drive out a box 🚚 truck asap. Brenda will drive and make the profit.

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