Over 5000 Marijuana Plants and Multiple Environmental Issues Found on Unpermitted Grow Yesterday, According to the Hum. Co. Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday 07/11/2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served a search warrant to investigate an allegation of illegal cultivation of marijuana. The parcel in question had no application on file with Humboldt County Building and Planning and no permits issued for the cultivation of commercial marijuana. The search warrant was served in the area of Hyampom just west of the Trinity County line. The following agencies assisted DEU with this investigation: Wardens from California Fish and Wildlife, Biologist from California Fish and Wildlife, CAL Fire officers, specialist from the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers, and personnel from the California Army National Guard Counter Drug Unit.

Upon responding to the parcel, several Hispanic subjects were observed running from the greenhouses and into the brush. No subjects were detained by law enforcement. DEU documented fifteen (15) greenhouses on the property containing growing marijuana plants. Seven (7) outdoor marijuana grows were also documented on this parcel. A total of 5,491 marijuana plants were eradicated on the property. The property was registered to an LLC. The LLC involved with the property is still under investigation.

California Fish and Wildlife conducted a parallel investigation this parcel and discovered 1 stream bed alteration, 3 separate water diversions, and 1 violation of beneficial storage of water. This is a State Water Board violation and will be forwarded for further follow up.

Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT conducted a parallel investigation and discovered 1 count of failure to submit a HAZAMAT plan for the storage of kerosene.

CAL Fire officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations:

Timber slash violation and 9 violations of operating without a timber conversion permit.

Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations: Grading without a permit, Construction without a permit, solid waste disposal violations, unapproved sewage disposal, junk vehicle violations, and commercial marijuana cultivation ordinance violations.

All criminal violations stemming from the marijuana cultivation investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office maintains a cooperative relationship with all agencies that participated in this investigation. All future investigations into non-compliant marijuana operations will continue to be investigated in this manner.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539. Greenhouses with marijuana



  • What is the name of the LLC? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • John & Terry Schmidt

    Great Job! Thanks to all involved for abating this mess.

    • Double overtime pay anyway

      Watching these busts over the years most of these cases will not be prosecuted it’s simply just a waste of resources it deters no one and it won’t stop people from trying to grow as long there is inherent value .Its time for the agency’s to rethink there stupid wackamole plan !It will not work across a state as large as California.

      • charles engebretson

        Intrinsic value

      • Unfortunately youre right. After hearing the stories over the past 20-30 years, most folks are not prosecuted as they are given the choice of prosecution vs forfeighting their property, house, cars, etc.
        Its a huge money maker for local and federal law enforcement.
        There have been some good nationwide publications about federal seizure programs and the corruptness of those programs.

        For instance, years ago a person i know had their neighbor get busted. The cops used their field warrant to search neighboring properties and found a hundered lil 2″ plants on said persons land. They confiscated his excavator, he wasnt there. Left the baby plants.
        He contacted them with his lawyer, they met and basically told him he could buy his excavator back for 30,000 bucks and not be charged with anything. So he did and they never bothered him again.
        Ive heard the same stories about cars, generators and even houses. A big time person in so hum who had 6 different properties was even arrested but let go with no charges after signing one of his properties over to them. Our sheriff office selling peoples estate items to each other is just the tip of the iceberg. I pray their years of corruptness on so many levels is brought to light.

        We now have prisons that are for the wealthy, where you pay 100/day to not be in a jail thats more dangerous. So even if prosecuted most would end up in the smoooshy jail anyway.
        So again the system rewards the rich, thats why those big scenes keep popping up everywhere, the people responsible just buy their way out. Literally.

        • Good point, where were the sheriffs during the logging shows that generated more dirt than a thousand hill grows combined.

          • Veterans friend

            It is kind of annoying that folks have rather conveniently let that slip their minds in all this.
            I do not approve of what guys like this are doing, but MAXAAM was so much worse.

        • Smoooshy?

      • “Their” lol

  • Glad to see this grow busted. How much better our world would be if all the grows are busted.

    • Our county would become nearly vacant.

      • carole a hendricks

        good !! Maybe people will feel safe hiking now.

      • right.obviously this person doesn’t realize that 75% of the small businesses are open today because of the “HUGE” grows.what true sohum family’s want is for the cartels to be stomped out because that is what is hurting our wildlife and streams most of witch are in our national forests.so yes if they were all ” busted” good luck to the small towns that most of us call home because they would simply desolve.what I can’t stand is all these doochbags that show up from God nos were and call them self locals and green thumbs.sorry but if I don’t know you’re hole family then I don’t want to know you because you probably moved here from the city and think you can grow.I can’t stand that.enough of my rant.

      • Except for the citizens who actually go to work, don’t commit crimes, and pay their taxes.

  • Mexicans with no papers for ice these guys realy give Hispanics a bad reputations. awesome 5,491plants gone more better for the mom and pops grows to servive.

    • Veterans friend

      And you know they are illegal how?
      Plenty of folks with hispanic appearance have been here much longer than you, and have the same likelihood of being legal.

      • no your wrong on that my family has called sohum home for a hundred and twenty years.WHITLOW.that all from me thanks.

        • Jesse, I love your family and my family has been here since the 1800’s too. But I have cousins with the last name of Montoya whose family was in what is now the United States since the 1700’s. Many Mexican families have been in California before us more Anglo Saxon types.

    • that’s right my point exactly.

  • Is there any other agriculture industry that uses Chinese made fabric pots for planting?

    When will the stupids realize that they aren’t farmers and they arent farming?

    Show me your roots, I’ll show you mine.

    • If it weren’t for cannabis prohibition, they wouldn’t have had to hide in the hills, they could grow where the soil is fertile.

      • Even in the valleys, real ag farms purchase and have bulk compost, soil and or mulch delivered.

        I say again. Why fabric pots?

        • So that your not putting stuff back into your own water aquifer, even with organic growing one can ruin your water source/well.

          • I say that’s not really the answer, but who am I to say anything anyway.

            Fruit trees, grapes, veggies all in the earth.

            Why not the pot farms of the last 10 years?

            • Cultivating the Earth is a year-round endeavor. Stuffing soil into pots in May, throw some plants in and away you ago is expensive, but easy.

              • Bingo.

                Ignorance. Laziness. Stupidity.
                No ag training.
                No business training.

                That sums up 90% of emerald county pot producers.

                • Your dead on but now it will be greedy big money people with attorneys, bookkeepers, general managers and very low prices. What a downward spiral they have taken the soul out of growing weed.

                • [edit] Everything you just expressed, is the farthest thing from the truth. Growing anything is a lot of work long scrutinizing days . Growing pot and especially on a large scale is an insane amount of work and u absolutely have to be ag knowledgeable or you wouldn’t get past transplanting! I’m not a grower as my sole job , I’m a licensed contractor and Every time a Grower employees is to build and iv been yo quite a few operations. These people are very hard working , polite and genours. I’m aware there are bad seeds out there but I truly believe the majority of the growers are good honest hard working folks . Don’t be mad it only generates hate .. live and let live !!!the scum never last in the industry . Its to much work and organization for any dumb ass to ever come close achieving a multi million dollar harvest!!

            • Brian [edit] There are commercial fruit orchards that use fabric pots. They were originally developed by orchard growers not cannabis. Educate yourself[edit]

              • Ya, tree nurseries. Reselling trees.

                Not fruit orchards.

                I know what’s up.

                Check my roots below, if u got better I’ll heed your advice.

                Most of you potheads give yourself way too much credit. All. Day. Long.

        • It is easier to get higher potency herb with a 100 gallon softpot than it is with a 500 gallon bed. It has to do with being able to fertilize the entire rootball with the same ppm of ferts. It is also easier to mechanically flush the rootball with h2o.

          • That’s stoner bs. It’s a plant. It’s potency is written in its DNA.

            • Done testing? A single plant can test wildly different for THC and CBD on different tests.

              • A single plant has a genetoc structure.

                Different test results from the same product mean some variables are happening in the testing facilities. Variables are also happening from the production side: no one tests one plant. They grow a bunch of plants (even if it’s the same strain from clone) and have the batch tested.

                However, this does not change the fact that the plant has a genetic fingerprint that will define it’s possibilities.

                Back to the question.

                Why these fabric pots?

                • I grow in the ground and have always.

                • Why not?
                  All food isn’t grown in the ground. In fact, lots of tomatoes are grown in containers as well as cucumbers and peppers. If not containers, then they are grown in rockwool or coco slabs/cubes. Are you against any materials being used other than soil to grow food? What about all the plastic used in row cropping beds. What about the containers used for seedlings before they go into ground or other containers?

                • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

                  Air pruning of the roots, intimate ground contact.
                  Air pruning can be done by layering the planting by using sticks, leaves, branches, etc.
                  Air pruning is also perfect for cloning plants.

                • Fabric Pots…….. For one thing plants in containers , plastic, wood or other, they can be moved around from one location to another. which is a big plus. also you are using a prescribed amount of dirt, which is cheaper. I am sure it is more romantic to say ” I only grow in dirt ”
                  It also might get you laid with a certain type of Earth Momma. Which is a plus if you like the natural dirt under her fingernails. and if your lucky, you might catch your momma right after she has emptied her Blatter and colon area. It`s getting hot in here,I think its time to check my garden out.

            • Its potential is written in its DNA. It’s up to you to realize it.

            • You are only partially correct. Yes, genetics determine whether the plant is going to be high or low in certain cannabinoid, but in no way does it determine that final number. Yes, lab’s vary from one to the other based mostly on the standard they start with. However, if using the same lab, the numbers should stay consistent. There are many variables that can contribute to cannabis testing at different percentages. You want to sound smart, but it seems you know very little

              • Sounds like I’m pretty on the money.

                No one is testing single plants.

                Tests vary.

                And in no way do test results determine the potential the plants had genetically.

                Genetics determine the plants potential, and as someone else correctly stated it’s on you to realize the plants potential.

                The smart pots contribute in no way to the plants potential, other than it is one of many potential variables in growing (pot).

                So, how am I wrong, and my june roots are down the scroll, so check my credentials -or show me better.

          • Fabric pots air-prune roots. That helps get a dense rootball in a small space where it can be drenched in water and nutrients.

            Most weed growers using pots don’t use soil, either; they use soilless media based on peat moss. It tends to have better drainage than native soil and can provide very fast growth.

            It’s easy, if expensive, to do with little forethought in May, as someone said above.

            People know how to do it this way, they’re worried about soil pathogens, they don’t know how to water denser soil properly.

            A whole host of reasons that probably won’t be enough to keep the practice around a lot longer.

        • Fabric is less hot then plastic. Less storage space. Cheaper. Reusable. Better aireation, most i go on….

        • we use fabric pots for aeration purposes, plant Mobility, to keep the soil or medium inside and contained, for pest or mole purposes, but primarily for aeration. The fabric allows the roots to breathe and provides a faster vegging time for most plants. Little varmints love tasty roots. You’re welcome 🙂

          • Ok. Roots comparison .

            I want to see what u got down there. Whoever is defending the smart pot show me your roots.

            Below are mine. June 1-10th pulling males.

            No lights. No plastic. No pots. No transplanting. No employees. No gimmicks. No bullshit.

            • Pics ain’t working on the upload, of course…trying again

            • Oh Bri, wish you my neighbor. I have a dude next door who is nothing but bullshit. Using more than his share of electricity, water, soil, sprays. fencing , people, grading. more more more. He knows nothing. A college educated idiot. Ruining the lives of long term residents . GREED GREED GREED. Plus stupidity sprinkled with cash protected by the county.

              • Good luck out there.

                I hope sanity prevails….

                *What some people call “hard work”, others may call “business mis-management.”

            • Shhh don’t tell everyone the right way to do it.

    • Agriculture in the US is awash in plastics and Chinese made products of all kinds. In fact the whole world is swimming in it..

  • shawn the fisherman

    Wonderful bust! Funny how locals think these kind of growers help the community when all the profits go south! Way south….

  • I’m happy to see busts like this, still wish they would bust that 7 acre farm in willow creek and all of the Salinas valley mega grows but that will never happen. Let’s all be honest, this whole growing/ enforcement/ permit situation is utter chaos. It is no different than what we are seeing happen in the white house. Some people get passes for illegal activity and others don’t. Everyone is crossing their fingers, hoping they get lucky. You think mega grows with permits aren’t harming the environment and selling to the black market?! The only difference between those with permits and those without are the depths of the the their respective pockets. I guess a few deep pocketed growers are also thumbing their noses at the system because they are watching the market collapse for wholesale production and aren’t wasting their time, money and energy applying for a permit which will soon be worthless.

    Secondly, why mention the ethnicity of the farmers though? If they were white, would they have mentioned that? “Two white men fled the scene?” No, they deff. would not have.

    • carole a hendricks

      Because they are illegal aliens. They shouldn’t be here and they also are getting cheated on their pay. They are getting a pittance of pay for a lot of work so they can send it home. All ethnicities are brought in from several countries. Not just hispanic.

      • Yes, they probably are getting paid poorly but nowhere in the article does it say that they are illegal aliens.

    • I have sent pictures and links to videos about that 7 acre Emerald Scamily Farm on to Jeff Sessions office. Along with a request for federal relief from this outrageous mockery. I suggest others do the same. We will get zero local help. Our supervisors have sold us out and have directed the sheriff to look the other way under the scam “permit” and “medical” system. Please write or e-mail Attorney General Jeff Sessions at his office in Washington DC. He is now quite aware of this situation and our only hope is that he will act. I believe that locals asking for federal help can only motivate him.

      • The supervisors sold EVERYONE out. They screwed the growers and the general public…but hey, it’s their job.😠🤡

        • No, they are growers themselves. Them and their families.

        • The Humboldt Supervisors passed an ordinance about 2 weeks ago that raised the penalties for code violations from $10,000 maximum per code to $10,000 per day with a $900,000 max. There is no distinguishing between small mom ‘n pop and huge mega grows. In other words, everyone can be impoverished, imprisoned and bankrupted into a state of permanent indentured servitude to the county, whether they grow or not. A missing window sill or a single pipe coming from a spring can do you in. Oh, they won’t do that, you wonder? Well, if they can seize your land and sell it to their friends (as the current scandal goes) or auction it off for the county bank account, why wouldn’t they? So Mom no pop is dead on right.

        • CartOnTopOfHorse

          Yah Mom no pop, that was bullseye dead center.

          It was a trap.
          Humboldt county now have the human farming for profit in full swing. And
          the protected whale grows are going to make a killing.

      • Nice. Back up to 4k a P! Go sessions!

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Sessions office could have an agent come visit the state and make them do something about it like they did to Oregon.

        The county supervisors gave out a 7 ac (fake)permit and the state has a 1ac cap permit that is not being issued till 2018. No diversion over site/tracking in place.
        After the visit in OR the gov made a lot of changes to ommp med and tightend up olcc rec. This was because of a letter the state police wrote that ended up in the news.

        • This is great news but it leaves out the part where the supervisors get arrested for federal conspiracy charges. Yeah- I know I’m dreaming. But the corruption around this issue has been obvious and obscene. The supervisors should be held to account for what they have done. I sure wish we had a muckracking, salty journalist pushing them and printing up their flip-flop justifications with some analysis showing their perverted sense of justice.

          • CartOnTopOfHorse

            Right.. The supervisors and the gov’ gang getting held responsible for anything would be a dream come true.

            But one casual fed visit sure got things changing fast up north.
            I would almost guarantee the EFF farm would get sessions attention.

            Humboldt industry needed more brilliant people with heart at the top , not smug low iq black market businessmen, with egoes so big they can’t even see how rediculous they look trying to be the new legal market moguls.

      • Provide us with the email or a link

    • Why mention ethnicity?


      “Two men fled the scene” is usually going to mean, in this context, two white men.

      “Two black men…”

      “Two Hispanic men…”

      Given the prevalence and privilege of whiteness in American language and society, white is the “unmarked” term, i.e., you don’t have to specify it.

      That’s why every month is white male history month.

      That’s why people say “male nurse” if she’s not a woman.

      The term “markedness” was developed in linguistics, but provides a window into our ways of classifying things according to social norms that goes beyond just talk.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Wait, what happend. Did I miss something? Was the race police here again making sure we apply double standards, In favor of the thinnest skinned crybabies?

  • Bust Redcrest!

    • “Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.”
      Call and get them busted yourself…

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


    All you marijuana terror groupings out there, it can happen to you!


  • Homegrown you hit it on the nail, that’s for sure.

  • Veterans friend

    So amazing that anyone with a brain would put that much energy & money into a project without at least attempting to go legal. If you want to be an outlaw, go back to the old school way and hide it in the brush, stay small enough to do it yourself, and clean up your fucking trash.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Nice! Only 9994 to go!

    Great photos! LLC who owns it, seize the property.

    WHAT a mess!

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      This is humboldts fault for trying to be one of the first in the initial rush to the legal industry.
      They don’t deserve to confiscate the property.

  • Whom ever owns the LLC should be fined for ALL the clean up, or have a lean
    Put against the property….
    They will Probally not pay; then sell it to recupe the money.

  • carole a hendricks

    How much is each pot plant worth? I have heard all kinds of answers. I know that it has to do with the quality. But can someone give me an answer please?

    • Depending on the grower, the style of grow, and luck–a combo of weather, genetics, where it is grown, etc.–a plant can produce a wide range of quality and weight of bud. Then the grower has to cure it, manicure it, and market it all of which will greatly affect the amount of money a grower might get from a single plant. In general, when estimating, law enforcement often guesses a pound of bud per plant. And this year the buyer could average anywhere between $500 and $1500 per pound for marijuana grown the way shown in the photos. Actually, though, these don’t look anywhere close to a pound a plant grows.

    • It varies dramatically on how it is grown. Light dep might yield an ounce or 2 a plant while full season 1 to 10 pounds (or more) per plant.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    I’ve never been to Hyampom, don’t know the area or live anywhere near there. Based only on the facts in the story I located this grow on Google Earth in about two minutes. The stupidity of criminal mega growers both amazes and delights me. Don’t forget kids, on July 4 our government watched Kim Jong Un walk around a missile, smoking cigarettes, in North Korea for 70 minutes, in live, real time. The skies have eyes and if you throw up 15 hoop houses, you’re kind of just begging to get scrutinized.

  • Lake County Not So Bad – I lived in Hyampom for a period of time. This was in the 90’s. It was a really neat place. Anybody would help you if you needed it. You had growers but not big time ones. If you ever take a ride into the valley, check out the little graveyard just as you come into town. Really wasn’t just a town. Anyway check out the graveyard. Ask for direction to go to Indian Valley. This place is beautiful. The river runs right through Hyampom.

    Everyone that lived around in the hills of that area or off highway 36. I lived off highway 36. Back in the hills between 36 and Hyampom. Everyone lived off the grid. People who lived in southern California would buy 2 or 3 acres and build beautiful cabins. Hated the winters because that meant they were going to have to buy up some wood and run generators. They hated the noise. I can’t remember how long it was that they thought because they had money they could get the people, myself included, to bring in the power for electricity. Every year they were voted down by the people because we liked how we lived. So they knew when they were beaten and would just leave and go back down to skies of smog.

    So if you want to really get away from it all move to that area. I promise you, you’ll love it.

    • Lake County Not So Bad

      Rose, what a great story. I did look at a place in Hayfork once. A guy at the bar commented that in winter, you open windows and turn on fans in the morning to blow the cold air out! At my age, I want lower highs and higher lows. Some day I’ll settle near the coast, Fort Bragg to the north but likely in Oregon. Gonna keep an eye out for short sales and foreclosures in the Eureka area though. I’ve a feeling the bargains will be coming soon.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Off grid in Indian Valley was great, yeah the PINES PEOPLE were a quad ride away in distance, but they mostly stayed over there.

      There are giant woodpecker that look just like Woody Woodpecker all over there?

  • Shit show on sub par land. 1 1/4 pipe is smart thou.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Cancer clusters in Eureka!

      • I’m going to have to get mercury testing from a decade of treating water near the kind of rock that sometimes has it. That and the issue of aerolized asbestos from same rocks as road dust.
        Kidding,…only because I only go to the doctor if I don’t have a choice.

  • Please follow the trail to the registered partners in the LLC and then go to their other properties, bust those also and begin forfeiture proceedings. Bring in federal scrutiny so they can be prosecuted under federal RICO laws. Investigate their accountant and send a shiver up their spine. It’s actually very easy to follow these thinly-veiled connections and just pull up a string of corrupt people holding large amounts of cash and properties. Please do more of your job HCSD! Thank you for doing this one but we all know you could just hit any direction from this property and chip up plants for days. Why spend all your time driving all the way out there for only one illegal scene when there are many many right next to it? Please be more efficient and take out neighborhoods while you are there. Thank You!

    • Veterans friend

      They are too busy this week hiding all the stuff they stole from dead people to do any kind of investigating.

  • Apparently they don’t do personal bust requests based on your opinion.

  • Lake County Not So bad. I hope your right about the foreclosures and short sales. I’ve been looking for a old farm house or just a house in the country for 61/2 months and no luck. Good luck to you and yours wherever you land.

    • “That everybody’s looking for the same thing
      The same thing, it’s plain to see
      It’s an old Chevy, a bass player
      A country house on three acres, three bedrooms, absolutely free”

      a great song by
      Kate Wolf

  • google says Limited Liability Company

  • Over it. After being around it, in it, knowing folks since 1986…just in general damn when is UNCLE? Geeze…You think you see one bad grow and then 10 more just like it pop up. Have 1 or 2 to grow some fine smoke for myself no need to share. if you’re not changing you’re dying right?

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Adapt or die?… yeh but those that are going to die will still struggle for the last few breaths.
      It’s not so cut and dry, because the majority has the tendency to miss the boat. This could keep going on for who knows how long.

  • Underpantscowboy

    They are bringing all those clowns along from all agencies possible to stick a fat bill in the parcel owners mail box.
    They were just about to pull their crop as well,..
    Don’t sell your crops fast and cheap, this is just the beginning. Due to the county and their legal farming spiel these raids are just the first, they have to make busts all summer to be able to justify collecting any sort of growing money.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    Biggest gang I know they call the government
    A gang is a weapon
    That you trade your mind in for
    You gotta be just like them

    The gang
    And the government
    No difference

    -Perry Farell

  • Humboldt needs to pass an ordinance that every land parcel and every person convicted of these violations will be barred from applying for a permit for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 25 years, depending upon the severity of the violations.

  • I’m starting to see some dominos falling here. First Rhett Baker gets caught with a mexican David Garibay at his house and Mexican workers out on his property that run off except the one guy (Villigrana) that gets caught. Then – Mr. Visser Rhett’s neighbor gets caught and he’s got Mexicans working. Finally – you read about is this place where all the Mexicans ran off. all these are off route 1 and probably connected. The LLC owners are super easy to find out btw – use humboldt county gis http://www.humboldtgov.org/… to find parcel number, call county recorder or tax accessory (google phone numbers) and ask who owns that parcel number then go here:
    https://businesssearch.sos…. and enter in the llc name and it will come right up with the original llc owners on PDF documents

    • Or do what the guy in the ville does and get numerous LLCs and not for profits. Most people can’t follow the bouncing ball. Including officials.

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