Earthquake Damage Repair on Mattole Road Will Take About Two Months, Says County

Press release from Humboldt County Public Works:

Humboldt County Seal 2017The Humboldt County Department of Public Works will be repairing earthquake damage to restore two-way traffic on Mattole Road (3C010) at post mile 43.17. [This is about a mile out of Ferndale.]

Lane closures with one-way controlled traffic will occur at the project site. The traffic control system will remain in place until the project is completed.

Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 17, 2017, with a completion date in mid-September 2017.

If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact Angi Sorensen, Humboldt County Public Works Construction Engineer, at (707) 445-7448.

We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to the completion of the project.



  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    If people weren’t pumping so much water out of the ground to grow dope there wouldn’t even be earthquakes.

    I say make it a toll road with the digital tracking device needed. The paranoia alone would be wonderful to see.

  • This road has been bad for a long time. When was the earthquake?

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