[UPDATE 12:38 a.m.] Amtrak Bus and a Toyota Pickup Crashed Near Laytonville; Southbound Hwy 101 Is Blocked

Amtrak bus in collision

An Amtrak bus and a pickup crashed in Laytonville. [Photo provided by Stephanie Vansteen]

An Amtrak bus headed northbound and a Toyota pickup collided about 9:30 p.m. in the south part of Laytonville. The southbound lane is blocked.

There are injuries but no one in the bus had been hurt, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. An ambulance is on the scene.

UPDATE 9:53 p.m.: One patient is already in an ambulance. Other patients are being assessed.

Below are more photos from Stephanie Vansteen.

Another angle on the bus accident.

Law enforcement talks to a person near the wrecked pickup.

Law enforcement talks to a person near the wrecked pickup.

UPDATE 12:25 a.m.:

Bus being towed.

Bus being towed. [Photo by Mae Anaya]

UPDATE 12:38 a.m.: The roadway is clear.



  • Yikes! Hope your family isn’t on that bus!

  • If that is the same bus that comes in and out of Eureka I sure hope everyone is okay . I take Amtrak twice a year usually and know all the drivers.

  • So the Toyota pickup tweeker pulls out in front of the bus? Can’t happen any other way since the bus has right of way and is travelling in their lane. Need more info! Coming from the Chevron?

    • My daughter said the am track looked like it was at fault it was heading towards Leggett…the amtrack driver was the older man grey hair overweight my daughter said…he comes in my work sometimes..the front of the bus was damaged and the truck was very damaged

    • Why tweeker? Why not sober tired hard worker or stoner they were in laytonville…. i mean you wanna judge or stereo type tell me why tweeker? My boyfriend drives a toyota he isnt a tweeker my brother lives in laytonville he isnt a stoner and my dad worked late shifts he was niether. I grew up in laytonville and i know the schools there didnt teach me to be stereo typing or closed minded assuming and posting ignorance they actually taught me the opposite… Im open minded please just tell. me why you say tweeker.

    • Carolea Goodwin

      Hey d.h. my son , member of voulenteer fire department since age 17, on his way now to NAVY SEALS, born and raised in Laytonville [edit]

    • Wow who are you to judge? I personally have several friends and family members in Laytonville that drive black Toyota Tacoma s and for your information they are in no way shape or form tweakers!!!!

  • If that was Randy or I…that would’ve NEVER happened. We make sure our passengers get to their destination safely.

    • A truck crossing the line and running into a bus is not the bus drivers fault.

    • A truck running into a bus is not the bus drivers fault.

    • Hey if this is Juan that used to be the Amtrak driver it’s me Peggy from the peg house…come back we miss you you were such a nice bus driver and always smiling…great great guy

      • Yes it’s me Peggy how are you doing? Yes you need to tell Earl from Prefferred Charters that I need to get back to driving.take care and say hi to your hubby for me. 🙂

    • And all the passengers did arrive safely thanks to the quick and rational thinking of their driver. One should never assume one can do better if they are not in the exact same situation.

  • So they are being ‘accessed’? Good to know…I think?

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