Woman Deceased After Fortuna Fire This Morning, Says Neighbor

Smoke pours from a Fortuna home where an elderly woman has reportedly died in a fire. (Note the date on the photo is incorrect) [All photos provided by Julie Wilson]

An elderly woman is believed dead after fire and smoke filled her home on the 1500 block of Imperial Way in Fortuna, according to Julie Wilson, a neighbor.

A call came in this morning about 5:12 a.m.  Fortuna and Loleta Fire responded to a structure on fire with one occupant still inside.

“The house is about 10 years old,” said Wilson. “A big beautiful house.”

The place was locked and the fire crews couldn’t get in and had to knock out a window to make entrance, Wilson explained.



  • Think about always being safe................

    WOW! if people are not drowning or succumbing to vehicle accidents they are dying in fires. All are preventable using plain common sense. Truly a waste of human life.

    • Sorry to hear of this tragedy, and thank you for the reminder. I just checked all our smoke detectors.

    • Look this was a elderly lady living by herself please keep the comments sensitive and not rude it can happen to anybody

    • That’s kind of cold considering a life was lost. FYI, true accidents happen and that has nothing to do with having common sense. Common sense says so.

    • Right this second, what you meant is: this is really painful to read and it’s scary and upsetting. Right!? You didn’t mean to sound like an insensitive asshat did you?

    • How dare you speak like that not knowing the circumstance. That was a human life

  • Has her family been notified? I’m really in need of the victim’s name.

  • Very sad.another soul lost. Condolences to her family 🕊

  • This woman was my neighbor. She was a serious hoarder. Be aware, hoarders…your homes just might go up in flames if you’re holding onto far more crap than you need.

  • insensitive,,,, you didn’t live by her… she put other homes in danger with her hoarding..
    She was insensitive of others, disease or not. Sorry, for the loss of life.. it could have been worse.

  • Veterans friend

    Speaking the truth is often viewed as insensitive, which to me indicates perhaps some people are a tad too sensitive.
    That said, some people are just stupidly insensitve and their remarks contain no truth at all.

    • As a blatant truth spaeker, I find timing to be relevant to others reception and response to my truth. The day of someone’s death, is a time to wait in silence with your damned truth.

      • EyesAreEverywhere

        Whatever the cause of the fire and the ultimate reason for the person’s death, we can all learn a lesson. Check your smoke detectors regularly. Make sure papers and other items don’t become hazardous to your living environment. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Every day. You never know when it’s the last time you will see them.

  • I agree with eyesareeverywhere-well maintained smoke detectors are first line of defense for fire detection. Those mobile homes have direct wired alarms on the ceilings and it would have been near impossible for her to tamper with them.
    Stop scapegoating the “hoarder” person.
    The Chief shouldn’t have said anything about the hoarder interior-that was way out of place and unprofessional! What’s really noteworthy that the firemen never found her body for over an hour!!!!!!! Why is that ?? Our professional firemen really screwed up.
    Let’s all request an official investigation into this fiasco and have the public know the results.
    It truly is unfortunate for an elderly woman to die under these circumstances. Very sad and my heart goes out to her family in this unfortunate time

  • Crime stopper great point! I heard the scanner traffic the victim wasn’t found until an after the initial call. Who’s to blame?? By looking at the pictures entering the residence shouldn’t have been an issue ? are you really telling us that the tax payers of Fortuna just pasted a parcel tax to pay for all these great things promised to the citizens of Fortuna and the firemen couldn’t enter a mobile home?? The Chief reported to the city council that he has a staff of 78 sworn members, where were even half of them at 5am?? But we still needed to call for mutual aid? What is the Parcel tax really paying for???? Bottom line this incident is very sad to the Community in which we live in.

  • Ernestine. I loved your 2nd comment! !

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