An Unabashed Look at Setting Up One Cannabis Grow in Trinity County

cannabis farmThis article first appeared in a new publication devoted to cannabis, the Emerald Tribune.  (Follow them on Facebook for more cannabis news.) The article is reprinted here with their gracious permission.


D’Andre Johnson

D’Andre Johnson has been growing cannabis for years. He recently purchased and began developing a new farm in Trinity County. We caught up with him to talk about the trials and tribulations of setting up a new homestead. D’Andre hopes that his story will help inspire young kids living in California’s major cities.

This is my first time growing in Trinity County. Last year I was in Siskiyou. When I got this property in February, it was just a home surrounded by trees, with a fence on one side, running next to the road. At first, it was just me up here, cutting down trees.

I just bought chainsaws and got started. I had cut down a lot of trees at my previous farm, so I felt pretty confident. But these trees are 120 feet tall, 50-80 year old trees! I realized that had no idea what I was doing.

“Not everything went smoothly with all of the trees.”

A young man walked up the road and saw me cutting trees. He asked if I needed any help, and I ended up hiring him on. He was working for my neighbor at the time. I guess he liked it better over here, because he stayed on, and then he brought his brother over as well. Now they both work for me.

There's still plenty of room for potential growth


Things started moving a lot faster once they got here. We logged for something like a month and a half. I donated a lot of the wood to elderly people throughout town to use as firewood.

“Trinity has been going a million times better. I don’t have a single complaint.”

Not everything went smoothly with all of the trees. We were falling this one, when the wind suddenly picked up and started leaning it towards the house. It looked super bad, so we grabbed the big diesel truck and tried to winch it, to fall it downhill. The wind won, and the tree came down, nearly taking out the house. It crashed into a power line and sparks started flying everywhere! That was a bad day.

The fallen tree stretched all the way from the greenhouse, hundreds of feet up the yard


We couldn’t develop the property exactly how we imagined it. Initially, we wanted one big flat, but we ended up making multiple terraces. While we were leveling everything out, I flipped a tractor going down to the second terrace. I was coming down a steep hill, and gravity just took me! I fell over 90 degrees, and had to use the bucket to push myself upright. It was fun.

We even had a little incident when my doggie was younger. She ripped all these plants out of the ground. She broke five plants and ripped out another twenty!

Since I started in this business, every day has been a learning experience. My previous farm was much more challenging. Trinity has been going a million times better. I don’t have a single complaint.

It’s been pretty relaxed and chill up here. You don’t see too many crazies. You don’t hear a bunch of gunshots in the middle of the night. Part of that is because the cannabis industry is a lot more new out here. My workers suspect that within the next five years, this is going to become like The Pines. That’s where a majority of the farms in Trinity County are right now.

Kodak the puppy enjoying downtime on the farm

The organic market ultimately will be the most valuable. A lot of farmers are marketing specifically for SoCal shoppers, and a sustainable vibe is the route they take.

It feels like the industry is waiting for the next big invention, but it hasn’t come yet. We found out that there’s a specific market for CBD: only medical. But I want to appeal to both sides. I really like the medical, holistic approach. I don’t like the corporate greed and sponsorships.

Although I’ve yet to get anything tested, testing is what’s encouraged me to do all organic. Plus, I care about patients’ health. With organic, you’ll get higher yields and a product with a higher potency. It just takes a little more time to figure out your winning formula.

I just do what all the old guys tell me. A little chicken manure, some steer manure, bat guano, etc, etc. The plants love it, and at this point, I love it too. You can shower as much as you want to, but your hands will still smell like chicken manure for a week.


Right now we’re working with a photographer to make a mini documentary about the experience. She’s going to come in and take drone pictures to show off the whole farm. We’re already using the hashtag “from a seed to a dream” on all the pictures on social media to promote it.

The idea is to create a narrative. We want to show kids, especially urban inner-city youth, that a life like this is possible. I’m the first person in my family to cut a tree. I’m living my dream.



  • I cannot wait to see what Kym’s readers will do to this article.

    • I have to admit to almost…almost feeling sorry for the guy.

      • Triniboldticino

        The guy’s name is now “Kyle” in the original Emerald Tribune article, which tends to raise a number of questions about the veracity of the whole thing. It’s written like a 15 year old grower might have approached everything.

        • I’ve spoken to the grower. The Emerald Tribune chose to anonymize him after the story posted. I did not as he had clearly approved of what was written which included his name. I was sympathetic to his plight but I thought it wasn’t honest with my readers and I thought that in all likelihood the change would bring more attention to him.

    • No Air or Water, Just Lots of $

      I think a more appropriate title for this story would be……

      “From my Greed to an Environmental Nightmare”

      The myth of “mass abundance”, strikes again.

      Sustainability is out the window! We all will eventually pay the price for this kind of behavior.

      Maybe I should start my air, soil, and water farm before it’s too late!

      Kym, I think you threw a bullet in the fire with this story.

      • I rather expected the response.

        • You need an ignore button, although scrolling past the closed minded comments is easy.

          • It’s also real easy to tell who is growing and who isn’t by reading the comments!
            I’m sure there are plenty of people growing that do it right, but I would have to say that this guy isn’t one of them.

            • How can you even say he isn’t doing it right? I’m confused as to where in this article it says anything to suggest that he isn’t? I’m not sure you have a clear understanding of the laws. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, nor does it have anything to do with your opinion.

          • “My button’s stuck! My button’s stuck! Help! I don’t know what anyone is saying!”
            Ha! I kill me.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        You know I’m way into the environment but that is hyperbole.
        This planet is not going to be saved/destroyed by this persons falling trees. We have had a population explosion. Things will never be the same as they once were. Going to have to adjust to the fact the environment is swirling the drain as we speak and this grow has zero impact.
        I couldn’t fit the amount of zeros after the decimal point in this post to illustrate the percent damage it caused.

        • Don't Give Up It Can Change

          Don’t forget your multiplier when you figure your percentages. If this was the only idiot doing the damage you would be right, but you know it isn’t. Get in a small plane and fly over the area, then you would change your tune in a heartbeat!

          Save something for your grand kids besides the old growdozer and pictures of how it once was.

          I wouldn’t consider this “hyperbole”, because I want this to be taken literally! Maybe a bit soon for my natural resource farms, but it’s coming eventually.

          Take, take, take, until there is no more!

          • CartOnTopOfHorse

            Your idea is great and deserves to be taken literally. I promise I’m not trying to discredit you, your points are valid and we’ll intended. Trinity county just doesn’t have enuff privately owned parcels to be the end all destruction
            of our planet.

            There comes a point where it’s like fighting over the last 5 minutes of oxygen as the course of the rocket heads directly into the sun. Or in this case who gets to look at the pretty trees on the ride.

            I want to blame the state of CA for not enforcing organic only cultivation with regenitive farming techniques wich they said when all this legal growing idea first started. I hope, we see something positive happen. Just want us to think about if we are scrutinizing the right people. Or if it’s even an effective technique to begin with.

            And my heart was ripped to shreads long ago when I realized I was born into a pre exsisting system designed to leave the many scared, insacure and hopeless. Life is hard and the worst thing I see is when other people make it harder for each other. We should all be in this for each other. Yes…holding hands and singing kumbaya. Money and capitalism among other things will keep us torn apart. I commend your civility, you sound like a good person.

            • “I want to blame the state of CA for not enforcing organic only cultivation with regenitive farming techniques…”
              Shouldn’t that apply to all agriculture? All manufacturing?

              • CartOnTopOfHorse

                “You may say I’m a dreamer”..hope I’m not the only one.

                When Gavin Newsom first came out to humboldt they were talking about it. Feels llike corporate favored bait and swap. And YES I want that. If it applied to all ag even better.

    • I’d follow the Emerald Tribune at this point right after I followed the devil into the bowels of hell. Forget about it.

  • Is this satire?

    • Sadly, this is what they are doing. Clear-cutting the trees instead of buying the available valley land that is already clear. And, they don’t apply for the conversion permit because they are under the mistaken impression that they only have to get that if they are selling the wood.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Yes, wrote this, sent it over there, and Ms.Kemp figured it out.

      I’m caught- you guys won’t let me get away with anything these days.

      I even left Devil’s Lettuce out so I wouldn’t get caught.


      disclaimer: I wrote none of this article, in fact believe I know this is, if I’m right it’s very sad because those trees held just barely enough water to keep the creek flowing underground, but with a few pools.

      • Go get em! You say you know where it is, go cut it down or drive your truck through it or something right.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      What a disaster. “Oh, first I cut down all the trees “. “Lots of opportunity ” Hope to inspire young folk?

      You are what is wrong in Cannabis. Another druggie with a chainsaw…

    • Sadly, Luke, no, this is not satire.

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        To all growers:
        I certainly hope this guy is what you want. He is not a journalist from New York, here to work on his book, he is the actual, real thing: a guy, not too smart, making wild generalizations about “how great” everything is, and saying: “Hey, come on up everyone, cut down the trees, take all the water you want, it’s mellow!”
        I wonder how long until his “workers” steal him blind, his “mellow neighbors” rip his crop, or trimmers kill him for his money/weed. Meanwhile, while he is eschewing working a “job”, preferring to get high constantly, rape the land, and sell drugs for a living, he is also doing what we don’t need him to do: using potting soil, installing plastic pipes everywhere, and building eyesore greenhouses in order to overproduce still more cannabis, during an unprecedented time of overproduction!

        What a great way to make: a living?

        If you want a future in cannabis production, you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and doing the wrong thing!

        The author of the above story has proven my theory that smoking pot makes you quite incapable of normal reasoning, or ordinary sensible function. Growing pot is a trap. You will all be broke soon!

  • All the trees were going the same way. I was told it was an ancient ritual called “logging.”
    Well,…the greenhouse has steel, non meltable framing.
    Got the dog right.

  • WTF? So sad.

  • why is this just heartbreaking to me? whom do we have to thank for this ethos of rampant greed?

  • shame on you greedy!

    What would the Lorax say?

    • Yah. What indeed!??. WTF is the matter with this self indulgent dumbhead!? And so dumb, he didn’t even get it made into lumber. Ohhh. What an awful excuse for a human being.
      And it’s being marketed as a “sustainable vibe!”

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Pot growing terrorists threw him in the river, you can find his shoes found several Halloween ago?

  • Disgusting. Cal Fire, do your job! This is an illegal logging operation, by a carpetbagger marijuana industrialist. Hope the water cops are watching, too. Should be easy to prosecute, since this fucking moron has publicly posted the evidence!

    • Actually Cal Fire will tell you that if you are within 150 ft of your home you can cut down any trees you want, they encourage you to create a fire zone

      • He needed a 3 acre conversion to cut the amount what seems like he did

      • Also…you are not just allowed to cut trees within 150′ feet of your home. You are supposed to have an RPF come out and draw up a Timber Harvest Plan and have CAL Fire sign off. We did this last year and that’s the process we had to go through

  • Unabashed forest bashing. Awesome.

  • Higher Standards Humboldt

    This is a joke right? Hey Chump did you have a few extra drinks last night and write a story that is more ridiculous than your daily rants? If not…. Good luck to the ignorant jackass farmer. You have illegally timbered your property if you dont have a permit to remove trees. You graded illegally if you didnt have a grading permit. Your property looks like shit since you removed all vegetation and top soil. If you are not arrested by the winter the rains are going to further decimate your property and everything downhill from you. This situation and people like you are why Chump spends his life online attacking all growers…. Hope the next convoy is on its way to your house.

  • This reads like a letter home from summer camp. It is an unabashed view of how impressed this grower is with themself for actualizing their idealism into a fruitful endeavor. Unfortunately the author glosses over most of the difficult and important conversations Trinity, and the greater Emerald Triangle communities’ are struggeling with rural development – water quality, perimitting or as in Trinity the lack-there-of, infrastructure and support service capacity, and market saturation. Sadly, it is a common oversight of many young growers when setting up new farms. If this guy has beengrowing for “years” I am guessing not many years because there is overwhelming naivete wafting off his writing. Among them, the real wild bits about the cannabis industry being newer to Trinity than Siskiyou, Trinity county becoming like well, other parts of Trinity county, and the idea that children should be encouraged to pursue a lifestyle similar to the author’s whilst ignoring the end of the price suport system provided by prohibition. For the small farms and farmers this bubble has already burst and if you don’t already see that you’re not at the table but on it. Good luck to this person and to everyone else like them who could use a lot of luck and better look at the situation in which they find themselves.

    • We’ve become an “Outlaw” culture. We have always been an Outlaw culture. The corruption is so rampant in our cultural institutions, that “criminality” is “good,” and, “conscientious adherence” to the “rules,” is seen as “sheep-like,” and weak. The Outlaws of the MJ industry have been rewarded for their anarchist behavior. Just like the AG farmers up in Klamath, back in the Bush-dayz, were rewarded for their anarchist behavior when they refused the court’s order on the water, and opened the diversion valves themselves. They were heroes to conservatives. The “Hillbillies” occupying stolen Paiute land in Oregon, was another example of proud anarchist behavior. MJ producers too are heroes to some on the Left. Either way, it’s gotten worse. Our corruption level is at its peak.
      Faith-Traditions say: “…be patient, when ‘evil’ is in ascendancy, the ‘righteous’ keep their head down.”
      But there aren’t any “righteous,” just a bunch of flawed individuals trying to survive and have meaning in their lives. I don’t think anarchy is the way to go. Wouldn’t overthrowing and reforming our government (a constitutionally protected activity) be a better way to go?

  • The woahs n whines of a fool. “Here you go judge, easiest case yet!”

  • Veterans friend

    This appears to be a poorly conceived & implemented “plan” that, due to market forces and nature, is doomed to failure. It will leave behind a devestated landscape, angry neighbors, and probably huge debt to this uninformed, naive “farmer”.
    Should gone to ag school or better yet, law school.

  • WTF did I just read…….Is this a joke……..

  • Define “a lot of trees” please. Five, 10, 100?

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Is this Harlen’s old place off the 10 road? It sure looks like it, sad if true.

  • looks real close to being a creed grow ,and ya where is all the grass? all the mud from the the green house Terraces are going to run down hill hopefully not into a stream , and I think it’s really wrong to tell and show kids in urban areas that they can do that too ,but how about they go to school, and earn a degree ,or something other than growing pot in Trinity .I wonder what the chump would do to this farm. the one thing this grower has going for him is growing organic.i grow nothing, but organic . I don’t want to smoke chemicals ,so the people who smoke my medicine no chemicals .Just chickin shit, and worm casting s the only way to go. the jackass sent up a flare to his operation .growing AAA MARY JANE is organic is the only hope we the mom and pops have to compete against the gigantic Corp growing pot .

  • When no one listens to climate scientists

    And just as scientist are predicting the next biological annihilation. The previous ones were natural like an asteroids hitting us or massive volcanoes erupting. It has happened six times before man began walking the earth. This time the reasons are deforestation and global warming that has caused over one million creatures to become extinct wreaking havoc on the base of species foundations. Water flowing over the barren ground ends up in the ocean and is changing the PH of ocean water killing millions of microscopic creatures that make it possible for more complex animals to live. The effect will eliminate larger species and eventually will get to humans. Just the elimination of bees which are currently under attack will cause mass pollination problems. It is beginning to occur in South America and in Asia. Once the scale is tipped past recovery nothing will stop massive extinctions and the world will need to spend millions of years in recovery. This is just a micro example of how we are hastening the problem. Logging has caused tree diseases to multiply because the trees cut down protected trees growing in their place exposure to disease. Several tree species are on the cusp of extinction in the Eastern states. Oak tree disease has reached the West Coast.

    • I use to think all the things you just mentioned were bad and that somehow we could stop it but at this point – the Earth needs to rid itself of the parasites. We are the parasites and as long as capitalism is the driving force of the world we will continue to grow in numbers, corruption will continue to be rampant and the earth will continue to be destroyed in the name of progress, productivity and “success”. When everything has a price – nothing has value.

  • This reminds me of the add that some idiot ran in high times about humboldt, right before the influx of masses of trimagrants and junkys is took over our towns, expect the same outcome but way worse as it will only attract more jerks destroying our already screwed invironment. Thanks a fucjkin lot!

    • There were also billboards put up in France, “Come to Humboldt. Plenty of work on Marijuana Farms. TV ads too. Some travelling workers told me that’s why they came here all the way from France & Spain.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      They pulled the same stunt and wrecked Hayfork…

  • Was this logging and grading done without permits?

  • Damn…..what an inspirational story to all the inner city kids.

    Trinity does not have a grading ordinance so there’s nothing actually illegal about the development here. The real problem here is how disgusting the disregard and lack of respect for the forest is. This is the standard in Trinity though….

    Maybe someday people will put an ounce of thought into developing their properties. Something that goes beyond maximizing sun light and grow space and thinking more with respect and balance to the land that they need to provide a living.

  • Pissed beyond belief!

  • Everyone wants to be the next famous grower and score a mag cover. What kind of self absorbed knucklehead, thought sharing his illegal logging & grading story, would be praised & celebrated? Can’t wait for the follow up, when this guy gets busted.

  • I’ve said it many times. All these growers are greedy SOB’s that don’t care about the environment. They are destroying our earth at an uncontrollable pace.

    Our rivers are low and poisoned. There are no more salmon. All the shit they put in the ground continue to poison the land around us. It’s sad. We can’t even go to the river for a swim anymore. We can’t even go on a hike without running into a grow operation – armed lowlife thugs everywhere.

    I hope the legalization will stabilize this, but i am no longer as optimistic. I dont think our local governments will have their shit in gear to regulate this industry.

  • Disgusting!

  • Unfuckingfortunately, I don’t think Trinity County requires grading permits. As for all the tree clearing….well that’s altogether different.

    And aren’t you supposed to be a resident in trinity for 2 years before getting permitted to grow legally?

    Not a single mention of permits, compliance or legal sales/ distribution was made. Bust his ass!

    • Trinity is way over busting stuff, 99% of the time they just tack a paper to your fence that says pay up or we will put liens on your property, usually about 10 to $20,000

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        TCSO is afraid to go in certain areas, or too lazy.

        Kpom slashings come to mind, with Snob Hill Wman promoted after. T-Pines sniper never caught, redhead chopsticks courthouse dancing with shorty unpermitted home…

        Tc is all about the edge…

        Anyone can give locations to badge grows, or the chopper crashed in Humboldt at night full of lettuce? History…

        Devil’s Lettuce wrecks communities and anyone involved is suspect of being lesser of a human.

        Before Julia Butterfly, when The Dead played people grew to escape the machine.

        Now people grow to expand the machine…

        They are traitors and turncoats.

        Cut all plants, report flatbed trucks delivering what looks like rockets from a Soviet parade, to bearded folk talking about some type of marijuana caliphate…

        They need to be stopped, it’s beyond ruining it all, it’s burying the past in their dark energy.

        • This whole time i thought you had a mental disease. After your comment, I realize you are just one of the spun, wimgnuts from the Dead lot. Too much acid has taken it’s toll.

  • Trinity or Bust

    Sounds fun! I’ll pick up a couple of chainsaws and hustle out there.

  • No you need to do it legally like Maxxam. Ruin the county’s livelihood and take all the hard working men’s pensions.

  • Don’t forget employer taxes for his employees

  • ” Trinity has been going a million times

    Didn’t he say this is his first year here?
    Last thing we need here is more people from the city coming trying to blow it up.

    Lastly, if this grower wanted to publish an article on his scene, I would expect one to at least want to cleanup a bit before taking the photos. Lol

  • Food for thought

    This guy is exactly why this place is going to shit. Inexperienced men with chainsaws and an eye for money. Most of the guys who come here to grow from the city barely know how to change a tire, yet they come up here like they have any idea what impact or runnoff means. It’s like giving an assault rifle to a baby and saying if u pull this trigger you’ll get lots of candy. Somewhere right now this guy is opperating blindly while eating candy.

  • Just. Oh, my. No. No, no ,no ,no. The best thing about this story is how an idiot, who nearly destroyed his own house by felling a tree that landed on power lines instead, who nearly killed himself by flipping a tractor over due to poor driving skills and who doesn’t even have the decency to train his own dog, has opened his his own case into his illegal logging and earthmoving activities, not to mention how Trinity will deal with his illegal growing of cannabis.
    Well done, dirtbag. You are an example to the youth as to what NOT to do.

  • I wonder where he gets his water?

  • Humboldt/Trinity is going to take one of two paths:

    1. Work with gov’t , sometimes against their own economic interest, to limit weed grows to ag land, limit logging, and have strong environmental regs. What if that means you have to shut down? Would you? because option 2 plays out all over the globe, where people cut down forests and hurt water quality for a crop that can bring quick cash. Their families’ well-being is right in front of them, and environmental issues can be put off til later.

    2. Become known for environmental devastation, and have people boycotting Humboldt-grown weed, to save the forests, and save the salmon. When you skip buying palm oil to save rainforests, you’re making these kinds of choices: supporting wildlife and biodiversity and carbon storage, over the short-term financial gain of people on the ground (sometimes that ‘gain’ is only subsistence farming).

    Can you do the same in your own backyard? If not, a few years down the road, Humboldt’s ‘brand’ will be something people actively avoid. I’m glad to see weed legalized, and yes, I know this grow was in Trinity. We can either be the hero of the story, or a cautionary tale about greed, lack of leadership, and environmental devastation.

    I love it here, and love my friends and neighbors who grow. I hope it’s option 1.

    • I agree with Guest. While we’re busy saving whales, salmon, orangutans.. what are we/they doing to our environment right here?? Rat poison, gas spills.. you know the list. This guy is a terrible example of growing in our lovely piece of the planet. Cutting all those trees down?? Shame.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      I hope it’s option one also. What’s happening to the rainforest is unforgivable, but growing in the emerald triangle can be done in a acceptable manner. Since this is about trinity county wich is (pop quiz) what percentage blm national forest vs private land? Well we don’t really have to worry untell they start subdividing the whole county.
      Really, it’s just not comparable. Unless you think someone who slapped a butt and a rapist are the same thing. (Maybe some do)
      Hardly anyone is going to boycott merijuana from here. All these speculation are cool stories, but time will tell.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Worldwide people don’t like weed growers selling to school age children and daycare centers, let alone having them move in next door.

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Chump that youtube was from 2013 in 2017 general perspective of cannabis has changed a bit. Agree with what you said though, I saw someone building a grow neat door to a daycare and was kinda suprized that they were even trying to do that in the first place or if the county is. allowing it.
        Don’t know about there being an issue with kids that age and devel lettuce addiction though. Haven’t seen it personally, maybe in regard to future lettuce heads. Kind of reaching there don’t you think.
        But on the bright side fake dreads should be going down in price with all these beards the women are going to be growing we can finally all be able to afford them.

        • You know, I don’t usually agree with the Chump but I have seen kids as young as 9 or 10 smoking the weed. As I have watched a few of them grow up, the challenges to their memory and their intellect are substantial.

          • CartOnTopOfHorse

            I’m sure there are cases of it in younger kids. I don’t think it’s a problem the way chump presented it.
            But sure I’ll roll with that, keep the devil lettuce away from the babies and daycare children. Put those distributing it and ruining thier future behind bars.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    That will get your comment deleted, much better to geolocate, report marijuana terrorists that speak of bringing down the government to issue a Marijuana Caliphate, and report you saw what looked like flat bed trucks bringing in large rockets one would see in a Soviet style parade.

    This works for fast response…

  • Just reasons for everyone taking precautions.

    In the study, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from Stanford University and the National Autonomous University of Mexico unveiled a granular look at population trends among 27,600 species of birds, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles — half of the world’s known terrestrial vertebrates — including detailed analysis of 177 species of mammals.

    The results are grim: researchers found an “extremely high degree of population decay” among vertebrates, even in species considered at low risk of extinction. In general, they found that the world’s temperate regions are losing species at equal or even higher rates than the tropics.

    “Earth is experiencing a huge episode of population declines and extirpations” — when a species ceases to exist in a particular location — “which will have negative cascading consequences on ecosystem functioning and services vital to sustaining civilization,” the researchers wrote.

    “We describe this as a ‘biological annihilation’ to highlight the current magnitude of Earth’s ongoing sixth major extinction event.”

    Pushed to the brink

    Dividing the world’s land masses into a grid of 22,000 sections measuring 10,000-square-kilometers (about 3,860 square miles) each, the researchers tracked species declines and painted a stark picture of populations being pushed to their limits.

  • Having a better day

    WTF we don’t want more city kids up here. We definitely don’t need more privileged city kids. More ass holes rapping the land and not giving back to the community. BLAH…..

  • Do it. then come over my neighborhood and punch my neighbor also. Big greedy inconsiderate grinning idiot.

  • Sad- this is the reason farms in Trinity have had such an uphill fight. Illegal timber conversions, dropping trees on power lines, and all that grading have impacts on the environment. Ever heard of cumulative impact? Oh yeah, where does the water come from.Let alone permits.
    This is not a good lesson for inner city youth, maybe when the land is rehabilitated we could show our youth how to fix these problems, and have respect for what remains of our natural environment.
    When my parents homesteaded in Southern Oregon in the early seventies they planted diverse crops, raised livestock and cut firewood. This guy just got rid of a lifetime worth of firewood, now will be buying it! Don’t see any other crops or livestock.
    Calling this a homestead is way out there- this is an unpermitted blow-grow, and will be shut down in time.
    This sucks.

  • Hi Everyone! This is Avalon, the reporter for who helped bring you this story.

    Most of the comments on here make a lot of baseless assumptions and accusations about D’Andre’s use of his water, trees, and land. These comments and assumptions do not reflect reality. This farm is in the permitting process and uses water from a well. Farmers and landowners have rights in this country under the law, and now that includes commercial cannabis cultivation.

    Our goal is to share the TRUE stories of life in the Emerald Triangle, no matter who might be offended. If you have any issues with the techniques discussed in this story, please reach out to us at and let us know what you think!

    • We are reaching out. This is worse than i thought. Now you say it’s true. I believed satire. All true and absolutely despicable. Great reporting on an abomination.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      You promote this?

      Hope the feds come to your scene looking for rockets on flatbed trucks and bearded marijuana caliphate weirdos…

      Promoting this earns that.

      Shame on you.

    • Opened your self up can you take it now?

      You should be smarter than this. Plus! You should have been even double, super smarter and not have responded to the comment section!!, lol,lol,lol,lol,lol

    • No these comments do not make baseless assumptions. We read your words and looked at your pictures. That is a mess you played as a nice picture of cultivation. If you don’t see the problem, you are as ignorant as that asshat.

    • We are letting you know. You aren’t responsible for their dealio, but if you think this is cool, we are 100% letting you know….it ain’t cool. It sucks. This is wrong. Anything else you need clarification on, just come on back. We will be sure to be clear as day. Clearly subtlety will be lost on you. [edit]

    • You are looking for exposure by exposing and thereby encouraging yet more cannabis growing here. You are pimping out our communities for a buck and your own claim to a piece of the pie. “Branding and establishing a narrative!!” You disgust me and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your blog-magazine does all of us who live here a major disfavor by advertising yet more destructive greenrushing. Don’t you even see the results of what you are promoting?! Or do you even care about anybody past yourself?

    • Still fucking disgusting. Are you really a reporter, or just another douche megagrower. Fuck everyone who defends this guy, and his destruction!

    • Hahaha I got a good laugh at your comment. So your just as clueless as this joker. I’m not against cannabis at all, so my opinion isn’t biased. This story sounds like the typical, clueless knucklehead from the Midwest that came out to “make it”. I drive past the type of bullshit operation. These dipshits from PA just bought a parcel right off 36. Funny enough, a place with history as it was one of the first CAMP busts. There are 6 cars, 12 people, a PVC hoop that has collapsed several times, running lights 24 hrs a day, off grid, so that means generator. They ride their quads all over the place and in the wetest of year were riding them through springs. They put up the ugliest privacy fence made from cloth that gets ripped and blown over. Trash, soil, grow shit, cars, people now liter this once nice and clean property. Shit show to say the least. Thank you Miss Woods for turning a nice property to drive past into a complete knucklehead shit show of an operation. I hope you are aware the county drives past your shit hole grow all the time to visit nice grow operations in the permitting process. Maybe they will pay you a visit and tell you to clean up your shit.

  • in the permitted process it does not mean go full steam ahead. means wait until all permits are approved and processed. duh??? so in other words this guy is an asshole greedy weed grower who thinks he’s above the laws that govern such destructive endevours. or he’s real stupid and your emerald tribune just skylined the illegality of it. typical arrogant growers. thanks for sharing the true stories of what is being done behind the emerald curtain. you may have done more harm than good to your cause….p.s next time show a permitted grow done right. won’t get so much flak….

    • Maybe you should have educated yourself on the ordinance and California code your before you published this rainbow moonbeam article. You put this guy at just as much risk as his big mouth. “In the permitting process” and permitted are two completely different things. The guy has not received a permit to develop. He doesn’t have a grading permit (which is required for moving earth over 50yds) did he has an approved harvest plan? Cause the article states he started working as soon as he purchased the land in February which is againt the agencies forbearance period. Many people are mislead by the process in general. It’s truly sad to see the lack of educatation and unnecessary exposer this guy has brought on this industry. He’s tripping over his ego and unfortunately big egos fall the hardest. Maybe next time you can write an article educating mislead people like this. Sorry you can take yourself outside of your work long enough to see what’s wrong with the story you provided because that’s what it is A STORY!

      • We don’t have a grading ordinance in Trinity. Sad, but true. The trees though, we do have permits for that kind of cutting. It doesn’t sound like it was just a couple of dead pines too close to the house. Further, to be permitted in Trinity under our Urgency Ordinance you are supposed to demonstrate, in writing, being a resident for at least one year. I do like the suggestion of a follow up article educating about what it is to be legitimate – especially since that varies greatly from one locality to the next.

  • Well, where is the comment section for your site?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      She’s scared of the truth-

      Just hoping for ads directed at rich flatlanders with a dream to ad to the wreckage.

      I hope she isn’t trafficking in ballistic rockets for weirdo third generation growers…

      Go grow weed in Julia Butterfly’s backyard instead.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    There are thousands of acres of land in the country suitable for growing cannabis that do not require the clear cutting of mature forest. [edit]

  • TNFF Legal Advisor

    This article has been written and provided to you all by a journalist, that has used her own creative journalistic stylings in said piece. Not everything produced in this piece should be considered factual, nor taken verbatim.

    I am a representative of the farm, and the farm owner has been working with Trinity county and consulting agencies from the beginning to assure that all processes and work done here has been in accordance with local laws. There have not been any water diversions, in fact we are enrolled w/ water board. The total amount of trees fallen accounts for less than 10% of trees on the property, and all the wood has been repurposed for the good of members within his immediate community. Furthermore all grading and tree work was done by professionals! The man stated he realized after picking up a chainsaw that this task was more than he could handle. And the flipped skid steer only occurred because of this mans determination.

  • That’s what the police are doing busting .the farmers with non complete permits .Hello !!!!! just like bear river is going to grow industrial size grows . rumor has it they are going to grow some right next to the solar panels they got ,and sell threw there cigarette store . One thing they didn’t take an account for is that a shitty place to even grow the wind is blasting and there’s hardly any real direct sunlight ,so their weed is going to be garbage ,and what else is weird is the casino ,and the reservation is federally funded and the FEDS don’t recognize 215s or those permit,so they could get busted buy the feds .it will be interesting to see how that all pans out .plus having the grow buy the free way the tweeker
    zombies are going to have a feild day stealing crap weed.

  • I came here in ’81. I looked up to the older hippies who had fled the cities and American consumerist destruction. I was very glad to find this place. Felt saved, actually and very thankful. I did crappy jobs to stay- shadetree auto repair, cutting firewood, whatever and I was thankful. Learned I could grow some weed and make enough to even buy my own piece of land, build my own cabin. Grateful! We all (it seemed) donated money and time to repair destroyed landscapes, restore fisheries, slow down or stop old-growth logging…..What the hell happened here, people?!! Greed cloaked as ambition and encouraged as “being a freedom fighter” or such crap. It’s so deep that people don’t even recognize what they are doing to destroy this place. We talk about climate change concerns while we clear more forest for more hoops for more money for more more more. We needed CAMP to keep us in check. We need eradication now. It’s a complete shitshow and we should all be ashamed at what we have allowed to become. Screw the greedrushers!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Although things seem to be going great, they won’t be when the bottom drops out of the market. You will lose your place, and the trees paid the price.

    Please don’t glamorize this defective lifestyle!

    You are greedy and not so smart.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Thanks to your prediction model, everyone can cauculate their own demise right down to the millisecond.

      • Yep, unless you want to play ostrich, and hide your head in the mulch!

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        I doubt that your demise can be predicted that closely, but it IS easy to predict. You know this already, and I am seldom wrong about anything. It does amaze me that the most backwards looking folks can wax melodious about genetic drift in clones, but that they can’t seem to figure out the drift in the cannabis market, and that the show is over. Growing pot is an aberration, an accidental occupation, and everyone always knew it would not be permanent.

        Time to find the next thing in Humganistan (Humbexico). I suggest you grow opium poppies and learn to make heroin.

        It worked for the Afghani’s!

        • It did work for the Afghani’s and it’s still working for them and they will always be able to grow it cheaper than us. And much of the rest of this country is now growing and selling. Prices are down and will go lower. Economics was dubbed early on as the dismal science. And it is. Unfortunately, it is often correct. One good concerted ad campaign could destroy the Emerald Triangle brand. Just because Sessions is an idiot and an asshole doesn’t mean he is stupid.

          • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

            Well, the average Afghan does not require a Dodge 3500 Diesel 4X4 to transport himself to the Logger Bar.

            Guess you will have to learn to compete…

        • CartOnTopOfHorse

          I do not cultivate in the emerald triangle. But I am involved in the legal industry and am well aware of the market. I personally think cultivation will remain profitable for a good duration of time. Sure, maybe not for everyone.

          What data are you basing things off of ,last years fall price with a forward declining curve? Expanding amounts or sizes of grows?
          Are you saying there is no profit to cultivating over all or a certain style or demographic of cultivators? Like the stereotype of humboldt growers you come here to antagonize.

          Is this just a gut feeling you have, a manifested vision or something? I mean what’s your actual data. Not your troll information. You know pounds aren’t 25$ anytime soon. I know you like to come here to troll but it seems your interested in real conversation, I’m listening.

          • Trillium Hummingbird

            Growers tell me that their cost is in the $200/lb range. In actual fact, for someone new to develop production on land he actually purchased, the cost would be much higher.

            I agree that $25/lb is a low figure. The point of legalization was supposed to be that anyone could produce their own supply. Sell them a clone or a six pack, and they won’t need to cut down the forest.

            All the blah blah blah about the “brand” makes me laugh. If pot growers worked together, centralized processing, packaging, marketing, transport and security, they might have a chance against the actual farmers who will eventually take over cannabis.

            In the end, you all grow much too far from your market, in expensive potting soil that has to be trucked in from far away, using techniques which are adapted to your growing environment but which are labor intensive and expensive. This statement does not mention that there is TOO MUCH PRODUCTION for such a small region. How much can be sold in a season, by small growers, scattered over a diffuse and disorganized tri county area? (Mendo and Lake Counties will likely kick your asses this year, anyway…)

            You have to transport yourselves and your crops long distances to market, and, you are exposed to piracy and violence at every turn. Your communities, while benefiting from your commerce, are against you.

            Pot growing has turned the triangle into an armed camp where normal folk should not go. Druggies of every ilk have shown up to get high, deal poison, and clog up the legal system. Soon there will be an even larger assembly of law enforcement officers available to attempt to marginally disrupt the general craziness.

            SO? You have all destroyed a once beautiful place. Now, there is one more idiot, telling idiots everywhere that this is a good lifestyle.

            I certainly hope that economic forces succeed where LEO’s and society have failed. Maybe not $25/lb, but surely about 20-25% of the current price seems possible.

            I have no interest in pot. Wouldn’t touch it. Cannabis is a joke, a bad drug for anybody. Just look what Cannabis has done for mankind: Absolutely nothing.
            Nothing good anyway.

            Cannabis intoxication is closely related to mental illness. I can tell you firsthand: being high is a mishmash of feelings that resemble alzheimer’s, or perhaps fibromyalgia. Being high on indica is about the same as being 75 years old and sober. Enjoy, idiots!

            Also, there is no such thing as a stereotypical humboldt grower. You are a group of selfish individuals who don’t want anyone to tell you anything. You stereo-typically lack: impulse control, personal restraint, and concern for the outside world. You stereo-typically reject sensible thought. You love loud toys, piles of cash, and the pirate lifestyle. And:

            There are WAY too many of you.

            Best of luck going forward. Pot is not currently a real business. It will be soon, however, and I doubt if YOU will control it. I will be happy to make a pile of money by investing in Cannabis funds, but I would never smoke that shit again…

            • Trillium Hummingbird

              AND, it would be instructive to have access to actual information, assembled by scientific and disciplined study, relating to costs, and profits. I doubt if we could collect documented information from the current producers of cannabis. Colloquial info would be unreliable, especially if collected from persons under the influence.

              I am talking about hard evidence, not news stories or crap from “High Times”.

              MY information comes from pedestrian, casual growers: Ordinary persons married to, related to growers, seasonal trimmers, and firsthand long-term fully involved growers from Northern and Southern Humboldt County. I have not published any studies. I have been interviewing persons involved in cannabis over a period of 5 years. I toked for 40 years, associated with users all that time, but quit smoking weed in 2010.
              Damn glad I did! And I never grew for market, as I have continuous well paid employment.

              • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

                And speaking of “High Times”, I can’t help but wonder if this post was generated by a whack-job stringer, in order to generate hundreds of comments, for his own general entertainment. This post certainly pokes all the buttons…

                Is Time-Life looking to purchase RHBB?

                Stay tuned, conspiracy buffs…

                D’Andre Johnson indeed…

            • Trillium, So cannabis has never done anything for anybody? And you are rarely wrong? You have some good insight into whats going on around here, but also must be bitter. Cannabis saves lives. Ask an epileptic child or their parents, and chemo patients, andpeople suffering from krohn’s disease. Tell them you are afraid of yourself when you get what your moral masters call “high”and want to hide in the falseness of American greed and the I-know-better-than you attitude.

              • Taurus Ballzhoff

                Cannabis is not medicine. Saves no one.
                Someday you will know better too…

                • Trillium Hummingbird

                  But I am bitter that it wasn’t made legal in 1975. I used to think weed would save the world, just like you. It’s just a dream, guys. Now I know that weed is just another dead end, and I know that drugs are almost never the answer to anything. Life takes a long time, and anything worth having takes work. Suck it up kids, you can only get stoned so long before everything changes on you… It is easy to make money in this country. Adapt and succeed. Education and application of wisdom will get you what you want. Drugs will get you nowhere.

                • [edit]Taurus, go ahead and bury your head in the sand. Cannabis IS medicine and no matter how many [edit] set a bad example it won’t change that fact. This will be legal across the country before we know it and then maybe not you, but your kids and their kids will know better.

                  Nothing is pure and simple when money is involved. That’s the society we live in but that’s not the weed, it’s the greed. I hope that someday cannabis saves the life of you or someone you know so that you may have an awakening on the subject.

  • Anyone that just bought land this year in Trinity at the real estate market’s inflated prices and paying for all that work to be done and paying for all that soil, smart pots, hoop houses, the skid steer they just flipped, permits, truck(s), laborers etc etc…..better hope the TCSO doesn’t make a stop by because as it is you’ll be fortunate to break even this year where the prices are.

    PS: TCSO and the DA’s office doesn’t care about permits or organic cultivation practices or medicals or really anything. It’s a backwards county that wants to keep itself that way. Do yourself a favor and put your head down and shut up.

  • Kym: when cannabis is available as a medicine over the counter, the world will be a better place, reefer madness nonwithstanding. I enjoyed the article and wish this grower the best. You won’t have to delete my comments anymore as I am ignoring comments by the brainwashed useful pawns for the straight world.

  • “From a seed to a dream” ya a frigin nightmare haha keep dreaming. I hope your inner city buddies come visit when your stuffs ready, see how much you want them around then.

  • CartOnTopOfHorse

    So many unsuccessful people wanting to see others be unsuccessful. That is why you are where you are at in life, remember that.

  • People are so mean spirited, so many horrible things to say. Just because you live somewhere for a long time or even your whole life, it does not mean no one else is allowed to move to your town, the idea that small minded people hate other people moving to their
    town, is exactly why places become ghost towns, be careful what you wish for.

    • No no no that’s not the message here, the message is come with your chainsaw and skid steer and wipe out nature, it says nothing of permits or stewardship of the land, it clearly states a rookie operator taking out powerlines and taking out trees to grow, NOTHING in this article refers to taking care of the invironment or to laws and guidelines of legality. It might have been thought of in that way but in NO way put forward. Did you even read it?

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Yes, respect the land is important and of course we should discourage the bad behavior. But let’s do it correctly so our influence is more strong. Looking at things in isolation and spewing hyperbole is counter productive to that.
        If you ever raised a kid you should have learned this… If everything’s a no then nothing is a no. Don’t perpetuate disregard. Be fair in your presentation.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Actually, most ghost towns over the West became that when the water or resources dried up.

  • Terribly represented. When it comes to the delicate details of legal Marijuana growing in California. It would be my advice to not put the cart before the horse. Certain things must be accomplished legally so as to represent respectfully. Being a good steward of the land is critical. And having all the permits required beforehand is just common sense. Then you can represent how a modern day grow in compliance with state and local regulations should look like. Otherwise it just looks like your pimping the land for greed. And the good people of our communities don’t take kindly to that shit. There’s already too much of that happening already. I’m not a grower. Never have been. And I was born and raised up here. But if you wanna grow. Fine by me. But do it the right way and for the right reasons. There’s already too much crime and missing people attached to the stigma of weed growing. Be smart and change the culture to a positive if you want to change the hearts and minds of the people. In my opinion.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Sounds plenty fair, hope to see something good happen with the culture also. If it doesn’t get replaced by untouchable large scale conglomerates. Wich is the standard for the legal industry. Not even businessmen just a-holes with money.

  • This is a fake article/ fake news written by the Feds, at best. Reread it in the computer/Alexa voice and you will find this is not humyn diction. Stay out of my cereal Serpico!

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      Seems to make the most sense looking at it from that perspective, would not be one bit suprized.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Have you asked Alexia, ‘ are you connected to the CIA? ‘…

      Try it and maybe Ms.Kemp will do a story on it.

  • If you want to see what clear cutting is head on up to deerlick springs in Trinity, Drive 30n01. SPI is just finishing up on over 200+ acres of clear cutting. Seen the logging trucks on 36 of late?

    • Triniboldticino

      Well suh! THAT kind of clearcutting is OK! It brings ALL KINDS OF JAWBS to Trinity and Humboldt. It’s not just some greedy people stripping the land and despoiling the watersheds! Oh, wait . . .

  • Sleepy Alligator

    So this guy just up and buys another parcel in a different county, buys some new chainsaws so he can drop a bunch of big trees and luckily is still alive to tell us about it, donates the firewood to the local elders, rolls an expensive piece of equipment and says that was fun, hires two drifters who just showed up at his property, and is learning to growfrom the “old timers” ?

    I smell trust fund and bullshit!

    I’d much rather read about a hard working guy working his way up to his own grow. A guy who values his chainsaw because he had to work for the money to buy one…..used from the pawn shop.

  • Hot & dusty.

  • Trinity Grandma

    I doubt he had a permit to log. He would have needed a THP (Timber Harvest Plan) which would have included inspections and permits from DFW, Calfire, and many more agencies. I doubt they would have allowed him to do his own logging if he was inexperienced. The fact that he wants to encourage kids to do what he is doing is disgusting.

  • Jack from Hayfork

    That’s great – exploit my county and pitch it to intercity youth. Pots been growing in Trinity for years. I know it was here when we bought our land in 1981. This angers me that this guy (whatever his name is) thinks it’s OK to just knock down 100 year old trees and write tell alls. Grow your pot but don’t get greedy and scar my county for generations to come…

  • Since most of the article talks about setting up a farm I thought it would be nice to interject my thoughts. Since the late Eighties most timber cutting on public land has stopped. When this happened it resulted in a complete transfomation from timber products to pot. Families were uprooted from place they had lived for more than a hundred years.. Jobs went away and the kids who just wanted to graduate and go to work in the mill have ceased. Our area has been good at producing some of the best timber found anywhere. With new laws that could be put into place overnight this area could still produce this needed timber for the benefit of everyone living here and live forests are producing more timber than ever before. If all stakeholders in our area could sit down and rewrite a sustainable harvest plan we could enjoy the fruits of our labor for 500 or more years. It would improve wildlife habitats, it would supply good middle class jobs, improve our schools, and the best part is we would have beautiful forests which didnt cause millions of dollars to be set aside for fighting fires. As a 6th generation Californian I believe this will be the only way to keep our area from becoming an armed camp for criminals and everything they bring with them. Greed has caused more problems for every day citizens than any other problem. Our area needs to rewind the clock back to the 70’s and start over by keeping the good forest jobs although I understand I am in the minority.

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