[UPDATE 11:24  p.m.] Rescue Crews Called to Vehicle 100 Feet Over the Side From Alderpoint Road

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 10:07 p.m., a vehicle went off the Alderpoint Road about 1/2 mile west of the Dyerville Loop Road. The vehicle landed upside down about 100 feet over the embankment.

Multiple departments including CHP and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue were dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE 10:27  p.m.: The incident commander reports over the scanner that no patient was found in the vehicle and crews are searching the area.

UPDATE 11:24 p.m.: According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the two people that were in the vehicle caught a ride into town.



  • Did they say what make?

  • What make of vehicle is it??

  • There are, of course, no guard rails on the Alderpoint road, altho there are some fairly steep hillsides – one of which the vehicle in this case seems to have gone down. Guard rails? What am I thinking. The road is hardly paved in sections the pot holes are so bad. I’m considering compiling a list of how many millions in taxes are paid by people who use the Alderpoint road routinely. Just the part from Garberville to Blocksburg. This includes people living out Bell Springs Road, in the Palo Verde, in the Rancho Sequoia, up the bluffs road to Zenia, the Casterlin area, Fort Seward, Blocksburg and just beyond it, the Larribee subdivision. I think its fair to say we are not getting our money’s worth since the road is so poorly maintained. Any day now tax bills are going to start to arrive, asking for more millions than usual because of the tax on people’s dreams of making a legal living with cannabis. Do we get properly maintained roads? Do we get police protection from property crimes and personal assaults? Do we get the burned out hulks of stolen cars towed away? What do we get besides tax bills and harassment of cannabis cultivators? Local government pulled out of Garberville years ago, taking the final step when their failure to maintain the Vets building made it a health hazard. Our government offices are 90 miles away now, and some of those miles on the poorly maintained county roads. The County Roads department now seems to have a policy of abandoning us. The Supervisors are busy with enlarging the bureaucracy with our taxes. It’s getting to be “No taxation without representation” time.

    • And public works recently said they won’t work on this very road because someone was mean to them. Lucky for the county’s liability policy that no one died last night. Cuz that road is gross negligence in action.

    • Dot?? Or local
      Workers left Alderpoint Rd. Due to vehicle smashed out window. They pulled that plug weeks ago. You make a Great point.Yet political crap rules. Take it upon yourself & others to have a community WATCH program. As the Gospel says “eye for an eye” my version is “do unto others as they do to you”.
      I lived in Humboldt for 10 yrs. 1985 – 1995/96. My 3 kids were born in Garberville Hospital.
      It amazes me as to what has happened since we left. (Due to my grandma being put in nursing home by my father. Grace kept escaping. Lol LOL.
      I’ve been up Alderpoint Rd. And every where else.
      Too much political BULLSHIT NOW. I’M still up to date. Daah lol lol. Wish you luck guys.

  • I decided once the road was so bad I should break up with my boyfriend so I don’t get myself killed going to his house.

  • Humbolt Walla Walla's

    Alderpoint rd is as nasty as its inhabitants. They are, for the most part riddled with holes of morality, gritty, and chalked full inconsistent grades of truth. Bottom line, the LEO’s know where to go for a good ole’ time.

  • Last night I could hear cars racing at high speeds last night in that area and across the saddle,one of these days they are going to kill some of our innocent loved ones traveling home.

  • Was it the (KNIGHTS OF TOYOTA’S)

  • I did it last year by falling asleep. Browns had to put a section of chain on their 100 foot cable to pull my car out. Crawled up the hill without a scratch, poison oak fucked me up pretty bad though. Chevy Impala are safe cars.

  • I agree ED but everyone is missing the elephant in the room here, cattle in the road. They don’t have to be there but the cattle owners are too cheap to care about public safety and won’t keep them fenced in, no they just let their 1000 lb animals wander and cross and recross the road at will. This is an accident waiting to happen, let’s hope that disaster will not be a school bus full of children.
    Bill Rogers – Licensed California Safety Officer since 1985

    • Slow the fuck down, those cattle have every right to be there, no law against it. People drive like idiots on the AP road, especially the grower dudes in trucks.

      • I believe the owner of the cattle would still be liable for damage caused by his livestock. Much like dogs running loose I assume. Any responses from lawyer types on this one?

  • Cattle roads!!

  • the Alderpoint road between Blocksburg and Bridgeville has 12″ surprise bucking horse dips and drops that can throw a car.

  • Every month the infrastructure here reminds me more and more of Mexico 10 years ago.

  • A couple few months ago a section of Island Mountain Rd was literally a 2 foot drop and half cracked off down the hillside. Our Chevy Impala is a road warrior, but I still had to put boards down to get through it.

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