Cute Guys, Cats, and Calendars Raising Cash for the Companion Animal Foundation

Press release:

Companion Animal Foundation volunteers, Shannon Townsend and Amber Ferriman, released their kickstarter campaign on June 21st to produce their 2nd annual calendar to benefit local non-profit animal rescue, Companion Animal Foundation. Last year they released “Pinups & Pooches”, a 2017 calendar featuring local models dressed in pinup style and posing with rescue dogs and puppies. They are coming back this year with “Cats and Casanovas”, featuring handsome gentlemen with rescue cats and kittens. They need your help to pay for the costs of printing the calendars and that is where the kickstarter campaign comes in. They have 46 days to go to meet their goal of raising $2,500 dollars. Visit their kickstarter campaign here at:

The kickstarter rewards include simply pre-ordering your calendar or for just $5 more, purchasing a calendar signed by all of the models! Higher pledge level options are available for birthday or anniversaries being mentioned in the calendar, memorial information, and there is even space available for businesses to advertise in each month of the calendar. We are also looking for anyone experienced in graphic design to help us offset even more of our investment costs by formatting a “print ready” calendar to send to the printing company. Contact if you are interested in helping with this project.

This calendar will not disappoint; each month will feature a handsome gentleman in his element with either his cat or rescue kittens. We have lumberjacks, bookworms, bartenders, gym buffs, and even will feature the Crabs Baseball Team. All funds raised from calendar sales will go towards Companion Animal Foundation’s Mobile vet clinic fund, working to bridge the resource gap for our rural and underserved areas in Humboldt County. Companion Animal Foundation is over halfway towards their fundraising goal to purchase a “ready-to-roll” mobile vet RV to bring to areas such as Hoopa, Orleans, Weitchepec, and Southern Humboldt in order to offer low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine services. There is a huge need for these services in areas of our community where stray cats and dogs and rabies incidences have been prevalent in most recent years. Calendars will be on-sale beginning this Fall in select retail outlets throughout Humboldt County and online only via our kickstarter campaign.

Companion Animal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, established in 2001 by Kim Class, a Registered Veterinarian Technician in Arcata, Ca. Companion Animal Foundation’s mission is to raise the status of animals by decreasing pet overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance as well as public education. Companion Animal Foundation provides meaningful programs for both children and adults which help increase awareness of the unique relationship we share with our animal friends. Companion Animal Foundation works cooperatively with all rescue groups and the community to find good homes for adoptable animals. For more information on our organization and our programs, visit





  • Sweet video; great cause.

  • This is great. Awesome people!
    But they must have lost my phone number? No one even asked me to be in the calendar!

  • What we really need is to change our culture. The notion that it is natural for a nonnative predator, to be allowed to freely roam is ridiculous. If cats were kept in a manner that we would keep any other exotic predator, there would be no stray cats.

    • Dont start. Humans are every bit as ‘non-natural’ as cats, but no one advocates keeping kids locked up. The birds populate very well thank you, and will be just fine. There are MANY more serious animal issues to be concerned about that are real.

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