ATV Riding Suspect Rolls Over Warden and Into a Ravine, Says Fish and Wildlife; Suspect Hospitalized; Almost 4000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated

Fish and wildlife truck

[Department of Fish and Wildlife image]

Press release from the Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Wildlife Officers served a search warrant in South Humboldt on July 6th. The warrant was sought for a large commercial marijuana operation on timberland. Several greenhouse structures had recently been developed on forested land. Due to the location, Wardens anticipated environmental violations to Redwood Creek, a vital Coho Salmon stream. The previous property owner had applied for a Humboldt County Commercial Cannibis Cultivation Permit on 12/20/16, however the permit application was incomplete and inaccurate information was provided on the application. Assisting the Wardens with the…warrant were representatives from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Cal-Fire, Humboldt County Code Enforcement, Humboldt County Environmental Health, Regional Water Quality Board, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife Environmental Scientists, and ICE.

When Wildlife Officers began to enter the associated property, an individual on an ATV encountered the officers. The subject tried to flee on the ATV. As the Wardens attempted to stop the subject on foot, the subject ran over one of the Wardens with the ATV causing minor injuries to the warden. The subject then rode his ATV off the road and down into a ravine causing injuries to himself and wrecking the ATV. Wardens quickly apprehended him. The subject was later taken to the hospital and was admitted due to his injuries. One other subject was arrested as he was watering marijuana plants. He was taken into custody without incident.

During the service of the warrant, Wardens and Environmental staff discovered numerous environmental violations. Due to the commercial operation and environmental violations, the Wardens eradicated the 3956 growing marijuana plants. The case will be filed with the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office.

Earlier Chapter: You know It’s a Bad Day When You Crash Into a Convoy



  • If you filed for a cultivation permit and you do not have permits from HazMat, Calfire, RWQB, and Fish and Wildlife, you apparently are going down. Bigtime.

    • Only if you are violating the laws . They are not messing with those who are existing / compliant . They are messing with new and expanded grows with environmental damage . You don’t get a free pass because you filed erroneous paperwork .

    • If you are obscenely violating environmental law and have not continued the permitting process, then yes.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    This is great news! But there is so much more to eradicate in that very neighborhood- keep cutting, chipping, hauling, burning these plants that have been planted all over by criminals. Thank you!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    In what world does anyone ever think that it is OK to violate 100 laws and then try to grow 4000 plants? Why do you growers do this?

    Obviously, there are not enough cops to bust everyone, or enough money to clean up, eradicate, prosecute etc.

    With 10,000 grows, and god knows, 20,000,000 plants, WHY do you think there is a market?

    You folks are wrecking your own game. Destroying your own future. You are up against competition and market forces that you haven’t the capacity to understand. Your greed is disgusting, and your crimes are somewhat less than intelligent!

    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Please stop smoking that dope! It’s making you very stupid indeed!

    • Sharpen your pencil

      If this is what you think every person that grows is, or is like, you should get your head out of your ass and put down the kool aid before you Jonestown yourself!

      • Least I’m on something besides weed and breast-milk. AND I can make a good living WITHOUT growing pot.

        Keep smoking that shit. It does a lot for you.

        • Cool the personal insults.

          • Taurus Ballzhoff

            Sincere apologies to anyone offended by my remarks, [edit]

          • Willow creek local since birth

            You let people do that stuff all day everyday Kym. It is so hard to figure out who you are!!! One minute your letting people get slandered, the next minute when its feeling like something mild your warning people. Its completely ridiculous

            • I swear we had this discussion before. No insulting commenters here.

              • Willow creek local since birth

                Because we have. Your so full of it

                • *you’re

                • CartOnTopOfHorse

                  This willow creek local appeared in the 7 acre Emerald Family Farms comments, they have some sort of agenda. I don’t think it would be to far of track to say they are an EFF shill. I also feel that EFF had contacted a lawyer after all of them failed at defusing what ended up to be a stressful situation for them.
                  Surprised they didn’t put a lawyer on you Kym.

                  It’s very unlikely there is a concerned local from willow creek just coming on here to question your intentions. It’s one of them.

                  You have a good site and are rather flexible. It just didn’t work in thier favor. That’s nothing bad on your part.

            • Local guy, I’m sitting here putting my name on the line every time I post. If you really have a problem and don’t just want to complain because some people online don’t like things you or your friends do (I don’t much like it either when people bad mouth me but I address them with my own name), either put your name out there and defend yourself like I do or sit down write me an email with an articulate laid out position showing me where I’m breaking the rules I’ve laid out. If I agree, I’ll fix it. If I don’t, I won’t.

              • High yaw! Karate chop!

              • Willow creek local since birth

                We should all have to put our real names on here!!! I would love to. Its only fair the way all the people are so brave behind a keybord. Im ready lets expose the whole thing. It should be mandatory the amount of judgement and gossip nonsense that happens on here. This platform is like star magazine or something. And cartontopofhorse im just sick of all you judgy little bitches. Say your full name and i will happily say mine. [edit] Get a life for gods sake. Just because people are sick of nonsense doesnt mean there affiliated with anyone. I try and have love for everyone. Im a good person in the community and well liked by most everyone. Sometimes just enough is enough with the whining and crybaby bs. Someone semi intelligent has to give a different opinion and point some things out that other people arent. Its time for everyone to look in the mirror. I sleep like a baby every night knowing i have good karma.

                • Look, you want to tell me I’m “full of it” but you don’t want to stand behind it with your name. Okay…I’m pretty used to that.

                  I offer you the option of sending me an email showing me where I’m breaking my site rules and say I’ll make changes if I agree with you. You don’t send me an email. (You know you can just make up a fake email and not worry that I can track you down. First, I have better things to do. Second, I’m technically challenged and can’t.)

                  So what do you want from me?

        • Sorry bud but chances are if you work in humboldt unless you work for the county or state weed money has a lot to do with your paycheck. Btw what are you on besides weed and breast milk?

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          At least no one will be running my livelihood through a chipper…

        • Don’t use cannabis as a medicine. Thanks.

        • Weed and breast milk? Are these the bald, bearded, buxom people these other cats are talking about? I’m thinking it might have something to do with their diets now. It sounds lacking in a few nutrients. And where is everyone getting all this breast milk? Maybe they need to check in on this growing breast milk black market before it gets out of hand? Btw, I really think that “weed and breast milk” should be some type of organic breakfast cereal!

    • Veterans friend


    • They were stupid to begin with. Smoking “dope” (guess you mean cannabis and not heroin) doesnt make one stupid. Many of this century’s brightest intellectuals use cannabis.

      • That’s not a very bold statement, this century is only 17 years 6 months 8 days 17 hours and 55 minutes old,

    • Big grows because many of have big families in mexico.mexico has poverty,government on the take.

  • That’s one way to help keep the price up. If you’re not the one getting busted, this must make you smile? I don’t know.

    • I’m a small grower. For me this is not something I look at as yeah the price is gonna go up! It won’t. However as a small grower who doesn’t have a huge farm that does environmental damage. I look at it as eliminating an grower that is greedy and going to put a bad product into the market. We have plenty of terrible weed grown around here I want to see more small craft farmers putting out top shelf healthier products. With huge farms usually comes poorly grown products.

      • Hear, hear. Nice photo, too.

      • Are we supposed to be able to tell how great and salmon safe your drugs are from from that pic, looks like all the rest.

      • Veterans friend


      • The only growers who are gonna survive are the ones that put out AAA. I’ve seen literally tons of mids in Humboldt. Cannabis is labor intensive. these mega grows are usually short on brains and or labor. so they put out garbage that lowers the ticket for everyone. Usually cut premature and or a flash dry that makes it smell like hay

        • Now Native and I agree completely! That’s exactly how I feel too man! Good point about the large grows having terrible attention to detail and poor management. It all equals crappie weed being pushed on prohibition states.

          • D-9 thc can be produced at industrial level.and robotically,and concentrated atomatically,and put on a tiny odorless (offensive to some) cigarette.a little barbaque infront of one’s nose.

    • Gunther,interesting point.they could manipulate the swatting your neighbor.

  • Wow the dipstick on the quad is lucky he didn’t get shot! Do that to a sheriff and they could use you for a pencil!

  • It is in the comment section where the entertainment actually resides. Diptards and shartwards throwing judgment daggers from their couches of unconsciousness…..

  • Am I the only one getting really sick of seeing “won’t someone please think of the environment?!” as an excuse for these raids? If you graded a hill flat and diverted half a river to your ponds, then planted acres of monsanto corn, dumped a tanker of roundup in the water, and let cows wander around everywhere else, chances are no one would even bat an eye, and if they did object, it’d be in the form of a certified letter, not an armed convoy. The whole “we’re protecting the environment” thing is utter bullshit.

    I don’t grow or use, and yet I still wish they’d stop the blatantly obvious use of the whole “environment” story as an excuse for “not paying us enough”.

    • When it was discovered that homeless people turn to drugs to help them cope, they created more homeless people.
      When it was discovered that grazing cattle eat and trample the undergrowth that reduced fires, they increased the “permit” prices per cow grazing & imprisoned ranchers who protested.
      When it was discovered that prepared fertilizers can contain toxic runoff, they penalized & imprisoned the people who purchased and used it, while letting the fertilizer companies continue to sell.
      When it was discovered that tobacco might be harmful to 1% of the people, they penalized, imprisoned, made homeless and jobless those who purchased the tobacco, instead of banning the sell of the “devious” product itself.
      When it was discovered that 2.0 toxic levels is totally normal and safe, they changed the number to 0.0 toxic levels allowed, in order to penalize and imprison people, create homelessness and continue increasing taxes in order to continue the perpetual wars that safeguard the opium fields in foreign countries.
      When it was discovered that individuals might not make the best choices in the world, individuals decided to govern over every individual and make their decisions for them.
      When it was discovered that people learn through discussions and debates, they made opposing thoughts into hate crimes, and changed definitions of words to make more criminals.
      When it was discovered that US Code 18, 241 imprisons for a minimum of 10 years those who conspire to take away the rights of persons, they bumped up their indoctrination that convinces the masses that the masses are the conspirers, not the legislators and other elected and non elected officials.

      • Omg ……..ha ha ha

      • That makes crazy sense, now who are they?

      • Recipe for domonic : petro products applied to used up soil.apparently NPK modifies algal bloom to algaes more resistant,to replace algae that had more elements and nourished fish.algae kills and eats a fish.ive made it happen,time after time.speeding up evolution and extinction.making earth safe for martians.

    • I love ponds.fed well,made to turn red.astaxanthin, $12,000/kg.salmon food.pot make you retarded?try ketamin.

  • More proof that pot makes you stupid.

    • More proof that there are still peabrains who think cannabis has no medicinal value. How much you wanna bet they are party of STUPID Conservatives!

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      And pot smoking can make you paranoid…

      • Did cop use badge like bumper.did he move in front of projectile on purpose . Like intentionally risking his life for the whales.trying for early retirement.

    • more proof that these old hippies up here took up much LSD in the sixties .

    • Maybe stupid people just smoke it too? Do you really know a lot of people that are stupid because of its use?

  • Why is ICE participating in these raids? Seems like the land rich allowing grows on timberlands go Scott free and the pee-on workers get swept up by ICE. What of the land rich cheating the system, will they have consequences? Probably won’t help out their immigrant workers. When there are foreign pretty girl trimmers onsite, will they get picked up by ICE? ICE presence is not likely to lead to reduced environmental damage or fairness in the regulatory process – stay focused guys – you are doing good work, leave the Feds out of it, their failed war on drugs got us into this mess.

    • Rich have lawyers , poor have mexico.

    • If ICE goes on these raids;the illegals will be a lot less likely to be here- so hum.
      Those that can will find jobs in the cities,
      The rest will return to their own countries.

  • I count atleast 8 different agencies on this raid, no wonder they “don’t have the resources” to go after the mega grows, streamline that shit, it doesn’t take 8 different agencies and who knows how many people to raid one place.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      BUT: When you violate DWR and Fish/Wildlife you are staring down the barrel of legal problems you can’t handle, as well as serious prison sentences and fines for reparations. This will make your “medicinal” weed quite expensive!

      It is amusing to read posts by persons growing “high quality weed”, and feeling superior. The best thing about pot use is that it makes you feel that you are OK, and that everyone else does it.

      The worst thing is that it defaces normal cognitive function, deranges your normal neuro-chemical processes, screws with regulation of hormones, appetite and regular impulse control.
      Smoking pot will eventually cause men to grow breasts, and women to act more aggressively. It’s a bad drug, not natural or normal, and growing weed is a trap that is very hard to break out of.

      Pot growing in Humboldt is bad for the environment, fish, forest, and wildlife. The sooner it is moved to farmland, the better.

      Here is hoping the price plummets, and the government, as bad as it is, chips all it can eat, while taking your cash and property to pay the cost of administering the laws you revile.

      Remaining “legal” cannabis operations, may you be forced to pay a fair wage, obey labor law, environmental law and tax law, stop abusing people, and contribute to the general economy through the normal financial processes all businesses have to comply with.

      If you don’t like this: find some other way to make a living.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        There’s a fact that men who smoke marijuana will grow breasts, it causes women to grow beards as well.

        It’s good to point that out because the dope users don’t know those things.

        Fake dreadlocks and the dye bras are in every marijuana addict’s wardrobe.

        • Ha ha ha no so not true where do you get your info ? You make me enjoy life …..ha ha ha

        • I call bullshit, I’m bald and have tiny boobs…

          • Lmao! Smoking grows breasts. Lmao
            What a bunch of misinformed, feeble minded crackpots!

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            Marijuana also makes men go bald, give it time and you’ll need fake dreadlocks and a tye dye bra.
            You should quit marijuana while you can, it’s already taken your hair.
            If you have a woman in your life that uses marijuana, odds are she has or is starting to grow a beard.
            Most fake dreadlocks come from marijuana using woman that sell their beard to support their addiction.

        • lol…
          chump, you crack me up. i’ll never take a word you say literally again.
          i’m gonna think of persona’s of which you really are…
          you use your sarcasm to make fun of the ridiculous, like men growing breasts.

          perhaps we’re your subjects as you gather evidence for the thesis you’re gonna write.
          you are a button pushing troll. but i’m gonna enjoy you. other posts under your various moniker’s, also.

        • Shred plastic and make a hormonal tea with pete.

        • It’s probably the growth hormone in the modern meat industry that has made many people bald, bearded, and buxom. And a large part of that is the fast food industry. If you eat fast food a lot, you are under informed or already stupid. But seriously, if anyone actually knows a lot of people that it’s use has caused these afflictions, where the hell are you hanging out? Maybe just meet some new people and don’t go back to THAT place.

      • Wondering how much the alcohol industry produces yearly,
        The money made
        Taxes paid
        Toxins produced
        We all know it causes damage,
        much more Damage than Weed

      • Can anyone direct me to a good resource to find information on natural, normal drugs?

    • It’s all about the money. Follow it you’ll find the truth.

  • A better title would read: “DFW Carries Out Southern Humboldt Marijuana Raid Resulting in Eradication of Nearly 4.000 plants and Injuries to Warden and Suspect”

  • Lazy law enforcement wasting taxpayers money on cannabis instead of fighting real crime.

    Until all murders, rapes and violent crimes are solved lazy cops have no business chasing cannabis crimes.


  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Another example of marijuana growing terrorists in action!

    So much peace & love in the marijuana addict scene!

    It’s long overdue to bring in IFV with dozer blades and just heap the garbage under berms, their unpermitted shacks, too.

    Chipping takes too much time, just use infantry fighting vehicles, ram the gate, doze the dope, go to the neighbors and repeat.

    Tired of this puddle jumping- do the whole road if you go there.

    The terrorists must be stopped before they sell even more marijuana to small children at schools and daycare centers.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    So growers did not turn into law abiding citizens the instant legalization occurred. Did all those suited and carefully groomed pot proponents lie to the voters? No, the would never happen, it’s the fault of the government, that’s it…..

  • Don’t agree with the poisons and destruction of land. Busting growers who are leaving land full of garbage and chemicals is a good thing and worth the money; but don’t think for a second that these busts will make a small dent in the production of marijuana in Humboldt, legal or non legal. Years ago CAMP spent millions of our tax money saying they were going to eradicate it, but all they did was waste those millions. Very few were ever arrested and it’s obvious they never eradicated it. Like it or not, marijuana growing has been here for many years, and will be here for many years to come. Accept it or sit back in your recliner and ignore it.

  • Redwood creek sohum? Elaborate? Was it out etterburg way? Not sure I heard of redwood creek in these parts up north but not down this way…any more info?

    • Law enforcement doesn’t usually give precise addresses on these types of search warrants.

      • Kym,
        I have asked this question several times, received replies from various contributors but never from you directly. Coming from you I would feel more certain of the answer being correct.

        Here goes: What does local law enforcement do with all the money that is confiscated along with the personal property (generators, ATV’s, pumps, lights, etc.) from these large illegal grows?

        Just tracking some of the cash that is discovered you would think it should be in the multi-millions per year. Is it being used to fund more raids, cleanup the cesspools of garbage left on site?

        Thank you, I know you are busy!!

  • Some folks only get in trouble when they get money. They are safer in poverty. Sorry.

  • According to Google maps, Redwood Creek headwaters is located in the Dinsmores area which is due east of Eureka and flows north into the pacific near Orick. Entire watershed is about 50 miles from beginning to end. How can this area be considered south Humboldt? Why aren’t names being disclosed? Where are the pics of the perp?

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