[Found] Wilson Is Missing; Diana Totten’s Partner

Wilson a beagle mix Yesterday, Diana Totten, a local firefighter, had to go to a smoke check. “I didn’t want Wilson to have to sit in the truck,” she said, so she left him at home. When she got back late, Wilson was gone.

Totten who has located so many missing persons and lost hikers is asking for the community’s help finding Wilson. “He’s my buddy. For eight years we’ve been partners,” she said. “I’d go to the ends of the earth for him.”

Wilson is a small, friendly, dog with a red collar and brown and white markings. He went exploring yesterday from Blue Rock Road in the Benbow area of Southern Humboldt and hasn’t returned. He doesn’t have a name tag but has an owner who loves and misses him terribly!

If you have any information, please call (707) 223-2455. Thank you!Wilson a beagle mix

UPDATE 1:15 p.m.: According to Diana Totten, Wilson was found. She says, “Wilson is going to get a steak dinner tonight!” Totten offers her “sincere thanks for everyone helping.”

She hopes that everyone that is firing off automatic weapons holds off for a bit as that was apparently what scared Wilson off.Diana Totten Wilson



  • Best wishes! I sincerely hope Wilson get home safe.

    • Bozo the Clone

      KMUD radio was instrumental in hooking Wilson and Diana back up.
      If you want to hear about lost dogs, cattle or goats and chickens in the road… listen to KMUD…we are out to save the world…yuk yuk…..and
      keep you entertained at the same time!
      Home grown radio at its best.
      RS Jake

  • My understanding is that Diana has some Karma stacked up on her side. I am too far away to help but will put my energy out for this person who has helped so many!

  • I really hope Wilson comes home soon!

  • Veterans friend


  • Great news

  • Yay!! And second that request about automatic weapon firing.

    • That comment was facetious.

      Nobody is firing automatic weapons.

      Although semi auto fire sounds like it it’s legal and a real part of our constitutional rights…

      Although the second amendment is often used to justify any weapon ownership it’s really about being in a well organized militia. Something crucial for the long term survival of the constitution.

      It’s a pity we can’t form a well organized militia to protect ourselves from a runaway government that no longer upholds it’s oath like we form fire departments and districts to fight fires.

      I am pleased our community defender and first responder has her dog back.

      This is a great community with a great network of contact’s

  • I’m so happy he was found. He’s wondered by my place in the past & is a sweet dog. Now I know who he belongs to so can take him home next time he gets out (hopefully he stays safe a home). I’m very happy for u Diane!!

  • I’m so happy Wilson is home .

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    YAY! Happy to hear Wilson is home. Now I hope Wilson gets a proper tag with owners contact info and the morons shooting auto’s get arrested.

  • Willssoooonnnnn! (Tom hanks) glad she got him back😊😊

  • Yay! Glad Wilson is home!

  • What a happy picture of Diana and Wilson reunited! Heart-warming. Kudos to KMUD.

  • Oy VAY I knew power packing prayers and gang of doggie angels helped Wilson reunite with Diana! Soooo joyful! Woof woof woof! Love You2!

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