Identity of Man Found Floating in Humboldt Bay Released

Body in the Bay

The body wrapped in blue plastic is being prepared for transport on the gurney. [Photo provided by a reader]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Sunday, July 2nd, at about 1100 in the morning, a Humboldt County Deputy Coroner responded to Waterfront Drive regarding the report of a deceased individual floating in Humboldt Bay. An autopsy of the individual, identified by fingerprints as Shane Christopher Barbion (DOB 11/30/1969), was completed [yesterday].

There were no signs of foul play observed and the cause of death appears to be drowning. Biological samples have been sent to the lab requesting a toxicology analysis. Barbion appears to have been from Eureka with past addresses in Trinity County and Nevada.

Next of kin has been notified in Nevada.

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  • HOW MANY “no foul play”bodies have been found in bay around first of month?disabled get checks ,get drunk, get robbed,get tossed.”he was drunk and fell in” crap!

    • How many “No Foul Plays” are there in Humboldt County period. And how can you perform an autopsy when your not even licensed to do so? Humboldt County is nothing but a drowning pot of corruption everywhere you look and everything you see and hear. Humboldt County is nothing but a web built of lies. If the next of kin has any brains they’ll request their own autopsy done by someone who is licensed and MIT from Humboldt County.

    • He wasn’t drunk [edit]

  • Not the next of kin but this is my uncle and his dad is looking into all of that.

  • I have heard from the horse’s mouth ,that place will grab you and pull you right in, once that happens it’s hard to get away.

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