[UPDATE 4:42 p.m.] Fire Started in Northern Mendocino on Red Mountain Road Area [Photos and Video]

[Video by Matt Dale]

A fire is burning in northern Mendocino near Red Mountain Road. Cal Fire has responded. About 3 p.m. the dispatchers sent engines and air support to the area.

Daywalker, a local resident, tells us that their family is preparing to leave if the fire isn’t stopped. “I’m going to walk back over there and check the status [of the fire]- got our kitty carriers handy and a can of tuna to pop if we can’t get them rounded up.”

[Photos by Daywalker]

UPDATE 4:42 p.m.:
Daywalker says, “The fire looks out – but I can see a small amount of smoke behind the other side of the mountain. Might just be blow over. Planes are getting quiet.”



  • Daywalker? Wtf!

    • Lol “daywalker” is a redhead that can be in the sunlight without instantly getting sunburned.

  • Love the name! Do you live here or does your title mean you are a guest visiting?
    We are a quirky random unique who dont really like to be constrained by societal norms. From hard core redneck to super oober hippie, we got it all.

    More importantly, i hope the fire is contained soon!!

    • born here in the 70s not too far from there. We had rainbow, mtn walker, pond scum, lots of other hippie names around but day walker reminds me of something from the movie blade. Unless help is native it’s probably not a birth name. Guest just means I don’t use my name on here. Hope they get the fire out soon and there cats are ok. Scary from here on out lots of fuel, luckily that area already burned a few yrs back so not too much fuel there.

      • Rainbow Mountain Walker was a gentle soul, a true bells & beads hippie.
        (He was given that name at a Rainbow Gathering) He gave a lot to this community
        for many years, working at everything from Reggae on the River to the Harley run. He was old school and had a truly good heart. He passed away a few years back. He is missed.
        I hope they get around that fire, too. It’s going to be
        a long fire season.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Mendo. Hippies. Off the grid. Duh.

  • I knew a guy named Smeg Blaster

    • I would probably stay away from someone name smeg blaster. What isn’t that h.b.c.’s real name? No wonder he’s such a jxrk. 😊

  • [edit] Guest has it right-WTF!!!
    The hills are alive with idiots.[edit] Whatever the reason-the tax paying citizens are paying for brain dead low lifes to be alive.
    And don’t say-Oh I know the guy and he’s okay!

    • We’re sitting on 200 privately owned acres. The neighbors have 2,000 on one side and 1,000 on the other. We’re certainly not squatters. But I understand your frustration.
      In Kind,
      ‘Not only knows the guy, but is the guy’
      …and sometimes I’m not okay 😉

    • Crimestoppers comment is nothing but an insult. “Low life squatter dude” and “Tonto” rubbing sticks together? Accusing Day Walker of starting the fire that threatened his family’s home and safety?

      Daywalker’s photos are fantastic images of air support for the incident. Thank you, Cal Fire.

    • Aylianna Littlefeather (aka LeatherSammie)

      I actually DO know Daywalker and their family are certainly NOT squatters [edit]

  • Squatters lol. DayWalker works harder than anyone I know! Hy takes care of hys family and hys friends farm. Foolish people say foolish things!

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    I am still coughing from last August! It has been a rough few years in Northern CA. Be safe, and be polite, please!

  • Here we go again, some goon playing with fire in the middle of summer.

  • Here we go is right, with people assuming things and opening their mouth when they have very little info. You probably voted for Trump too. Anyway…fire is out. Thanks to Cal fire and local fire Dept,Did very little damage.

  • Omg.....yeah some people

    Wow some people …….i hope there is not a lot of fire ……..yet there are people out there that don’t know what they are doing. ……

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