[UPDATE] You Know It’s a Bad Day When You Crash Into a Convoy

A cannabis convoy (12-15 vehicles with a chipper) headed west out Briceland Road met with a small accident at approximately 8:50 a.m.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page and information from the scanner, a black Dodge truck traveling eastbound struck the Humboldt County Sheriff’s truck pulling the wood chipper near Ruby Valley. The vehicle continued east but law enforcement pursued it. They were able to pull the vehicle over near the stop sign in the State Parks where the road drops to a single lane.

According to Lt. Dennis Young, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said that two deputies on their way to serve a search warrant were in the truck. They were not injured. The vehicle received unknown damages.

Young said that one person in the Dodge was arrested on warrants but, at this time, the incident is still being sorted out and it is unknown if any fresh charges will be applied. There were two people in the Dodge.

UPDATE 10:26 a.m.:

unmarked convoy vehicles

Unmarked convoy vehicles traveling on a dirt road near Briceland this morning. [Photos provided by a reader]

UPDATE June 9: http://kymkemp.com/2017/07/09/atv-riding-suspect-rolls-over-warden-and-into-a-ravine-says-fish-and-game-suspect-hospitalized-almost-4000-marijuana-plants-eradicated/



  • Reply 1: Kar-ma? Or maybe…. Truck-ma?

    Reply 2: Tried to escape in a ‘Dodge’?

    Reply 3: That’s why they call it a ‘Ram’!

  • Delay tactic to give the rest of the crew time to escape?

  • Hmmmm. 12 LE vehicles and you try to escape. Got some real winners in Soho.

  • Now they know what we deal with every time we travel the roads down here. Always some jerkoff on the wrong side of the road driving way too fast. Glad they cought this asshole, maybe he’ll learn how to fuckn drive now.

    • Definitely sounds like someone familiar with driving on dirt roads! I share in your frustration!

      • Me too! Last summer I had the wits scared out of me going around a corner when all of a sudden, there was some idiot in an old blue truck speeding towards me in my lane, I had to pull into the shoulder to avoid a collision.

    • Yes thanks its a dangerous road watch out for pot holes sink holes and ass holes

    • I share your sentiment, but in 50 years of driving, there is always another one to replace the last one.

    • I know to drive thank you. And for everyones info. The officer hit me bc he took the turn ti wide. And im not a grower at all. and share the same hate as everyone on here for the fast drivers on this road. So before u talk some mess get the story straight thanks! Theres even ppl who saw and commented here seeing him hot us. And we neber fled the scene.

    • Tell the cop to learn to drive he hit us smarty pants

    • You are the cranky old lady we can tell

    • They know how to drive. The officer crossed over into the oncoming lane on a blind corner. The police need to not drive like they own the road. Especially in dangerous situations.

  • Sometimes you just have to take one for the team! Thanks for the share!

    Ps: Dodge= to avoid or miss

  • Hi Kim have you heard anything about the convoy headed east of Garberville?

  • YES!!!! Apply fresh charges!!! Are you kidding me? ENFORCE THE LAW! THIS SHIT’S GOTTEN WAY OUT OF CONTROL!!! MORE! MORE! MORE!

  • Haha dumbass next time stay on your side of the road.

  • Beautiful country, please give it back.

  • if you cant dodge it, ram it.

  • Look at the rookie in the Toyota with his window down eating dust haha

  • This explains those noisy air vehicles that were reported on recently.

  • A bad day when you crash into a convoy? No biggie for normal responsible law abiding citizens to get into a fender bender. It must suck to live with convoy paranoia and/or outstanding warrants acquired through a life of crime. Poor poor drug dealers…

  • Beautiful, great news!! Keep it up LE, bring them down hard. The harder the better, and hopefully going down for a long time. No respect for growing, then show no respect to the growers.

    Keep this momentum going, all areas. Humboldt community show your pride and drop the dime on whoever is growing the mega, blown up, environment trashing sites.

    Thank you to all involved with the busting!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Im from Kodiak Island, And I have to say you people are destroying a place like no other with your mega grows. After seeing what you guys have done to a world class Salmon habitat, I hope you all suffer from what you have done. Its a real crime, Should be humpy’s in every ditch. I have Salmon in my ditch at the end of my driveway every year, And it was just like that here not too long ago. So sad most of you no not what you have done. Shame.

    • john m.g. Brown

      I agree with you; I moved to Humboldt some 30 years ago from Kodiak Island (Port Bailey-Outlet Cape) with my wife Josie and five children, where we fished for halibut, salmon and crabs. We live on a ranch on the Mattole and raise cattle and crops, as well as Lost Coast Camp for kids during the summers. What has happened in the last few years here is disgusting and depressing, but we’re too old to move. I hope the younger people here have the sense to clean up their area before it’s too late.

    • Take a minute...

      You should look at the damage the timber industry did. The tons and tons of silt going into the rivers from clearcuts caused, and still causes the majority of damage. The water goes underground and runs through the silt. Thats why the eel looks so bad right now, the silt coming into the ocean this winter from the eel was visible from space. The eel watershed already has a lot of natural erosion and siltation.

      The fish have been suffering for a long time, before these huge grows. Not to say theres no impact from the jerks who divert water and all that crap. Its just not the source of the entire problem, and focusing only on that allows all the other problems to get worse. If only the timber industry, cattle ranchers and grape growers were being regulated as much as cannabis.

      In the 70’s fish and game thought it a good idea to take all the debris out of the creeks to help the fish. Now we’re spending thousands of dollars in restoration work to put things back in. Like huge downed trees nailed in place in the creek as the fish need cool water, places to hide and the holes made by the water rushing under a tree/branch.

      Really lets all get some perspective and stop the blame game. One almond you eat = 1 gallon of water. Think about it, a pound of almonds took at the very least 50 gallons of water to grow. Grapes are huge water users. Cows take so much water to grow, think about how much they weigh. The hay they eat takes soooo much water. Remember when the hay farmers upriver on the klamath had to stop using so much water to grow hay as it was severely impacting the fish downstream. You can look up the pic of the sheriff standing idle while the farmers broke into the water station and literally turned the water for their fields back on. The picture was on the front of the times standard.

      If you havent lived here for at least 20 years, or werent reading much over that time period, you really ought to do some research and learn about the steady decline of our rivers from multiple sources. Sometimes i wish it was all just from pot growing so we’d have just that one thing to fix. I dont think most folks realize how much other resource extraction industries get away with. In mendo theyre still allowed to poison the trees they dont want to harvest and leave it standing like a giant piece of kindling. Firefighters were at the county meetings to express how much that rule needs to change. It wasnt changed, which beyond the other obvious things, costs us more money as dead standing trees make fires way worse and way harder to fight.

      • How true. It is astounding how some of these constant commenters scream about all the environmental damage. Yet how many of these same people had no problem with MAXXAM dumping thousands of gallons of herbicide and clear cutting to the point it all washed into our watershed. Polluters need to be stopped, period. But you just know the loudest keyboard cowboys out there could truly care less about the environment. Its just an new easy hate-target for them to spew about.

        • I think people forget that every crop causes damage. Do you think it was always corn and soy growing in the Midwest naturally? It’s fine to blame the current crop but ignore the damages from previous crops. Be it timber, corn, grapes, weed, soy, sugar cane, cotton, bananas, it was all at a cost to our landscape across the world.

      • Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you

    • I believe the loss of our Salmon is also attributed to our water being diverted to the San Joaquin Valley for decades. The Salmon need more water to get back to their spawning grounds. Many years the rivers have been to low for them to journey back to their spawning grounds. Over fishing has not helped. Our loss of Salmon started before the mega grows. They have contributed to it I am sure at this point. The chemicals used by many growers are toxic. Greedy people have ruined it for the families that grew up here.

    • Veterans friend

      Growers didn’t destroy our world class salmon habitat. Loggers did that. Though the mega grows are certainly not helping. Blame enough to go around I’m sure, but fair is fair.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Let’s see. The loggers tapped all the springs, diverted the streams, and pumped the river into plastic water tanks so that the salmon had to hitchhike to spawning areas? The loggers grew 20,000,000 pot plants? Naw!

        That sounds somewhat less than well informed.

    • It’s easy to tell your not from around here, because if you were you’d know that the salmon decline is more about warming rivers and sediment, caused by old school logging.
      It’s been happening way before growers got big and greedy (last 10/15 years) Your average grow show has a three acre conversion in the middle of 160 acres of previously clear cut land.
      And this is what it looked like 100 years ago. ^^
      Not giving greedy messy growers a pass at all, I hate messy scenes as much as the next guy. But that’s not what’s up with the salmon. I’m sure it’s not helping, I’ll give you that.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Thanks for the historical photo. I guess you showed me!

        It’s OK to be proud of your heritage. We are all from “here” until we are nowhere at all.

        Let’s just say that the problems were caused by the persistent presence of pesky, greedy, thoughtless humans.

        • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

          Meanwhile, OUR species may be wiped out from: Gonorrhea!

          Next time you decide to have sex in Humboldt, think about the high incidence of GC/Chlamydia in this region.

          Oral sex, man on man, caused the organism to become resistant to most antibiotics currently available. This organism causes PID which can leave women infertile. 78 million persons get Gonorrhea each year. Condom use can limit this somewhat.

          Be careful out there!

    • There are no “humpy’s” in Humboldt, nor have there ever been.

      • Wrong. I’ve seen a spawning pair in the Mad, they’ve been caught in the weir on Freshwater Creek, and by anglers in the Trinity. There’s a few around.

  • Because eradication totally works haha

    Salmon were gone long before the weed farmers came. You can thank the logging industry and the shitty roads and mayhem they caused for 40 years for that.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Marijuana Caliphate sending out suicide trucks against a column of eradication forces?

    Another example of marijuana growers engaging in terrorism-

    Every convoy needs helicopter gunship support, offshore naval batteries, and kinetic space weapons on the ready.

    These growers will stop at nothing as they flounder in their folly, with government taking their market away.

    Expect more crazed growers behaving irrationally as The Marijuana Caliphate crumbles to dust on the pages of history.

    • Speaking of “Crazed”!!! Go get some help, for your fixation on detracting & destroying ALL Cannabis!!! It REALLY DOES, Help some us hold on to what little sanity (in my case @ least) we may have left!!!

    • With all these busts, dosent the price of weed go up?,not down?! Not a question, just a answerless smart ass remark.

      • The middleman is clowning all of humboldt! Farmers need to stop living lavishly so they dont have to let the middleman dictate the lowball

        • Hmmmm true dat. Still 60 an 1/8th in new york city…. thats 1p for 1200$(humboldt) x 60 an 1/8th =… um… 7,680$

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            Someone from NYC told me it’s $100 an oz for quality marijuana and that’s delivered.

            If growers get $400 a pound, that’s still too much.

            Marijuana needs to be $25 an ounce so people can afford the plant of peace.

            • it seems you like to lie and make shit up. please carry on with your delusions to make yourself feel better as trolls are only self-serving. Mass is proposing $75 and eight for legal weed which will only help the black market where it is $50.

            • A chump. Weed is going for 1200-1700 a p in humboldt. Why would it be the same price in new york city? O wait…..thats mexican swag for 100 a once. Nevermind chump is right 😂

    • Caliphate…one of the words the Trumpflakes like to use and think they are talking intelligently. Do you realize the alt-right has been easily brainwashed by these spoon fed terms that were concocted by a psychological think tank.

    • Do you know what caliphate even means???

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      I like the way you think, even it is somewhat disordered… I hope you get back on your meds soon, but I believe in my heart that you are merely taking the piss.

    • LostCoastLocal

      Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P-
      Pinky Pinky Pow Pow, is that you??

  • All those grows need to be shut down. [edit] All of those are illegal grows.

    • Horrible comment, you do know fire is indiscriminate right?!? As a small grower, less than 60 plants, my property and many others were destroyed by the PG&E fire.

    • A large fire??? What is wrong with you? Honest tax payers are the ones who pay the bill for fire suppression. Just what we need is a wildland fire. Grow up.

    • Brilliant idea “Shylock” ol’ Chap!!! What detective school did you graduate from??? Elementary of course, my dear Watson!!!

    • Shame on you for hoping for a large fire! There are many non growing families living in those hills and have for decades! And many more mom and pop growers, that are fine stewards of the land. Here’s hoping that there are no fires at all!

    • Obviously not from here or they would never wish for fires.

  • Seems to me a lot of hate towards growers. That convoy showed up at my farm looking over it all . My farm is all right there where they could see everything. I greeted them. Asked me how to get to the top of the mountain. I told them all the options. They were nice to me and my dogs. They said have a nice day and off they went. We are a salmon safe cannabis farm. One of many trying to set the example of a environmentally clean farm. So just goes to show if they are enforcing grows they are most likely illegal.
    Thanks fish and game for helping us become an industry standard. Appreciate the hard work. Keep it up!

    • Salmon safe. ! Lmao 😂 Your mere existence is destorying the world. Shut your lips. People=sh@!t

      • 👍 agreed, I’m sure every joint goes to cancer patents and every penny gets recorded for taxes. What a joke. How long have you had your “farm” how long you been paying taxes on your “medicine” o wait you can because it’s a schedule 1 drug (not that it should be but it IS). I’m not anti weed at all but I’m tired of hearing bullshit. Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.

  • Now that’s funny! But did they do it on purpose?or just not paying attention?I swear this could only happen here

  • I believe they thought there was access through my property. Nothing here but dense forest. I gave them my gate combo. Told them they are welcome anytime.

  • Cop trailer was over the line in DeWitt Grove and took the mirror off the truck. Scanner sez what the cops reported, not what happened. Truck occupants don’t even grow.

    • Thank you not sure who you are but thats exactly what happened. And true we dont grow

      • What we’re all the warrants for?

      • Then why does your instagram say #Humboldt # Extractor # cannabis community # Stonernation ???

        If your going to lie at least cover your tracks , young lady .

        • Right! we don’t grow! We just make hash oil! Huge difference! Hahah morons.

          • Just looked think she was only using lots of hash tags # not hash oil she does advertising could be anything though I know the male is into chemistry but seems to have certificates in a few different fields but only checked out Ipw.cdph.ca.gov/searchpage.aspx looks like also mechanic he seems to come up on ASE not wasting my time has a better resume than I do thats for sure

  • Take a minute...

    Its pretty simple. If you hate pot then move away. Its not going away. If anything you ought to be concerned about hundred acre farms owned by companies who dont care about breaking the rules cuz they can just pay the fines.

    There are problems for sure, but there are also positive sides. No one talks about all the folks who’ve been doing a good job with their gardens for 30plus years. Lots of folks grow food too!
    There are many people who utilized their small grows to build family and community, not become millionaires.
    It allowed lots of people the ability to be home with their kids, to create and support schools, volunteer fire depts, community centers, local radio ststions, non-profit organizations, festivals, etc etc. We have the most artists per capita in the state!

    • Ya con artists! Haha

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Marijuana growers with a couple tomatoes and several corn doesn’t count as growing food, too.

      Maybe people were here before The Marijuana Caliphate, and they think you and your dope should move?

      Call up Julia Butterfly and move in with her to grow your dope.

      You dopers really have large egos and that is the issue people have with lettuce heads.

      No manners, openly commit crime and stroke ego over it.

      Seriously, it’s overdue to have The Marines tear out every plant and bring down The Marijuana Caliphate.

      You dope growers are no different than ISIS.

      • Get back inside the “drinking cage” there in front of the Honeydew Store. We know thats where you live. Got to stay close to your beer connection, right? Will someone please dox this clown?

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          An angry grohadi!

          The Caliphate is crumbling dude…

          Most people that live around the new grohadis wish for rainclouds of Garlon.

          This fall most of you won’t be making your balloon payments or even inflated property tax.

          Move to Syria with your Caliphate buddies, you drive the same trucks.

          • Brosama that growhadi is unreal. Let me know when the jointifata starts. Keep it up please I don’t even need country cable anymore you are an inspiration

    • Yes, and everybody should have the Constitutional right to live out in the hills, not pay income taxes, and sell illegal drugs to school kids. Stand up for your rights. And move away if you don’t like it.

    • That maybe why you can’t get decent medical people up here. They are overwhelmed and done with dealing with all the issues caused by drug use, domestic violence, child abuse, etc…..

    • “It allowed lots of people the ability to be home with their kids” … and teach them that producing and selling illegal drugs is a valid career option.

  • Well let’s hope this finally draws attention to the rash of irresponsible, inconsiderate and downright dangerous drivers on the Briceland/Shelter Cove Road.

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Obviously you are “not from here” or you wouldn’t say such silly things. You should “just leave”.

      Thanks, from Humboldt!

  • Actually i was driver in that accident and the STUPID officer was pulling something and ran into me. I wasnt on his side of the road for everyobes information. He actually took the turn to wide. And we didn’t run off we initially stopped and proceeded to let the cars by so we werent blockin traffic needed a safe place to pull over. So to all u ignorant dont assume stupid shit. I drive the speed limit and was going 5 miles an hour so if thata trying to run gee whizz. The officeres were racing down the road. So sorry to burst everyones bubble but wasnt that exciting. And if i did infact hit him and tried to run why was i not charged with hit and run and hitting police officers instead of drivkng away just fine? Thays a thinker huh.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      You aren’t part of The Marijuana Caliphate?

    • I believe you.

    • Slow down, on your typing, what you have to say would be ever so much easier to understand, without all the typos!!! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that they are typos!!! I know the feeling I am a Dyslexic typist myself I try to proofread before I hit the send button!!!

      • LOL I understood the information being conveyed. And I’d much rather read through a few grammatical errors in a piece of interest that actually fills in missing information to the larger story than comments criticizing anther’s writing skills.

        Btw, if you are so picky and perfect, why didn’t you bring a few more periods to the party, Dan?

    • After you spend some time reading RHBB you realize it’s a government propaganda website and the majority of commenters are government trough feeders sitting at work or home on retirment drooling over a way to increase revenues for the brotherhood. It’s in their DNA from years of self congratulatory entitlement thinking. The new RED COATS! Don’t take it personal. They think you are the problem.

      • WTF are you on??? Whatever it is it must be excellent to provide such vivid hallucinations!!! Let me know will ya, I need something else besides Cannabis to help me drool!!!

      • But I am the problem, now what?

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


        We got your IP and positioned North Korean space stations that your gang stalkers upload your data to…

        Ms.Kemp is no fed, if anything she’ll be granted amnesty when the M.E.M..takes control of the region.

        We’re just waiting on orders from Trump and The Sons Of The Confederacy to crank up the Jason Aldean and set up mechanical bulls in your grow to make the Pope happy…

        Do you understand how silly you sound believing all that?

        These grohadis are insane…..

        Then again, if they pay me enough, I can be a lib and weave baskets, make fake dreads, and deal tofu

        • Personally I think something already “took possession of what passes for your mind!!! If I didn’t know better since you are (supposedly) so down on drugs, I’d say you were tripping your ass off on Acid!!! That’s how “Far Out here you come across!!!

          • Da Chump is definitely on harder drugs than the devils lettuce, delerium tremens chump? those hallucinations starting to get to you? popping too many vicadin?? withdrawal..

            really ought to quit trying to fix yourself chump and get yourself into rehab.. it can work for folk like you…

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Thanks for this highly literate and comprehensible explanation. This clears everything up.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    I am very glad they are busting. But we need more busting!! Much more!!! Cut, chop, chip and go to the next parcel- repeat all week long. Then next Monday hit a different part of the county. Spread the fear and spread the worries. Only way to put a dent in this terrible infestation!

    • Just wait, the central valley farmers will more than dent it.

    • Your last sentence seemed only slightly important; this is because you used only one exclamation point. If you want my attention you must use at least three plus. Sound effects are extra credit (encouraged).

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Sorry, it does not appear that you are “from here”. Please “just leave”. Thanks!

  • Cut it down! Chop it up! Save the Earth!

  • Rad! Those fishclowns are lucky he didnt go head on. Shits going to get buckwild when you start fucking with folks livelyhood.
    Keep growing them plants, let them know their efforts are in vain.
    Make a hundred plants sprout up for every plant they cut.
    let them know they arent welcome and make them see clearly they are fighting a loosing battle!
    A big suck it to the waterboard, the county building and planning department, hcdtf, fishcops and all other bloodsucking money hungry agency or club and individual wanting a slice of action.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


      Just no.

      There is life beyond Lettuce, get help for your addiction, learn to help others by tearing out their marijuana plants or spraying them with Garlon, listen to some Reagan speeches to feel inspired-

      We’re rooting for you.

      • Who, pray tell is We that you’re talking about??? You got “Toys in the Attic” again???!!! Something up there isn’t firing properly, you get goofier every damned day!!! Go back to your bridge CHUMP Troll!!!

      • actually a cheap Drone could be used for aerial spreading of cannabis pollen..

        most growers nightmare nough said..

    • and while a cheap drone can be used for aerial casting of pollen to inhibit growers..

      on the other side of the coin a cheap drone could be used to drop cannabis seed bombs in lots of difficult to eradicate spaces…
      and simply overgrow what remains of the prohibitionists!

  • President Trump will fix our growing problems by sending the FEDS here. Believe me. Can’t wait. Gonna be great.

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      THAT would be my dream come true! I don’t know why they are taking so long…lots of properties and cash to seize! We should all write letters to Jeff Sessions

      • Rumor is CAMP will be here next week.

        • I heard Santa was planning an extra trip to Humbug as well!!! Personally IM(ns)HO ns = Not So, I’m thinking the chances of either are slim & none!!! BTW, I just saw Slim leaving town!!!

      • Probably don’t write, if they think we want that they will probably do the opposite.

  • Number of law enforcement officers to eradicate plants: 24.
    Number of law enforcement officers on unsolved murder desk: 0

    • I doubt there were any detectives at the eradication. Detectives are the main officers working on murders.

    • I’m STILL waiting over a month later for the HCSO to get their collective heads out of their collective Anuses & arrest the A$$hole who shot out my window in the middle of the damned night!!! It took 2 days for them to make initial contact after the fact, then another 2 days before he came back to retrieve the bullet & take a couple of measurements etc!!!! Both hands & a map & they STILL can’t find their backsides!!!!

    • Over the top inciting to commit violence against law enforcement. To post “fuck off and die pigs”is inflammatory. You need to be turned in.

  • Did they eventually find the plce they were actually looking for? They sat in my driveway for a half hour trying to figure out where they were and where they were going. Totally lost at 11:00 am.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I bet you were scared!

      Did you run around all panicked?

      Now they know about your grow, what happens now?

      Do you keep growing or what?

      • WTF business is of yours WTF he may or may not do???!!! None of your biz CHUMP!!!

      • Does using my real and full name seem like the tactic of a scared individual chumpster? They were nothing but professional and courteous to myself, my daughter and my dogs. Doing the right thing elinimnates all fear chubby Thats what I think everyone on hear should call you because you seem like more of a hard-on than anything else. Hehe

  • There are so many comments, hard to stay on point. Word on the street is, a Mexican citizen got raided, someone who is partnered with a local. May you all go to jail, and stay there! fuck you,Patrick Wilson, and all the nasty that you bring . Go to hell, go to jail, and thank you HCSO, for freeing us from the second generation growaholic bullshit that these arrogant pricks lay on us! Eat shit, and die young. Next, bring ICE!

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Eeek! That’s NOT NICE. Please try to be helpful, not hurtful.


    • Yet you are on a blog partly supported by weed related businesses (that rely on weed growers) that only exist cuz of weed on a blog that before it was news was short stories a lot of which contained weed written by a wonderful woman who has had no shyness in expressing her first hand knowledge of weed and how it is a part of the community in so hum. So… Why are you the comment section telling people to die? Are you that bored and lonely? The die hard commenters are really intense to watch. Go kym Kemp.

    • Not cool dude!

  • Greatnortherness

    57 yrs in Mendo-SoHum watching the progression of changes. Greedy lumber exploitation, the grape rape era of no holds barred environmental carnage, the weed industry before and after the government takeover, and the latest atrocity of 24/7 involuntary injection of toxic cocktails sprayed globally permeating ALL life. We just need more political assassin’s for the private sector restore balance. Uh.

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