Vacant Property Burglarized

Solar panelsOn or around June 21, a vacant property on Elk Ridge was burglarized. A neighbor saw a green, extra cab, Chevy truck (Possibly a ’97 or ’99) and a black truck parked at the gate early evening. They undid the chain and the lock on the gate. They took:

Two 3000 or 2500 gallon water tanks
Fifteen 215 watt solar panels
An Outback inverter
An Outback charge controller
Ten L16 batteries
Three 50 gallon barrels
Four folding tables
One washing machine
random lumber

They started to roll up three 20,000 gallon water bladders but left them. (It takes about four people to roll them, said the owner, and about eight to heave one into a truck.)

The owner believes that the thieves are a group of “super-energized”  people who live somewhere near.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff at (707) 445-7251.



  • Elk Ridge, where? Salmon Creek, or?

  • Check in with Greenwired I get people in all the time try to “see what it’s worth or trying to sell on commission” and it’s pretty obvious… Unfortunately it looks like they know what they took so they will probably be using it.

  • “Super energized” = tweaky thieving methheads.

  • Wow. Reminds me of the Nick Cage movie where the Russian cargo plane gets stripped to loose nuts and bolts in 40 seconds… Hazards of cannabis farming 101. Day 2.

    What will they steal next? Whose corpse will be left behind?

    Can dope growers GET insurance? Are bandits WATCHING US??

  • Theives suck!!!people could care less about the law . so what let’s steal,the cops wont do shit.

    • Season 1: The people were swooned by criminals into voting for the power to steal from the people.

      Season 2: The people were swooned by criminals into voting to lessen the charges against real criminals so that the non-criminals could be freed along with the criminals.

      Season 3: Criminals are set free, victims are held without trial. It’s the victim’s fault.

      Season 4: All the good people are locked up, while the criminals roam free. Mad Max eat your heart out.

      Season 5: The criminals decide that feeding and caring for prisoners takes away too many resources.

      Season 6: The criminals vote to forget about the prisoners. Nobody needs car license plates in today’s Mad Max world anyway.

      Season 7: All the good people die, which causes a huge collective orb of white energy to penetrate through the darkness. The white light is so intense, the planet instantly catches fire, burning all the criminals in a lake of fire and brimstone.

      Season 8: The good guys live happily ever after.

      Cheer up, we win! I read the script.

  • Thats right G_MA DISTRICT ATT still have done nothing in my assault case ,and it’s been since March 28 i call and they just say still pending .its getting to be do what ever u want.

  • It takes a long time to drain water tanks and water bladders. it would take more than a regular pick up truck to haul large water tanks. Someone knew owners would be gone for more than a few hours and made several trips.

  • L16 batteries are about 130 pounds each, someone has been working out.

  • Look up shop rd non rip offs up there

  • LAZINSKI!!!!!!! C’MON. If they didn’t do it they’re probably in possession of it by now!

  • EffingCanadian

    Turbo charged

  • EffingCanadian

    These guys were charged up on meth

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