They Just Want to Be Free: Two Dogs in Salmon Creek Area

Two dogsTwo dogs showed up at a residence on Lower Thomas off of Salmon Creek Road west of Miranda. The two pals don’t want to be corralled and are making the home owner’s dogs a little crazy.

If they could go home soon, that’d be nice.

Call (707) 223-2627, if you can help get them home.


Male brindle

Brown dog

Brownish red female




  • They were really hungry so being dog lovers we had to feed them, they may be refugees from the fireworks and guns shots from the forth.

  • People watch over your pets and not let them just wander the countryside..some trigger happy rancher might do some target shooting

  • Awww… I’m such a dog lover… please don’t shoot them… My son’s dog ran away last night while on duty, and thank goodness for Facebook, I saw him ( a Pitt ) got him home this morning… before you shoot, please just call the dogs and see how they act

  • Get collars and tags for the dogs, it would be easier to identify, and maybe microchips? So many dogs gets lost here and we would love to return them.

  • who is the Bob on Salmon Creek that likes to shoot dogs?

  • Plus that particular breed are capable of killing sprees when in a pack.
    Not many dogs I know kill cats but I have seen it personally.

    • I know of two dogs not pitts, in any way shape or form, they area lab mix and a shepard mix and they killed a neighbor’s cat. Apparently the owners of the dogs did not get in trouble, their neighbor didn’t try to sue or put down the dogs.

  • Idiot white trash spent all the money on meth and cant afford tags, its time the lazy sherriff writes up some citations for this sort of shit

  • nice of you to be caring for them… neither have tags so I wonder if they even belong to responsible owners. Though some people remove collars when leaving dogs in yard alone …i know someone who did not do so and their dog died when their collar got caught when no one was home, poor thing strangled. owning dogs is nearly impossible if you are a renter especially with bully breeds. if people have to move they may just leave their dogs…tough times all the way around.

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