Human Remains Located Near Where Missing Woman Last Seen

On Saturday afternoon, a man swimming in the area of Big BarAyette Dial off Hwy 299 discovered a dead person in the waterway, confirmed Detective Josh Ford of the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have located human remains,” Ford said. The remains were found not far from the area that Ayette Dial was last seen. Dial, a 30-year-old woman has been missing since June 9 when she disappeared from her brother’s residence near Hayfork, confirmed Ford.

The body is badly decomposed, he said. An autopsy will be done tomorrow to determine the cause of death and identify the individual.

Family members of Dial have been notified that a body has been located in the area their loved one went missing.

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  • Damn a lot of tragic deaths in the river this year, condolences

    • shawn the fisherman

      Yes I agree, Dont think I will be taking the family swimming in that monster this summer. Way too dangerous! Sorry to hear about such loss. Prayers for sure.

      • It is yet to be determined if this was an accident or foul play, so I won’t live in fear of the lake just yet.

  • Isn’t Big Bar a pretty far walk from Hayfork?

  • >”Right?. but think the river through hyampom drops over that way?”

    South Fork of the Trinity runs by Hyampom… it joins the main Trinity at the Humboldt County line. (On the Helil-din bridge).

    There are a few back roads from Hayfork (& Hyampom) though. One joins the main fork of Trinity by Junction City (Dutch Creek)… another one by Big Bar Ranger station (Corral Bottoms) , and a third one by Burnt Ranch (Hennesey).

    • Underwood, not hennesey.

      Also Friday ridge.

      • Dog Run springs rd. too…

        But the report says the body was found by a swimmer off 299.

        Only highway 3 goes thru hayfork.

        Hard to see how big bar 299, is close to residences in hayfork…

        • As Bozo commented, both dutch creek and corral bottoms goes through hayfork to 299. And both routes are shorter to Big Bar than via 3.

          And “close” is a relative term, especially in Trinity county.

          • To my understanding either route is an hour give or take right?

            I guess anywhere can be close depending on perspective…

            • Corral bottoms is, by far, the quickest route to Hayfork from big bar. Less than an hour. From big bar 3 takes 1.5 hours and is dependent on road work.

  • So sad, so many deaths happening in the river. Condolences to the families of the deceased. The warnings of the river still high an cold just don’t get to everyone especially those traveling here from out of the area. How are they to know. Just too bad for this to be happening with all else going on in our county 🙁

  • What happened:
    “A swimmer located the body”

    Det. Josh Ford :
    “We have located human remains”

    The way Det. Ford puts it – he did something..funny how that goes. I wonder what the TCSO actually has done.

    • They are still doing toxically report I hope it shows but what did officer mean by he did something funny how that goes where did u see that at. She’s my twin brothers kids mom she’s my nephews mom she didn’t deserve to die An she didn’t die by accident eather if anyone knows anything we don’t please help

  • Angela Dills-Williams

    Sounds kinda weird to me ,she supposedly left about 9:pm from Hayfork relatives place .Big Bar /299 is long walk in the dark .And being found in River high flows river doesn’t connect there anywhere…Wouldnt be swimming after dark. More CSI work needed on this one…

  • so very saddened….but do appreciate that family/friends will have an element of closure. This case does need to be looked at further, not the end…but just the beginning.

  • >”No doubt, it would take a full day on foot to walk that route.”

    That is a long ways… and a lot of it up hill too. Might take 2+ days on foot.

    >”The way Det. Ford puts it – he did something..funny how that goes…
    More CSI work needed on this one…”

    Yup. Hayfork to Big Bar is too far. If she walked any of the roads, likely somebody would have seen her. Any way you go, from Hayfork to the main fork of the Trinity is way beyond ‘normal’ foot traffic.

    >”Underwood, not hennesey.”

    Sighs. So many roads… so little memory !

  • ODD that all of her family missing pages say she was last seen on 6/ 3/17 in Trinidad. How can they not know or put correct information that she was with her brother, in Hayfork on 6/9 ? something is off

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  • She was last seen June 9th An her cuz Joseph was the last to see her not her bro An she left on foot at 3 am her cuz said but he said he was asleep at first An said he didn’t notice until he got up that she was gone An her bag was gone but then he told officers he was asleep he heard door shut at 3 am An she took her bags An left on foot my thing is if she left on foot An took her bags An she left at 3 am how did u know all this if u was suppose to be asleep I think he’s full of shit An someone’s lieing they found her 100 feet from the property where she went missing An the video she has on Facebook it was 600 yards from where she made the video on the resourt she was at. Her brother wasn’t the last one to see her it was her cuz also when they found her they didn’t find her bag so where’s her bag at An she has a cracked skull with an impression it’s on the back of her head I think someone hit her a fall slip can’t cause that much damage the cops says no faul play so far but I feel they hiding something or just don’t want to do there job

  • Kevin (Ayette’s brother) said the body was discovered by 3 girls according to what he was told and not a man swimming. Where are these girls now? They also said a backpack was near the remains and was used as one of the items to identify that this was in fact Ayette. What was in her backpack? There are so many discrepancies in this report and we need someone to help us investigate this further. #justiceforayette.

    • Yes I asked Chad if her back pack was found he said officers said they didn’t find anything what about her cell phone too they need to investigate more An go back An walk along the creek she was found back track to where she left yes Cecilia we need more they leaving a lot out Did they get the girls statement An why would they say male swimmer found her when that wasn’t true

  • It is 100% true that a male swimmer did find the body, not 3 girls.

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