[UPDATE 6:13 p.m.] Stabbing Victim in Eureka Reported

Assault FeatureJust before 6 p.m., City Ambulance is responding to the 1600 block of 3rd Street in Eureka for the report of a male in his fifties with a stab wound. The ambulance has been requested to stage which means wait for law enforcement to clear the scene.

UPDATE 6:13 p.m.: The victim reportedly has multiple stab wounds to his arm and chest and is being transported to the hospital. None of the injuries appear to be life-threatening, according to the scanner.



  • What a shame this is happening so much.Where’s my Humboldt gone😭. I hope this person is doing OK. I was hoping we’d have a calm 4th damn it!!!

    • Eureka has been a shithole since I can remember. At LEAST 25 years or so since my first time in it. If this surprises you, I feel like you might not have been here for a long time

      • I was born (1945) and raised here and it wasn’t like that until the homeless and pot growers. 25 years isn’t that long. My great great grandfather moved here 130 years ago.

        • Social Science

          Let’s see, 130 years ago, I’m pretty sure it was a shit hole then and the people back then where murdering Indians and taking their land. So it isn’t “the pot and homeless,” as gold, slavery, sex trafficking and land lust seemed to suffice as justification for disregarding human life. I’m fairly certain the level of violence today is hardly comparable. Right?

          • That’s right you took the words out of my mouth.

          • Thank you.

            • Hey don’t know how to post so I would like to see if anyone else had comments on the scam man and scary looking wife Barbara.They sell pastries in front of credit union in garberville.They say it for animal rescue.found out she’s insane.They scam money for their own animals.They live in cove and word is they have bout 40 dogs and cats in their get to house.I worked hard to buy a house in cove.My neighbors let some hippie tweeker camp next door.Made me uneasy so I asked what they are doing sitting in a van outside my home.I texted my neighbor and she said her boyfriend invited them.I was having morning coffie.July 4 the dude pulls up in front of house next door.He starts working on my driveway then the crazy Barbara pulls into my driveway.The guy says he thought he saw a cat w rabies go into my house.I calmly asked him to leave
              He said sorry and left.She crazy Barbara said she was animal rescue and insisted on coming into my house to see.I calmly asked her to leave my driveway as I am private
              She made a scene.she said I should stay away from her husband.What?.Then she threatens me refuses too move her van out of my driveway
              Screaming and making a scene.She told me she’s lived here in cove for 15 years and I should go back to where I came from
              I asked her 5 times to get in her van and get off my property.she then threatens​ me that she will be sending the sheriff and animal control.wow .I have heard she known for stealing people s pet.apparanty she taken a Rottweiler and a expensive German Shepherd from outside owners gates.Then tries to SCAM money.Has anyone else had a problem.


          • Eureka was the first place on the west coast to outlaw chinese folks all those years ago, after paying them barely anything to build our roads here. Literally put them all on a boat and shipped them somewhere.

            To be fair, from the old stories i heard, Arcata was quite the crazy drunken brothel town back in the day while many sections of Eureka (not the waterfront) were very upscale and where the upper class lived. Hence the Carson House and all the palm trees, a sign of wealth back then.

            Highly recommend a trip to the Eureka library history room, there are lots of very interesting things there.

            And really right now look up headlines from around the state. We’re actually doin really well comparatively.
            Yes crimes gone up, as it has everywhere, but we’re also hearing about every little thing these days with the internet. I used to hear “neighborhood news” about violent acts that were not in the newspaper&not recorded by police.

          • Great reply, my thoughts exactly… pretty chill compared

          • Truth.
            Even deaths from terrorism have declined globally. Hopefully we are growing up in the US, now that we are not so isolated and pampered anymore. DT may be the last despirate tantrum of a spoiled country throwing itself on the floor of the global supermarket demanding candy. Who can blame us though …we were created by ambitious people fleeing abuse who ran away from home only to turn out more like their parents than they had intended. LOL.



          • Exactly! Well stated!
            The book “Two Peoples One Place” is a great resource for looking at the history of Humboldt, from the native perspective and from the euro-american settler perspective.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Pot growers and liberal neo hippies have destroyed large swaths across the entire country.

          Until laws can be passed to force deportation on them places will suffer.

          Anyone that isn’t stoned can see the damage marijuana does to people and communities, the crime it brings, the human trafficking growers are involved in, and how growers sit around all day planning events like 911 and how marijuana can be used to destroy the nation.

          • It is a commodity now sucka, haha, prohibition is over and this liberal neo hippie gonna cash in and start buyin the devils juice OIL!!! Banking is next and then all of us pot growing liberal neo hippies are gonna control the world you live in. Then its your guns!! MUHAHAHA!!!!!

          • conservatives not educating their kids is a coast to coast problem but you clearly have too much blind pride to understand the true source of America’s current social problem. Ohio is a good example. it went from meth to oxy to heroin. they can’t afford weed. a resource extraction state that has been managed poorly but please carry on with your idiocrasy.

  • Gosh, I wonder why the cruise ships avoid Eureka like an iceberg?

    • And the answr is...

      Because the entrance to the harbor is very hard to negotiate safely.

      I for one do not want cruise ships, our waters are polluted enough without their trash and oil. Plus the people are ibnoxious and a lot of towns end up having to gear their waterfronts to what tourists want and not the locals. Look it up. Plus there have been shootings in hospital and ups facility, etc lately. Its not just homeless addicts on the street committing violence these days.

      If you do want them and you think the crimes the issue, then go to city council meetings and supervisor meetings and state why you think it’d be a good thing. While youre at it, demand some actual help for mentally ill folks and a real plan on how to address meth and heroin abuse here.
      Otherwise stop complaining. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Pirates along the waterfront most likely, plus marijuana growers try to sink those ships to further The Marijuana Caliphate.

      Cruise ships would bring positive economic impacts and marijuana addicts despise anything positive, would not like seeing a cruise line full of people that aren’t marijuana addicts, and don’t allow free range pit bulls wearing bandannas onboard.

      The cruise ships will arrive when the last marijuana growers leave and more will arrive when the last marijuana plant is cut, and the seeds are thrown into the fire.

      • I cannot determine if you are really ironic or completely insane. Maybe you are a very intelligent tweaker trying to refocus the community outrage away from meth and onto marijuana? One thing I do not wonder about: You make my tummy hurt every time I read your writing.

  • Looks like we left just in time.
    No carnival this year. Lame.

  • That’s terrible I visited Eureka recently and found it to be lovely city, I even walked all over the city at night. I felt safe the whole time! Then again I am from LA, heh. This incident won’t scare me from coming back as I loved the people I met there – not even one of them tried to stab me.

    Best wishes for the victim I hope they are alright and that the violent criminal is convicted and jailed!

    • Yeah,this crime is almost certainly not random. The victim and perpetrator most likely got into a confrontation they didn’t​have skills to resolve. The “ghetto” in eureka is interpersed with blocks of owner-occupied homes. The gnarliest places are only a block or two in size and generally owned by one of two troubled landlords. I’ve lived in eureka for decades and have never had a problem. The new meth problem is horrifying, but generally low in random violence. By “new” I mean since psuedofed and other essential ingredients were made so hard to obtain (around 2010 I think) …it’s turned people into walking chemistry experiments….it’s horrifying. It appears to be very hard on their nuerobiological health.

  • We decided to stay home this year and BBQ and avoid the crowds and traffic… best 4th o July in years.
    Stay safe Humco.

  • I love Eureka.
    Yes it has its issues, which makes it a very real place. Meaning we have our redwood curtain and lots of fluffy feelings here, which are great, but are not realistic as to how most of the rest of the world works. Thats why so many of us came here, to try a different way.

    When i see homeless it reminds me how lucky i am to have a home. A majority of homeless are disabled/ill and quite a few are working the fishing crews and cant get enough together for first last and deposit.
    When i see stories of crime, it reminds me that some people live with that violence outside their doors 24/7. How lucky are we to have this not be the norm!
    Thank you to the person from LA for posting. My mom lives there and when i go visit her, i cant believe some of the crime stories there. Things we as a community would stand up to here, like elderly folks being jumped and beat up walking down the street.

    In big cities they tend to cluster the undesirables into the least touristy areas. We dont have anywhere to push these folks to.
    At this point it seems like it would have been better to just leave the devils playground, or at least the camp that wasnt full of gun toting jerk offs. Yes it was bad but it was pretty contained to that area.
    It is damn crazy that there were hundreds of thousands of dollars put into that trail but we have no money to actually put towards homeless/illness/mental help. That lands gonna be underwater within 3 years anyways, the waters rising that fast.

    I think a few more police on foot patrol in old town would be great. Our priority ought to be supporting the multitude of amazing small biz owners in old town, a true gem of a place.

    • Thank you for this!! I like the trail, but I am comfortable with riding my bike past the homeless. They are as much a part of my town as the housed. I still harken back to the day Dr. Lindsay lost her mind and signed the order to remove the homeless from the south jetty where they had sequestered themselves. They didn’t need relocation to solve the problems Lindsay addressed. They needed trash services, potable water, porta-potties and a police station. The wildlife is happier out there now, but that is all of who benefited from that mass eviction.

  • Spurious Truthyist

    chump…they let you off your chain again!

  • shawn the fisherman

    I for one see the threat Chump is speaking of. Could do less with his retoric, But none the less Humboldt is surrounded by a criminal culture that is based off the outlaw dope grower type of lifestyle.

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