Red Clay Attack on Garberville Yoga Studio

Broken window

A vandal broke a window at a business in Garberville last night. [All photos provided by Vanessa Mills]

Sometime between 5 p.m. yesterday and 8:15 a.m. today, someone threw lumps of red clay at the windows of 649 Bear Creek Rd.

A lump of red clay sits among shattered glass below the broken window.


“Someone tried to hit one window and it didn’t break but they threw the [clump of clay] at another window which broke,” said Vanessa Mills, the owner of Exhale Yoga and Wellness whose window was shattered.  “It’s weird because there isn’t even red clay around here.”

A neighboring store has surveillance and is going to check and see if they are able to determine a suspect.

Nothing was taken but now Mills will have to replace the window. “I have no idea how much it will cost,” she said.

If you have any information, please call (707) 223-1466.



  • Stupid. Why do people do this shit. Poor betty chinn broke into again. No morals, integrity. I’ve known addicts with morals. Sounds weird, i know.

    • Mystery of the universe. You either have morals and empathy or not. Christian, Atheist, drug user, teatotaler matters not.

  • Not so sure about ‘no red clay’ around here.
    When burning some old wood/stumps this spring, I found a bunch of red clay under them (in the root ball area). Don’t recall seeing ‘red clay’ in my 40+ years here, and wondered if the heating process had something to do with it. Have photos….

    • I think she meant in Garberville.

    • Actually Ben you can create “Slag” from heating soil to a hot enough degree that the minerals in it melt and conglomerate. I have found it in the hills behind Ferndale where the fires burned super hot way back when. Slag is often a rustic red color similar to iron rich clay or red clay. Although it is unlikely that you created it in the root wads when burning the stumps it could be possible.

  • Deputy Barney Phief

    In our county there a lot of folks with very limited social skills. Some have emotional issues. And some are just a-Holes!

    • In a Mendocino county newspaper the publisher wrote something to the order of, “if it wasn’t for weed, the county would be overrun by questionably educated, room temperature IQ minimum wage job applicants.” Just take a look around. He’s probably right.

    • Some are just a-holes: you must mean the bridge CHUMP, the fisherman, and that lettuce nut!

  • The clay you saw may have originally looked grey or silver but changed color. It’s due to the iron in the clay. When the clay is made into pots and fired they turn the red color we often identify with Native American pottery.
    There can be clay levels below the usual soil, it makes it difficult for plants to send down deep roots because it is so dense and almost impermeable. So there could be red clay around, but you wouldn’t see it if you weren’t digging down a ways (like for a well).

  • Hope the business owner has insurance or get some soon.

    And the o where should have a chat chat with the local Sheriff’s deputy on hoe to mediate future vandalism.

    I recalll reading about a film you can put on windows to prevent bullet holes and rocks awhile back. Having security cameras can assist in identifying low. Life folks causing damage.

    Sad to read about the vandalism?

  • charles engebretson

    Has a personal feel to it like a lovers spat

  • Maybe it flew of vehicle tires

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