Woman Arrested in Connection With Betty Chinn Warehouse Burglary

[All photos provided by the Eureka Police]

Eureka Police made another arrest in the Betty Chinn warehouse burglary. According to tweets by Captain Steve Watson of the EPD, his agency arrested a 32-year-old transient woman, Jade Earl, for possession of stolen property and other charges.  etc Earl had the property, including toys for homeless kids & misc. supplies, hidden under a tarp near 3rd/Commercial St. where she was staying

Watson posted,  “Earl had the property, including toys for homeless kids & misc. supplies, hidden under a tarp near 3rd/Commercial St. where she was staying.”

Stolen items



  • Saw the bust going on this morning as I walked to the Co-op. Good job EPD! Glad to see there are, on occasion, consequences for despicable behavior!

    But just BTW it’s Chinn and not Chin. Disconnect between the headline and the body of the item. 🙂

  • shawn the fisherman

    I bet ya Betty Chinn is really questioning her life decisions after this??? The one person who really did not deserve this to happen to! And they shit inside? Hard not to take personal, I bet.

    • I don’t think so. Haven’t you ever had a person you helped turn around and burn you or rip you off? You can’t help everyone. Don’t forget many of the people she is trying to change their lives for the better, have substance abuse and or mental illness problems. One bad apple won’t ruin the whole tree. Probably just a bump in the road for a person as dedicated as she is!

      • Indeed. A life lesson many of us have learned. Its sad, because it CAN make you feel less helpful to others, but then you grow up and realize you cannot blame all for the actions of a few.

    • shawn the fisherman—Betty Chin has already stated in an interview that she is not going to quit. She is moving forward and continuing on. There are far more rewarding experiences that outway the bad things these people are doing. She has a strong heart.

  • Same people arrested over and over, released to continue their crimes. Nothing is going to change around here. Just get used to it !!!

  • POS.

    The area on Third across from the St Vincent dining facility has them camping on the sidewalk and taking over that part of town every day and the city admin is letting it happen.

  • So sorry to you betty chinn.

  • So does anyone have any idea how an average, tax paying citizen or even a business can get this kind of service from the EPD following a break in or burglary? Wow, Betty sure gets first class police service. What about the rest of Eureka’s citizens?

    • charles engebretson

      No see they were so stupid they where within eyesight of the place they broke into ..literally half a block away

    • We have always had good responses from EPD, HCSO when we needed them.
      Our EPD is on this case as calls and evidence comes to them, just like always, but Chinn’s work helps us all.
      Also, the homeless are safer, i think being on,the sidewalk out by the mission and not in the woods.

  • Such a shame a homeless person did this,because they didn’t have to steal Betty would have given those items. What a slap in the face

  • I thought I saw an article about another break in at Betty Chinn’s a day or so ago but now I don’t see any mention of it!!!

  • Well I hope Betty feels the same pain as the rest of our community feels when we are violated every day.Bleeding hearts like her say its not their fault,and they just need help .

    You cant help someone who refuses to help themselves.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • I’m just glad that you pointed out the fact that’s a woman! 💃I thought it was a young man 😕

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