Body Found in the Klamath River Last Friday May Be Related to Stolen Vehicle Found in Trinity River Earlier

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeA body was found in the Klamath River by Young’s Bar off Hwy 169on Friday, June 30. About 5 p.m. a “person fishing found the body and pulled the body onto his boat,” said Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.c “The fishing person went to the nearest residence and called [finding the body] in.”

Young said that law enforcement was investigating a possible connection with the reportedly stolen vehicle located in the Trinity River on June 26. “We’re working with CHP,” he said. “It is possible. Right now we’re trying to chase down some leads.”

The body belongs to an out-of-state resident, Young said. It has been identified and the next of kin notified. However, two of the person’s grown children still need notification so the name is not yet released.

“Nothing indicates foul play,” Young said. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, July 5.

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  • As I said before, hard to imagine that if the report of the incident was accurate then the driver of the vehicle survived.

    If it was a car theft . . . well no further comment.

  • “The body belongs to an out of state resident ” I’m just wondering if he wants it back?

    • Laughed til I cried. Probably not in its current condition.

      • that was my brother and he has four children, parents and friends that are reading this trying to find out what happened to our brother son and father. I hope you never have to experience what we are going through right now just to see that it is funny to a couple of losers with nothing better to do with their time.

        • Please know that the comment sections of our local sites are notorious for having very poor taste and much speculation. I wouldn’t look for answers in comments, for disappointment is sure to follow. My condolences to you and your family.

  • Do the Klamath and the Trinity river converge somewhere? How would the body get to the Klamath from the T?

  • May the deceased’s family find comfort in knowing that a kind soul recovered the deceased relation and that they now know what happened to him.

    If you have ever experienced the horror of having a missing loved one regardless of how well or poorly they have lived their life, you will have gone through the litany of questions, anxiety and grief of not knowing if they are still alive or are they being harmed.

    It is really tragic when a relation makes choices that end up resulting in harm to others and their death.

    There are far too many lost folks in our county. Some who live less than marginal lives, and they have relatives who are living the nightmare of not having closure.

    Thank you to the fisherman, the resident and the emergency response folks involved in the recovery of the man.

    May his family be given the support they need in the coming days.

    • Well said. I, too, am wishing peace for the family.

      • Adding my kudos to this. Well said. May the family find peace and God bless this fine fisherman who went above and beyond what most of us would have done. (brainwashed by too many scary movies).

        • As a friend of the deceased, and their family, it is digusting to see how some people react to into incidents like this. I hope they never have to experience the same kind of tragedy in their own lives. To the fisherman, people on scene, and those who showed compassion in your comments, thank you. My condolences to the family , i am truly sorry that you have had to experience such a loss. To the victim, rest in peace my friend.

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