Body Found in Bay on Sunday

Body in the Bay

The body wrapped in blue plastic is being prepared for transport on the gurney. [Photo provided by a reader]

According to Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, yesterday, “the Coroner’s Office responded to a deceased individual found floating in the [Humboldt] Bay.” Young says that the body has not yet been identified. Nor is he able to release particulars on what the person looked like at this time.

However, no one has been reported missing that fits the description of the body found.

“Based on the evidence and the condition of the body there is no foul play suspected,” Young said.



  • Can’t help but speculate that it’s one of the homeless, nameless, faceless. One of the disposables in our society.

    • Disposibles? Wtf…. They are people too…

      • Agreed 100+% but sadly they are treated as such!!! Some DO deserve the criticism they get such as those who broke into Betty Chinn’s storehouse!!! They all should go to work cleaning up the mess they made!!! Especially the microwave that was defecated in!!!

    • charles engebretson

      Yeah..well I know their names..they’re not disposable to me

      • A sense of irony and appreciation for the writers meaning will serve your mental health well in the hard work you do caring for the disenfranchised Charles. That writer was commenting on the sadness of the situation in our society;he wasn’t insulting people.

    • Disposable is deplorable, but an exact description of how our politicians treat our own.
      If we the people created a country that put the people in charge over the govts, we would call it a Constitutional Republic, because we would make the Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land. We would then write a Bill of Rights to always remind the people what inalienable rights are and what limited governments means. We would then prosper and help each other. We would work, play, build, help, without fear of retaliation or penalty. Each individual would have the right and the power to donate to causes that they choose. Nobody would be forced to help one group over another with the crumbs left over from helping enemies with the main meal. We would be free.
      Oh for an Independence Day away from oppression!
      Oh be still my heart!
      If only if only if only.

      Wait… somebody did that back in the 1700’s. Some lost everything they had, including their families, careers, businesses, fortunes and … lives.
      They gave all so that we can be free from oppression from dictators and kings.
      Or so I’ve been told.

    • Shane was a wonderful person who was loved by his family and friends.

  • I hope its not another homeless veteran prayers for person and families

    • 22 Vets commit suicide EVERY DAY, in this country, it’s LONG past time to stop it!!! GO Team Amvets!!!!

  • My condolences to the family. This is many deaths lately.

  • He is not homeless

  • Loleta Bull Farmer

    I’m sure the coroner was there to check his pockets for cash..The whole shit show of leo’ officials pawning peoples estate .wtf?.it’s gonna have me thinking when a sad someone dies with no family the vultures will circle ..poor dude ..hope he had someone that cared…I sure the way…I also care if his shoes end up at Anglins .. I’m so pissed off an will never forgive those fricken bottom feeders..please vote

  • Seems funny all these dead body’s being found in creeks rivers but they always say no faul play how all these ppl just firing for no damn reason do ya damn job an investigation needs to be done with all individuals. What if it was u dead An someone killed u An us ppl say oh no faul play because u to lazy to do your job or u know who’s doing it but u just don’t care I’m sorry but there needs to be FBI involved in on this area of humbolt county hayfork an Trinidad areas cause to many ppl firing for no reason

    • I also knew Shane…he was an awesome person and a good friend for a lot of years!!! He was not a veteran and was not a homeless person…he had a lot of people who loved him, and care very much that he is gone…Foul Play, my ass…Shane would never have just been swimming around in the bay to drown, and it just seems like a bunch of bullshit to me that there hasnt been an investigation into this…how’d he end up floating in the bay???
      Where’s his personal belongings??? (Car…cell phone…guitar…etc.) It seems to me that if you’re from somewhere else besides Eureka or Humboldt, they’ll call it an accident…no foul play…with nothing to back this up!!! Prove there was no foul play…because some people on this earth really gave a shit about this man!!!

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