One Deceased After Wake Boarding Accident

Ambulance at Ruth Lake

[Photo provided by a reader]

About 5:30 p.m., a wakeboarding accident on Ruth Lake injured a man. The man was brought to the Ruth Lake dock and first responders performed CPR. However, this was unsuccessful, according to a witness.

UPDATE Monday: Name of Wakeboarder Killed in Accident Yesterday Released



  • Prayers for the family. I hope some details come out, so that Mabey we can learn from this. My kids wake board and I’ve seen some bad crashes but never a severe injury or death. I wonder if a helmet would of helped. What a tragedy 😞

  • John was a really good person. RIP

    • Why name names so early after the death. I feel its sooo disrespectful to the family. Give them some privacy.

      • All they said was john that can still be anybody i know a lot of johns

      • Privacy? Ok,but now I know it wasn’t my friend, so it was respectful to me. IDK what’s right

        • Whats right is to give the family some space. No name need to be posted until all family is notified of the death. As a mother i would be horrifyed to find out on fb that my child, spouse or loved one had died. So to post the persons name on social media just mere hours after the death is heartbreaking and wrong wrong wrong!

          • sucks either way forever

            We also have friends who wakeboard at Ruth. Scary, and hope it’s not them. The name kinda eliminates worry about those it isn’t too. Accidents happen. it’s doesn’t make it go away by pretending it didn’t happen. It will be hard to confront it today, or ten years from now.

      • As long as it’s just a first name I feel it’s ok, imo, now I know it’s not my family member which are all out there but I couldn’t make it this weekend, I was freaking out until I heard the name, if it was a name I recognized I would be headed that way and trying to contact someone to make sure , condolences to all involved I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Somebody with kind words that knows the person involved is not disrespectful. Someone who doesn’t know the person involved telling others how to act and mourn…. Now that is disrespectful! If you think there is only one John in this world you should have your head checked!

      • I was aware the family already knew.

    • Sorry for your loss and ignor the people about mentioning the name early obviously you were close if you new his name so soon RIP

    • Sorry for your loss ignor the disrespectful people obviously he was close to the him or you wouldn’t have known his name so soon RIP

    • was his last name Boak

  • charles engebretson

    Dangit…condolences to the poor family…be careful our there folks..

  • Rest in paradise

  • Rest in peace person who is a stranger to me.I hope it was quick and you felt no pain. Condolences to the family or families even though those words wont help right now. Read the positive comments and nothing else. This person isn’t just a nother story to you. Inevitably some comments may cause pain. I hope mine does not. Hug eachother close and I am thinking of those left behind .May peace be with you all eventually, that is my hope. My heart goes out to you.

  • I’m glad they named his first name. My first worry was one of my family members. Prayers and condolences to the family.

  • Condolences to the family.and to ” read” I’m so sorry for your friend. God Bless you all. Please folks be safe,be alert,and please follow the rules so everyone is safe.

  • What I do not understand is why are all of you having hateful words between each other behind the horrible death of an individual. To me that’s just wrong.

  • What a tragedy so sorry for the family 😢

  • He will be so missed 💔 and please leave the people that love and knew him alone 😢

  • My deepest condolences to this person’s loved ones. R.I.P. dear adventurous and fun spirit.

  • Wakeboarding safety tips might be a good public service announcement going into summer fun.

    list of safety tips

  • I would personally like to thank the lady in the grey dress with dark hair who helped us responders. You worked so hard along side of us and we appreciate your efforts. We are here to support you in this tragic time if you need just contact southern trinity area rescue.And to the family and friend our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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