For Better or Worse: A Wife Struggles to Find Help for Her Sick Husband

Liz cuddihyLiz Cuddihy’s husband Mike has been suffering from neck pain since he broke his neck in 2009. In an attempt to relieve the pain on May 24, the Southern Humboldt resident received a cervical epidural steroid injection in his neck. The injection affected his spinal cord and paralyzed him from his chest down.

After that, he was in rehabilitation psychical therapy at General Hospital in Eureka, said Cuddihy. He then was released to come home June 17 in his wheelchair unable to walk. He has been going to Redwood Memorial physical therapy once a week. Mike also has appointments down in San Francisco with his neurologist and spinal cord specialist that may have a possible treatment for him but, Liz Cuddihy explained, “I need funding for that.”

She’s hoping that the community can help. If you would like to send a donation, an account has been opened at the Wells Fargo in Fortuna. The account number is 1088978331. You can approach your bank for directions on how to transfer money from your account to Cuddihy’s directly.

UPDATE: You can also donate to the Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt at account # 19044.



  • I'm so sorry for ya

    It is messed up that pain clinics are even allowed to perform this “minimally invasive procedure” and without even looking at your x-rays or MRI—from my experience anyway. Seems like if anyone is to perform this procedure that it should be a spine specialist, not a pill doctor. The pain clinics are forcing patients to take the procedure in order to receive their pain meds now. It’s more of a game than a treatment, so they don’t look like just some certified drug dealers, and all because of the opioid epidemic, doctors wrongly prescribing to junkies abusing narcotics, etc.

    I hope you all find a way to deal with this nightmare, and get all the funding you need. God bless you all!!!

  • They need to get an attorney. They should have known it had the possibility of paralyzing him.

    • Ya and 100 other possibilities they make you sign away to do the procedure . Are you going to not do the procedure when your in chronic pain ? The doctors always say that the procedure is safe and they just have to inform you of the possibilities and that it’s a 1 in a 1000 chance blah blah . They still get paid you get no assurances and no recourse .

      • Same with vaccines people. Pharmaceutical companies are 100% exempt from any laibility. If you have a severe side effect or die from vaccines, its no ones fault.
        Sad story. I hope he finds relief soon.

  • How heartbreaking. You’re a great wife. Wish I could help. Prayers to you both.💖🙏

  • Suggest she also open an account at Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt in Garberville. Then publicize the account number (and set up an interview on the KMUD News). They are more likely then to capture some of the cash flowing ’round this area….

  • Wow, great article!, thank you as my attorney is pushing me to get this done to “better my settlement” after a car accident left me with a broken neck, I made my desicion before reading this but this just solidified my choice.

  • Michelle Steele

    She could also set up a Go Fund Me page where people can donate money, go to Angel funds and they will help her with food and fuel expense. These are also alternatives. Just saying there is help out there.

  • Kimberly Finley

    My husband had epidurals done at the VA Hospital in San Francisco for back pain and these were done using x-ray technology and they still hit his spinal bone several times. Now there is a calcium buildup. He won’t have anymore done because it’s not worth the pain he experiences while they perform it.

  • This site has interesting articles on pain and on the Opioid war….
    Many people are being pushed into treatments they would not ordinarily use
    as Drs. refuse to treat pain patients.

    Blessings & prayers to Liz Cuddihy & husband Mike.

  • My heart hurt reading this. I’m sure I can help a little.

  • I feel for you in a number of ways. I have inoperable spinal stenosis or at least they will not operate until I can not walk or use the bathroom. I had spinal injections at UCSF and they worked for a couple of weeks, at $8,000 a pop.

    But UCSF has programs for folks who cannot afford their services. Ask them if they have something for you. Maybe you already have and they don’t. When I went out on disability, my medical insurance went away. Until my disability ran out, I could not qualify for other medical because I made too much money What a joke! In a year, I qualified for Social Security Disability so I didn’t have to file bankruptcy. File now for SSD because it will take at least a year to process. I was lucky, having been a bureaucrat in another life and was able to file and qualify without a lawyer.

    If they ever do surgery on me, it will cost $250,000 which I don’t happen to have lying around. So, I just do the best I can. Luckily, I can still get around a little. If you need any information, just let me know through Kym’s website and I will contact you.

  • horrible person

    Our family would like to donate some basic car service to this family if they happen to need it we own a local auto shop . Although we cannot donate money at this time we would like to donate our services to this family.

    • Thank you for the offer for your services, if it is possible i would like to take you up on it when we are headed to San Francisco, I’m not sure how we can get in contact with each other maybe through Kim
      Thank you so very much Mike

  • Spurious Truthyist

    jew gold’? Wtf, stop……..just stop!

  • This person needs to be banned.

  • Should consider paypal or gofundme.

  • Amimissingsomething

    Linda S., Did you really have to say that? If Kym was seeing this…… you would never have the opportunity too comment on this page again.

  • Liz Cuddihy I’m very sorry about your husband. I receive this procedure every 3 months. Your husband’s experience terrifies me if there’s some way that you can tell me privately where this happened it would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    What about the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)? This is why the personal mandate is so important. Otherwise, nobody signs up until they get hurt or sick.

    Oh, I forgot, the ACA is shutting down now because our billionaire president hates it, doesn’t need it and Republican Reps and Senators in Congress already have excellent insurance and hate it for their constituents.. Happy Birthday America.

  • Sorry to hear this.. unfortunately, our amazing modern medicine often tried to fix the symptoms and the real root of problems and pain are never fixed or even addressed. It’s a business, and there are many local sustainable alternatives to always getting a “doctor” to look prescribe you something. Check out some of the herbalists at the farmers market, they are more knowledge than you think about the body and plants. And I’m not talking about weed!! Although I hear it can be good for pain.

  • So sorry to hear this!! The pain management treatments are riduculous these days, the potential side effects being worse than the ailment. But when youre in horrible chronic pain youve gotta try whatever you can.
    I highly recommend CBD’s, you can research different strains that are good for pain as well as finding a flower that is very very low in THC if you dont want the “stoner” effect. Check out some of our absolutely amazing local strains of true medicine, like Ringos strains.

    Also getting cranial sacral treatment, it is incredibly gentle and effective. If nothing else it moves bones, muscles, etc back into place. It works with the cranial fluid in your body. Has helped my pain flareups.

    Sending love and hope a release from the monetary stress comes quickly and easily.

  • mike tryed to send some cash through the bank to address and act given but they required a phyical address on the transfer form

  • no they wanted my phyical address and yours to do a bank to bank transfer dont ask me why after i got finished filling out all the paper work to do the transfer they would not let me because they want your home address on the form good greif hey just call me at the store or stop in with out saying any names im the guy who pumps your propane hope your feeling better, and that cortizone is absorbed back into your system

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