[UPDATE 4:56 p.m.] Chevy Truck Ran A Motorcycle off Hwy 36, According to Scanner Reports

Traffic Collision Car AccidentJust before 4 p.m., between mile marker 34 and 35 on Hwy 36, a white Chevy truck pulling a camper trailer allegedly ran a motorcycle off a cliff on the westbound side, according to traffic over the scanner.

An ambulance and Cal Fire is responding to the scene.

UPDATE 4:56 p.m.: The motorcyclist was located at mile marker 38 and appears to be uninjured.



  • If it is as reported it would NOT sadly be a large surprise the way some of those driving trucks on this road drive!!! That is as if they got their Driver’s License from a box/bag/ WTF ever of Cracker Jack snack as the “Toy Surprise” inside!!!!

    • Yeah. Happened to me on a ride from Legget down Hwy 1 towards Westport. A rice-rocket and not some grow-bro, but the consequences to the rider are similar!

      • I’m sure the excuse was the classic”I didn’t see them” if it’s true!!! I’m hoping it isn’t true!!!

  • Also I’m sure Bridgeville Fire is responding as well!!!

  • Deputy Barney Phief

    Where did you learn to drive? COOKING SCHOOL?

  • Driven by Coors.

  • Hi Kim think the 4:56AM might be a typo? PM right?

  • The traffic on this road is officially insane. I’m afraid to ride on 36 anymore. Bad enough in a car. Sure would be nice to own a tank.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Buy one from The Bulgies certainly they can get you an older Soviet era model, might even get a track suit thrown in for free.
      Look into it if it will make you feel safer.

  • Thay got there license at sears

  • So glad to be gone

    Humboldt county… the greatest place to be AWAY from!

  • I just spoke with the motorcyclist involved with this. He stated that nobody ran him off the road, and that a vehicle that was reported having gone off the road yesterday was discovered near his bike. Photo is of what’s left of the bike. He’s got a bit of road rash and is a little stiff, but is otherwise okay.

    • Good to hear that other than a bit of stiffness & a tad of road rash he’s OK!!! So it was the vehicle that couldn’t be found yesterday eh???!!!

  • As if 36 isn’t bad enough, as of late there has been people on bicycles. Really? Are you serious? I’m all for bikes and sharing the roads, but it makes it very dangerous for all involved. Please do not ride your bikes on 36

  • >”As if 36 isn’t bad enough, as of late there has been people on bicycles. Really? Are you serious?”

    I came up on a bike on 299… riding in the middle of the lane… at about 5 mph on a blind curve. Had to swerve into the other lane to miss him.

    Blatant disregard for other peoples safety.

    • The “crotch rockets” have NO respect for others! I wonder if he is the guy who went by my house(45mph zone)at 80plus!!!!! they ALL think they “can keep it under control”…NEVER a thought of others! Grrrrr Harley riders…I love you…respect for others!

  • Geeze I’m glad he’s ok.wow lucky to be above ground!!!

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