[UPDATE 1:30 p.m.] Whew! That’s Good News!

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Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On 06/29/2017, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Humboldt Area continued our investigation into a traffic collision which resulted in a vehicle submerged within the Trinity River off of Highway 96. At first it was believed that the vehicle was occupied and that there was a possible fatality as a result.  With the assistance of Trinity County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Divers and Yurok Tribal Search and Rescue boat we were able to confirm that there was not a body within the vehicle.  A search of the surrounding area was conducted and no one was found. Thank you to Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, Hoopa Tribal, and Yurok Tribal PD for your assistance.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: According to CHP spokesperson Cy May, the vehicle in the water is a stolen Hyundai that was taken June 23 from the Hoopa area off Tish Tang Road.

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  • So did they locate the driver or was the rig stolen?

    • I updated with the information that the vehicle was stolen.

      • Kym, last night a body was recovered from the Klamath River ( believe this one was also down near Young’s Bar) and picked up by the Coroner at about 8:30pm. Do you know, or can you find out anything about it?

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Perhaps the person was able to get out of the car but was injured and is dead somewhere close to scene hence the foul smell and the buzzards?! One of many scenarios possible.

  • Or stolen car (no plates) & no driver? Of course the cost to the environment and public services we pay.

  • Well… at least they didn’t burn it !

  • Just My Opinion

    What about the VIN number? It took so long for them to get a diver, the body probably washed away and now it will be found at the mouth and labeled as unknown person in the river, instead of wreck victim!

  • What about the body they just found down river, in the river? Funny how there was a body then there wasn’t!

    • At approx. 8:30pm the person driving the Coroner’s van (Coroner?, Deputy Coroner? Some random guy?) was headed down river to pick up a body, not in a house, but a body found in the river. Yet, I can’t find anything about a body being found down river on 6/30/17…

  • The Buzzards got tired of circling around. And it was too hard to resist the scent. So they decided to dive in, and get the bodies out.

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey_vulture
    They don’t go fishing and if there was a carrion odor they’ve probably already taken care of the carcass.

  • Born & Raised in Hoopa

    Everyone is focusing on “The Buzzards and foul Smell”, and assuming that it is a Human body they are after! The locals are fishing this time of year, and someone might have gutted their fish right there! There could have been any other dead animal around the area!

  • How can it be reported there is a dead body, then later retract it?

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