Ford Expedition on Its Roof; Hwy 299 Blocked

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAbout 2 miles west of Willow Creek at mile post 36.44, a Ford Expedition rolled over on Hwy 299 about 3:25 p.m.The roadway is reported to be blocked, according to traffic over the scanner.

UPDATE: Two way controlled traffic, according to the incident commander.



  • ANOTHER???!!! Holy Crap!!!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Again? Texting or DUI?

  • Berzerkistania

    Blame the DMV, handing out drivers licenses for 20 dollars.

  • Section has brand new pavement too…

  • I came through a few minutes after the accident. The road crew hadn’t packed the shoulder back up to the edge of the new asphalt yet. It looked like the driver caught a wheel off the edge of pavement, then over corrected back onto the roadway. Drive aggressively safe my friends.

  • Yeah this is Chas Ross I was in the wreck I was the passenger I was sleeping something woke me up the driver was taking one of my cigs not looking at the road. I looked at the road and the driver tires on the passenger side were of in the gravel I said watch out and she jerked the wheel left we got sideways then she swerved right and we did a one 80 the back of the exspdition hit the hill side and rolled over gas started leaking I started kicking the window she said there is a way out she had a window that was already busted before the crash we crawled out threw the broken glass I had a dream about a crash a month before it happened and I had my Jesus shirt on thank u jesus

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