Black Hawk Up: Piercy Residents Report Multiple Sightings

Helicopter military style (Cannabis?)

This still from a video shows a military style helicopter flying in the Piercy area today. [Image provided by a reader]

So…we don’t know what it is about yet but this Black Hawk helicopter flew low over the Piercy area from around 10:30 to 11:30 this morning.

In response to a query if he had heard a helicopter near him, a reader from the Piercy area wrote back,

Hear it? How about felt it. Blackhawk helicopter, two guys sitting in each side door. He flew heavily out Piercy Creek and then went up Indian Creek. He flew over my house so low I could probably pick the guys sitting in the doors out of a lineup. Kind of reminds me of the good old days.

UPDATE 12:27 p.m.: We’ve contacted the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office and requested to know whether this is connected to an operation in the area.



  • Sessions is moving in on Humboldt County. The good ole days are over.

    • Sessions so far has been about as useful as a bucket under a bull—nothing but bullshit to show for the effort. In case you haven’t noticed since 2014 Congress won’t give him permission to spend a dime to move against states with legalized pot. Except for the occasional idiot nabbed in federal cases of interstate transport and money laundering, enforcement is up to the state and counties to manage black market grows.

      • It costs a mint to get straight with all the State permits to be legal. It isn’t just the county that wants a piece of the action. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a California National Guard helicopter. Maybe they are going to go to town on the big grows not paying up.

    • How serious can you take someone on a particular issue, when said person is not even serious about keeping his job, and offers his resignation?..

    • Can you say “paranoia?” Session and Trump could give two shits about cannabis unless it directly connected to the cartel. Stop listening to liberal media BS, unless you enjoy being paranoid. Trump is about revenue and knows that the majority of Republicans what cannabis legalized. Why don’t you check and see how many raids there are this year and compare it to prior years. That will give you your answer.

      • Astute Listener

        Your assertions regarding new AG Sessions don’t hold water; and conflict with his public statements. The government does face challenges with more states moving towards legalization (Yea Nevada!) I heard the chopper this morning as well. Flying low over Brooktrails; about an hour before this sighting.

  • I know of someone who had his pilots license suspended for flying under 500 feet.
    Are the rules different for helicopters?

  • Looks like the “C.h.u.m.p.”, knew what he was talking about! Hide the women, children, and pit bulls. They’re are coming to take you away, Ho, Ho, Hee, Hee, Ha, Ha!

  • God I hope it’s the feds. Miss the good old days !!

  • That was just the recon. The raid comes soon.

  • No chicken little

    Yes different rules for fixed wing 1k agl. Helicopter are about anything goes.

  • Is that Airwolf?

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Thanks Doglips, i remember Airwolf…. Don’t remember the plot, just the helicopter fights.. when I was a kid, we had an escape route to run if C.A.M.P. showed up. A trail we called the Hobbit Trail. It followed a creek ending at Whitethorn Construction, doubled as a trail to meet the school bus too.

  • It has been awhile since the feds rolled into town with a fancy operational name, like operation green sweep or operation green merchant. I would love to see about 50 black SUVs roll into town with a press release naming the start of summer long Operation Green Greed or Operation Hoophouse.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    If only we were seeing Apache helicopters with full load out, supporting an armored column with orders to find every single marijuana plant.

    This is a good start, and it may be the resolution of the image, but I don’t see the video camera that films the marijuana terrorists as they run in fear, or drive off in Toyota trucks leaving pit bulls wearing bandannas behind.

    • That bird has tons of sexy capability. FLIR that can see the heat from your footsteps after you are gone, can read your drivers license if you hold it up from miles away, radar for nap of the earth flying in the dark, aerial refueling capability with extra fuel tanks inside, mounts for machineguns in both side windows, laser targeting capability, satellite communications for over the horizon surveillance and yes it records video. It’s used by special forces and search and rescue teams. It’s cameras can use facial recognition software to ID you at over ten miles. If it wants to keep tabs on you, you will never see it happening. With extra fuel tanks and an auto hover mode that keeps the bird within three feet of where you punch the button, this thing can hover for hours and hours, observing you with auto track from a distance you cannot see or hear it while the pilot takes a nap. If it wants your lunch, it’s gonna have it. Hell, it even has a Disco Ball.

    • The only terrorist here is you chump.
      You turn on your own neighbors and community members and call in your best friends.. while youre out planting your own herb garden.
      As you continue to act as if you flow against the current here… it may just pull you under… for good.

    • CartOnTopOfHorse

      “Only when the last seed is burned in fire, will we be safe. “

  • Batten down the hatches; they’re coming. This is exactly the type of helicopter I saw the week before they raided off 96 a couple of years ago. Hope your deps are close. Salvage what you can while you can.

  • Isn’t Indian Creek mostly timber company land?

  • We saw lear asset with them this week on the roadside setting and law enforcement working together.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Saw them Wednesday morning flying low and hard at Hansen Ranch close to the river

  • “I pity the fool”

  • They are called l.e.a.r asset management. They are allowed to come onto your land with machine guns and confinscate your crops some how. Doesnt sound very lawful. They work with some state boards I believe.

    • They are the ones who shit in gardens without burying it.
      It would be funny if someone went to their home and did the same.

  • Same chopper or type was in Healdsburg a few days ago. Interesting.

  • Interesting (L.E.A.R. Asset) article from TIME magazine written in 2014. The company has a 707 area code.

  • That’s not a private security helicopter. It’s almost certainly a CA national guard Pavehawk from the 129th Rescue Squadron at Moffett field. They are probably the closest state/federal helicopter resource to the north coast. I see these helicopters used for raids every year. I also highly doubt it has that kind of surveillance capability. Doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary to me.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Just need about 4 dozen more flying around the clock and the marijuana scourge will be gone.

      Chinooks carrying IFV with earth mover attachments could simply bury marijuana gardens, which is faster than cutting plants.

      If the military was used against these terror groupings to deploy proper eradication gear, every garden could be buried under large berms within two weeks.

      We need an aircraft carrier offshore to refuel and hold suspected marijuana growers until trial.

      Let’s just hope this is the start of something big, and not Southern Sweep style.

      It’s been long waiting to Make America Great Again with a focus on the real danger being marijuana growers and not North Korea.

      • Told you you were a terrorist supporting our nucleur enemy.
        Maybe theyll draw a big target om your pot farm chump!!

      • It’s getting hard having to skip so many chump posts.
        Pace yourself dude. It’s hard to scan past when the guy is as much as half the posts.

  • In our time, no foreign army has ever occupied American soil. Until now…

    [The Eckerts head to the mountains with some friends]
    Jed Eckert: Matt and I have been coming up to these mountains with our dad our whole lives. We can hunt, we can fish, we can stay up here a long, long time.
    Robert: How long, Jed?
    Jed Eckert: [indicating the jets above them] Until we don’t hear that no more.

    Red Eye Dawn up yo self

  • Good to see, hope it will bring on many raids. You fools who say be ready, hide, move your stash, etc……I say hope you are getting paranoid and not sleeping well. I hope they come and find your stash, your pot, and take it all. The good ol’ days, no, not even close. Those were not good ol’ days, those were childhood memories that spawned children thinking that breaking the law was okay, grew up living like criminals, and now those offspring are growing mega grows, or dealing meth, or worse.

    Bring it on, bring in the Feds, Sheriffs, anybody that is going to help us rid our hills of mega grows and remove this environmental armageddon. Fish need water!!

    • Berzerkistania

      Wake up and smell the bacon, its legal now, most mega grows are compliant, times have changed if you haven’t noticed,the hind tit will have to do all though its small and deformed.
      Talk to the shoes if you dont like it, nothings going to change. Its all the county has,the green rush has just started!

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        Wow, I think not…

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Not trying to spread fear but this may not be the case at all, fed are definitely looking into things at the moment in other legal states, I have been wondering when CA would happen. This particular helicopter might not be anything, but they are definitely interested in legal grows. They just came in and looked at the tracking systems and CA doesn’t have one. I keep up on what’s happening in WA CO OR and CA. Feds are active right now in this industry.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        The Devil’s Lettuce is still very illegal, you must be incredibly stoned to think otherwise, really stoned.

        Marijuana terror groups have gotten lazy, toss garbage everywhere, dress their pit bulls with neon bandannas, keep money next to their stash, even too lazy to check the running lights on smugvlermobiles!

        When.people get lazy and slack, nothing good comes from it.

        With so many lazy people profiling themselves as Lettuce heads, it’s time for a great culling and that’s why the military is being deployed.

        Blame those who stand out, talk loud, act untouchable….

        Most of all blame The Devil’s Lettuce for leading so many down The Emerald Path to folly and a life of crime.

        When a marijuana plant falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

        Lettuce Isn’t Love, Love Isn’t Lettuce.

  • There’s a whole new perspective on drugs now that Trump administration is in command. Whole lot different than the Obama Dumbass liberals thought they had it in the bag with hillary as the successor. Now run you curs and tell all the other curs the laws comin.

    • You really should get some help for that Paranoia complex of yours!!! I hate to break it to you but Ca just legalized Cannabis use recreationally as well as continuing use Medically also, in the last election!!!

      • CartOnTopOfHorse

        Dan those may be trolls, but what I said is real. Look up Washington merijuana tracking. Colorado MED corruption. Oregon got a visit from the Feds. I know inside information to some degree. The Feds are flying over legal grows in other legal states. Iv seen it with my own eyes. For some reason CA hasn’t been targeted yet. I’m not claiming it will but they are very interested.
        In my opinion they won’t chop, they will compile information then it’s all paperwork after that. True they have done nothing up to current as far as taking action, they are building up awareness of the industry and they don’t like untracked grows. They have said so. CA has no tracking right now and these grows are not even state legal. The “it’s legal” argument is a maybe right now at best. Personally I think things will be fine but there are no guarantees.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Last time I checked, California was part of the Federal Reserve System, which operates prisons and a 98% conviction rate.

        You’re very mistaken and likely one that can’t keep a secret meaning your activities brought the heat.

        Odds are you’re nearly as much of a traitor that Julia Butterfly was in wrecking communities.

        If all you’ve known is flaunting…

        You have no clue as to The Magic, which gives me hope the armored column with helicopter support has your GPS.

        Post Jerry Lettuce Heads are nothing but heat…

        build a fire to cool off.

        • Chump is OG

        • I feel like chump eats his prescription pills all day long while talking down on weed. Chump your are a complete slave to society, you would prolly jump off a cliff if it was the new agenda against marijuana. Go ahead and talk crap about pot, but when you have seen it save lives due to peoples lack of health (like I have) your mind might change. You truly are the the type of people that ruin our country. You must think your opinion is the only one that matters.[edit]

          • You need to do yourself, and us all a favor and please throw your internet device (whatever it may be) out the window.

          • CartOnTopOfHorse

            How did you miss it lol, he use to be a grower. He’s also an old school head. The devil lettuce trolling is partly a joke but I think he is disgusted by the new gen of growers. Who knows how well he did in his day. He also made a solid point or 2. In that post. Kinda interesting to see the real him slip through the cracks.

  • Reminding all the trolls that marijuana is a plant…an Herb with unlimited medicinal qualities and also to mention can be used for rope and cloth… fuel …building materials Etc… wake up people!

  • I saw a black hawk cruising over the south end of Brooktrails in Willits around 9am a couple days ago. It looked like it was heading out twords 1st,2nd,3rd gate and Sherwood rancheria. Later that day I had to run to ukiah off 101 saw the sheriffs black chopper flying over pine mountain my cousin later said it flew down Blackhawk on the opposite side of 101 across from the cal fire station on the top of the grade. When I got to ukiah I saw the Lear blue and white copter cruising north. I looks like their going for it this year targeting the bigger rual grows first.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    ALL you dopers, you are being watched!

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