Officer Shooting This Morning Began With Pursuit of a Stolen Vehicle

Del Norte County Sheriff's Office DNCSO BlurCommander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department said this morning’s officer-involved shooting began with a pursuit of a stolen vehicle.

Steven said that one of his officers has “been shot but he’s stable…I talked to him…”

Steven also said the suspect “has been shot. He has multiple gunshot wounds. I have no idea what his status is.”

The incident began this morning when an officer from the California Highway Patrol began a pursuit of a stolen vehicle which led to a wooded area of Crescent City, he explained. Two suspects allegedly fled on foot from the stolen vehicle.

Steven said that deputies from the Del Norte CountySheriff’s Office came to the assistance of the Highway Patrol.

“While searching for the two [suspects] in the brush, the male subject initiated a gun battle with the officers,” Steven said. A deputy was then shot in the shoulder and the male suspect received multiple gunshot wounds. A female suspect was arrested.

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office also issued the following statement:

With regards to the officer involved shooting this morning, The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the community and multiple agencies for their outpouring of support.

One DNSO Deputy sustained a gunshot wound during the incident and is currently stable and receiving medical attention.

Two suspects were taken into custody, one of whom is also being treated for gunshot wounds.

As multiple agencies are involved in a very in-depth investigation, information will be limited at this time.

Again, thank you for your support.

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  • i’m so glad i’m not a cop. seems to be open season on them.

    • Veterans friend

      What an ill informed statement.
      Over 1500 citizens were killed by police last year.
      Fewer than 100 police were killed by citizens.
      Open season on WHO?
      I am not in favor of shooting ANYONE but facts matter.

      • curiouser and curiouser

        Innocent till PROVEN guilty.

      • Thank the gods you are not in law enforcement. You probably believe in shoot first, ask questions later.

      • perhaps he thinks they were walking little old ladies across the street!

      • Oh yes, cause cops go out and just shoot people. If you are not ill informed than you are just plain ignorant. You can’t blame the cops for shooting people committing crimes that cause the shooting

      • Considering the ratio of police officers to the general public is about 3.4/1000, your statement confirms it is much more dangerous to be an officer then a regular citizen.

      • This Is Kinda Fun

        I’m not a numbers guy. But how about you look at the percentage of the general population that was killed by law enforcement vs the percentage of officers killed.

      • [edit] Has it ever occurred to you the reason cops kill more bad guys is because of training and tactics? Not to mention they are thrust in these situations rather than look for them?

      • insignificant citizen


      • 1500 is microscopic relative to total population

      • Seriously?!? [edit] This cop shot happens to be the father of my daughter and a very good man who has not only served the community as a police officer but also the Untied States as a marine.

        • I pray for your husband. He sounds like a wonderful husband and father. I’m so sorry y’all are going through this.
          Prayers for a speedy recovery 🙏🏼😇🙏🏼

      • Police are citizens too. The word you are looking for is “criminals”! Once you figure that out you might be able to breathe again as your head is obviously up your rear. And I used to be one of the officers who dealt with some of Del Norte’s worst, and Pelican Bay draws a lot of dirtbags! P.S. you definitely are not a veterans friend as most police are vets!

    • Yes. And I am glad I am not a black man (specifically for the reasons in context of this post).

      • Jennie from the city

        Someone has always gotta throw a race card in. Did you know that more blacks kill blacks than police kill blacks?Fact. Tired of the race card. By the way these were police on white crack head trash.

  • shoot at a cop end result is there probably going to shoot back,steeling cars is never a good idea either, and with that comment I am groot

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I wonder if their marijuana grow will be found.
    Marijuana causes addicts to steal cars and engage in gun battles.

    That is why it is commonly referred to as The Devil’s Lettuce.

    Atleast these people were stopped and their plans for another 911 are finished.

    • Ya ya, orlon, halon, devils cabbage, marijuana addicts, 911, la la la.

      I hope you find something to do and get back on yr meds,,,

    • It does? Hmmmmm…Maybe if they mixed it with their every day doses of meth and other drugs…..then maybe it would make them feel giddy and stuff!!! But other than that, it’s not the weed that makes them do stupid stuff like stealing vehicles and gun battles…….weed calms people down, at least it does me and a lot of others that I know!

  • Most people who shoot at cops miss due to lack of training and practice. That is why there are more people shot by the police. Police have the train and constant practice with their weapons. Generally it’s simple, don’t shoot at law enforcement, and they won’t shoot back. I won’t say there aren’t some bad cops, but they are few and far between.

    • Hahahahahahah is why it usually takes the average cop 50 rounds to hit the person they are shooting at? Hate to see one who is not trained, o wait Epd my bad. However I do agree with the last part of your last statement.

  • I’m glad he will be okay and I hope they catch the bad guy.

    • Shak, I dunno where your mind is, but the bad guy was shot too. And arrested. Soo ya, try to pay attention. Might be on the test later.

  • Compared to other areas in the Nation, our local law enforcement officers appear to be restrained. The escalation of crime in our community is alarming. Heroin, opiates, and meth are turning good people into criminals and destroying the future of our community

  • Don't break the law

    Omg… some of the responses are mind-boggling. .
    AND IF THAT WAS YOUR CAR STOLEN WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Oh go ahead keep it , I’ll get another? F*#£.

  • This guy is also a sex offender so he Probley deserved everything he got coming to him

  • What a brave Deputy

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