Complaints Led to Yesterday’s Raid of McKinleyville Man’s Property, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department

Brett Visser collageThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit began to investigate the legality of the marijuana grow site on the parcels owned by Brett Visser after receiving several complaints. The complaints surrounded illegal marijuana activities occurring on the properties located in the Mosquito Creek drainage off of US Forest Service Route 1. After conducting surveillance, several potential environmental violations were determined to be associated with the large commercial cannabis site which had not yet been issued a Commercial Cannabis permit. After the Commercial Cannabis Application and surveillance information was reviewed, HCSO DEU had reason to believe that Brett Visser was using the Humboldt County Commercial Cannabis Permit process as a cover for trafficking marijuana and that several felony environmental violations were being committed. Evidence located at the scene supports those facts.

Earlier Chapter: $80,000 and 758 Pounds of Marijuana Seized When Multiple Properties Raided Belonging to McKinleyville Couple



  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    So it’s all complaint-driven. The sheriff will do nothing on his own but if we pile on complaints then maybe something will happen? Okay then- let’s all start filling up that complaint line! Call in all the assholes and ugly scenes you encounter. Let’s get some bad growers and jerks busted!

  • You big growers should take the time to get to know your neighbors. Maybe sell some pounds for the mom and pop down the hill. Maybe take some interest in the neighborhood and the local environment. Maybe make the time to keep things tidy and clean. Run your show like a professional.

  • I don’t believe it.

  • This guy got greedy 😈😈 when is enough enough? Polluting or rivers and streams !! I agree with Scooter also 😉

  • Yesterday’s front page Times Standard “Supes revamp pot enforcement unit” it goes on to say that the strategy of complaint driven is not longer the way it will be done. The Board directed the beefed up code enforcement unit to self-initiate investigations into marijuana farms. 3 new people will be hired AND they will be located in the Planning Building. mmmm low hanging fruit – those who filed their initial paperwork but are not completing the application. It looks those fools signed up to be busted.

    Rooting for compliant farmers! It has been a crazy process but you should be rewarded by the State with first review priority. And the market will be looking for your products in 2018. Hope pricing will soar for you!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    People should always take time to report marijuana growers and their terrorist activities.

    Marijuana caused 911 and Assad was growing marijuana when he used chemical weapons, plus Hitler grew marijuana. Hitler needed a bigger grow and invaded Ukraine.

    These are facts, and always remember that every bad thing happening in the world is caused by marijuana.

    Report growers to multiple agencies and make sure to mention they have long beards, seem to pray facing east, and keep talking about some type of Marijuana Caliphate-

    That’s the sure way to get them raided so these growers can be stop before they topple even more skyscrapers in their quest for the next 911.

    • What color is the sky in your world, chump?

    • Every bad thing comes down to greed. It can’t do anything without your intention. The same plant also helps epileptic children control their seizures.

      • Have seen the help in Childrens epileptic seizures! How cool is THAT!!!! Know 25-30 yr old with seizures, grande-Mal, DANG! And saw Hubby’s lifetime friends Mom have a grande-mal…Holy BEANS!!!!! Besides the brain glitch, the horrendous injuries from the fall! Let’s all hope for these people!

    • Wow. Hitler invaded Ukraine so he could have a bigger grow. i didnt know that. for your sake i hope your just a troll and not serious. this is delusional thinking.

    • Wow, are you sure you’re not a CHIMP??

  • That’s how all the smoking bars got closed down. The little precious foot patrol groups would pop in long enough to make a complaint, then go report their complaint to the BOS who followed the grant money plan of not harassing business owners unless a complaint is made. It’s called the healthy communities grant program sponsored by the lovely Johnson of Johnson and Johnson fame. Imagine that.

  • Anyone else notice he’s friends with some Board of Supervisors members on Facebook? Huh.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes
    I’m pretty sure the cops just post that it’s “complaints” when somebody gets snitched on. This bust had a very close connection to the Baker bust linked to above. The Baker bust was a result of a bust in Illinois a year ago. And above is a link to another Illinois bust where the local Bull Valley, Illinois guy was obviously transporting and distributing Humboldt County weed at least as far back as last year and probably for years before that. This is how real police do stuff- not our local, lazy sheriff- but real police. They happen upon a little piece and follow the thread- right back to Humboldt County. When they bust they try to coordinate and take down a few pieces at once. Then they apply pressure and get more names of associates. Any associates stupid enough to not shut down get taken in the next round. Visser must certainly be full of himself. Guess his local status and local connections had him convinced he was untouchable?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      They really did great police work on these cases.

      That was enough lettuce to harm thousands and thousands of lives.

      Knowing the Bull Valley couple are facing 6-30 years doesn’t seem.enough punishment for that level of terroristic activities. I’d much rather see 30-90 years as to set a deterrent, keeping others away from marijuana.

      I wonder if the California side of this terror grouping can face trial over there instead?

  • This whole mom n pop grower thing is a myth. My douche nozzle neighbors are in theory mom n pop growers. They have a huge indoor grow that uses an enormous amount of electricity, lie about their income and thus get , medi cal, care program, wic , food stamps, free child care but they never go to work and go on endless vacations.
    Mom n pop my ass.

  • Right, because every other commercial and medical grow isn’t in the business of black market trafficking? Lol. That’ll be the day. We’ve long known medical was a scam, and now less than 3% of growers even applied for a permit. Where’s all the weed going?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I think most marijuana growers attempt to sell it at schools and daycare centers, simply because a life long marijuana addict will generate more profit over the years.

      Marijuana growers also join gangs and use firearms to engage in gun battles over inner city turf to create open air marijuana markets they control through fear and violence.

      The Devil’s Lettuce is an emerald pathway to the underworld that leads to the fires of Hell, and events like 911.

      With that first smoke of a marijuana cigarette the person becomes an addict for life.

      Just say no to marijuana and report anyone offering it to you to the proper authorities so legal action may be taken.

  • Angela Dills-Williams

    Keep it out of my neighborhood .It is to smelly for my asthma…..go underground with it ,filtered…you people are getting greedy….

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