[UPDATE 2:35 p.m.] $80,000 and 758 Pounds of Marijuana Seized When Multiple Properties Raided Belonging to McKinleyville Couple

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Wednesday 06/28/2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) and the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (DTF) served three search warrants to investigate an allegation of illegal cultivation of marijuana and possession for sales of marijuana. The search warrants were served in the area of Visser Court in Mckinleyville and in the area of the Mosquito Creek drainage off of US Forest Service Route 1. The following agencies assisted DEU and DTF in this investigation: Wardens from California Fish and Wildlife, Biologist from California Fish and Wildlife, CAL Fire Law enforcement officers, Investigators from the District Attorney’s Office, specialist from the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers, and personnel from the California Army National Guard Counter Drug Unit.

Drug Task Force served a search warrant on a residential structure on Visser Court. During the course of the investigation, DTF agents arrested Brett Visser (age 58) and Anne Clarke (age 32) for illegal cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales, maintaining a structure for distribution/sales, and possession of prescription drugs for sales. The following items of evidence were located and seized:

367 pounds of processed marijuana that was packaged in individual vacuum sealed one pound bags, 6 firearms, 255 Xanax pills and $80,000 in cash.

The investigation on Visser Court led to another parcel near the residence that was under the control of Brett Visser. An additional search warrant was obtained and served on this property. Two structures that were converted into indoor marijuana grow rooms were located on this property. The two indoor marijuana grows were not permitted by Humboldt County Building and Planning Division. 700 growing marijuana plants were located and seized from this property.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit responded to two adjacent parcels in the area of the Mosquito Creek drainage that were owned by Brett Visser. DEU located a total of 35 greenhouses containing growing marijuana and 6 indoor marijuana grows on these parcels. A total of 21,389 marijuana plants were eradicated from the properties and 391 pounds of processed marijuana was seized. Several subjects fled upon law enforcements arrival. Two Hispanic subjects were detained and questioned. Both subjects were released after being interviewed. A Commercial Cannabis Permit Application was filed by Brett Visser for these parcels; however, the permit was in a suspension status due to required information being overdue.

California Fish and Wildlife conducted a parallel investigation on these two parcels and discovered 6 separate Stream Bed Alterations, 3 potential water pollution sites due to the location of stored diesel fuel, and 1 Trash in Stream hazard due to the potential of sediment washing into nearby streams. Fish and Wildlife Wardens also found evidence of poaching.

Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations: Failure to Establish Hazardous Material Business Plan, Failure to Establish Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan, Failure to Report Threaten Release of Hazardous Material, and Improper Management of Hazardous Material. 13,000 gallons of diesel fuel and two large diesel generators were located on the two parcels.
CAL Fire officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations:

Operating without a timber operation license, harvesting timber without a harvest plan, and operating without a timber conversion permit.

Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations: Grading without a permit, Construction without a permit, stream side management area violations, solid waste disposal violations, using an RV as a residence, marijuana cultivation ordinance violations.

All criminal violations stemming from the marijuana cultivation investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office maintains a cooperative relationship with all agencies that participated in this investigation. All future investigations into non-compliant marijuana operations will continue to be investigated in this manner.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

UPDATE 2:35 p.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit began to investigate the legality of the marijuana grow site on the parcels owned by Brett Visser after receiving several complaints. The complaints surrounded illegal marijuana activities occurring on the properties located in the Mosquito Creek drainage off of US Forest Service Route 1. After conducting surveillance, several potential environmental violations were determined to be associated with the large commercial cannabis site which had not yet been issued a Commercial Cannabis permit. After the Commercial Cannabis Application and surveillance information was reviewed, HCSO DEU had reason to believe that Brett Visser was using the Humboldt County Commercial Cannabis Permit process as a cover for trafficking marijuana and that several felony environmental violations were being committed. Evidence located at the scene supports those facts.



  • Wow that’s a lot of charges

    • Gee county wtf

      Not one sensible comment!.This guy was blowing the county off and they knew exactly what he had going and where.To think it was a informant that did him in -not the fact his operations were not even close to compliant !.so I am guessing he payed some taxes and fees up front and this county’s leaving people alone with mega grows for a bit in return.what a fucking joke.The grand jury report involving corruption in our county goes unheard.

    • Absolutely! Watersheds are being polluted by chemicals and fuels, as indicated by the numerous violations against this illegal grower. Altering streams, garbage in abundance not to mention the threat of fire from stored chemicals/fertilizers and improper fuel containment……
      They’re fooling themselves, screwing citizens that disagree with this type of hypocrisy, avoiding being “productive citizens” that show a gross income and pay taxes like the rest of us. C’mon, it’s a cash flow business, no chip cards accepted here!
      And, I’m not against medicinal marijuana, it’s been shown to help those with severe seizures unlike other conventional drugs. But, keep in mind, the THC is removed, therefore the “high” is not there, leaving the beneficial chemicals to alleviate illnesses. Get the Government to produce it, just as they do any other “Drug”. Get rid of the Oportunist such as these two. Reduce the danger of those utilizing “medicinal marijuana” from harmful bacteria. Really, do people believe that when buying from a dispensary that they’re getting certified bacteria free product? In some cases, yes. Most others, no! More food for thought: some bacteria can have disastrous effects on those with compromised immune systems. Check out how many labs there are in California that do this. Specifically within the Emerald Triangle. Not anywhere close enough for the volume that is produced here. Please folks, unless you truly do have a need, don’t brag to me about your “card”. You’re not fooling me, just yourself. Another fact: Federal Law trumps state EVERY TIME.

  • Local guy. Family owned land in McKinleyville. Close friends with a local car dealer.

    • Who cares, has nothing to do with who he knows.

    • Any relation to Pat Visser, used to be the USFS District Ranger out in Mad River? Supposedly a ” zero tolerance with weed” Ranger…tried to fire a bunch of FS people there with little to no proof for assorted weed charges, got herself transferred and later fired…

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    Visser Court? Isn’t that very close to the house on Hunts Dr. that got visited by federal agents in connection with a major weed distribution case back near Philadelphia. Larry somebody with properties up in Three Creeks and Redwood Valley. Anyways – this should be an alert to anybody who filed that permit paperwork! The consultants and their regulator friends and the politicians and even Kym encouraged you all to “step into the light”. Ha Ha Ha! So you signed that first application thinking it would buy you a year to blow it up one last time? But instead…YOU are now on the front line. They have all your info and you are now missing that June 30 deadline so your application is now nothing more than a signed permission to inspect your grow scene that you’ve provided explicit directions to come find. Ha Ha Ha!! Thank you all agencies involved! Guess $80,000 isn’t much but now you can write up so many fines that you will make them dig up their own hidden money and deliver it right to you! Ha Ha Ha!! And what is this California Army National Guard Counter Drug Unit?! I hope they stick around. We need them too. The more the merrier! Go get these criminals and rip up plants all day long, every day. Yes!!

    • We are from the government and we are here to help.

    • either that or some recently popped is singin’ like a lil’ bird…

    • Kym,

      There was another recent large bust on Visser Court reported here not too long ago involving Baker Construction. Visser Court pretty small, could this be related, in partnership, who knows but plenty of greed to go around between Mr. Baker and Mr. Visser. Too bad, go down hard punks.

      Two questions for you:
      1. What do they do with all the money that is confiscated in these raids? I have been watching over the years and it has to be in the millions on an annual basis.

      2. As noted by Devils Lettuce above, there was a large bust on Hunts Drive sometime in 2011-2013 that a Larry ______ was involved in dealing in Pennsylvania. Was reported by you in your days at Lost Coast Outpost. Any recollection of that case, it was huge?

      • I can’t find a Pennsylvania connection to Hunts Drive in my posts. I’m sorry.

        • Devils Lettuce Crimes

          Older bust that led to door kicked in by federal agents on Hunts Drive- just a few houses away from this one. It did not hit local news. I am not implying there is any connection or ratting out going on between these cases, only geographic closeness. Repeat- no ratting out involved with Hunts Dr. case….http://www.upvnews.com/news/article.ashx?article=12564

          • Hunts drive is close by Visser Court if you look at an aerial view. But it takes a while to actually drive between the two areas.

          • Kym,
            Only one question left…..what do they do with the money they seize? Has to be millions annually with all the cash confiscated.

            Your right on “Devils Lettuce Crimes” you found it! Larry Kline, thats the name i was thinking about. Big interstate bust, dealing major weed into Pennsylvania.

            Thanks, don’t know how you found it, good detective work.

            • Pensions, bonuses, OT, expansion of the Humboldt Hilton… maybe a new MRAP to be later sent away, a couple Mustangs, etc…

            • Any property seized in a bust including money goes to the departments who participated in the bust. So for instance the departments who participated in this bust were able to walk away with over 1000 pounds of marijuana plus $80000 plus any vehicles or property forfeited. Typically when those same agencies bust a meth or heroin house in eureka they only come up with 5-10 grand. This policy should shed some light to those of us who wonder why they spend so much time and money going after grows in the hills when the county’s largest city looks like a walking dead episode because of all the junkies and tweakers and the cops don’t seem to care

          • It was not feds that kicked in the door and it never went federal.

    • OlaftheBerzerker

      If you had [edit] ever dealt with anyone from the building and planning department, fish and wildlife, the waterboard or any other agency involved you’d k,ow that they are fully on board and working quite well with applicants.
      Brett who is depicted above is apparently not the sharpest tool in the shed. [edit]
      If you start this process you surely can’t do it half ass. You certainly shouldnt have any plants in the ground without having signing the affidavit and having all other forms submitted that are due.
      Brett was spread thin and had apparently to many irons in the fire, perhaps he thought it all was a joke, either way there had been multiple complaints and one look on google earth revealed his dirty operation is worth a visit for our fine lawenforcement officials. Good job! Brett doesn’t need to be in the game as hes not willing to comply or keep a clean scene. [edit] all that dough and product and couldnt have paid someone to make a few dumpruns and contain the diesel and generator in such a manor that anyone would be able to tell at first glance it cant be done any cleaner ,… But hey lets give all that hard work and fruits of labor away to the law,…wow,..ever hear of taking the loot and product off campus aka burying it or storing it in a safe place,…
      From Humboldt to the central valley, elect a visit, they are coming.
      Until then double up and keep escape routes wide open

    • If sounds to good to be true……………. lol

  • shawn the fisherman

    I am so happy these dope growing criminals are off the streets.. The amount of crimes that go hand in hand with growing is mind boggling. One crime leads into another. Funny these types think they are doing nothing wrong. This weed culture has really confused alot of people thinking they are good citizens in our community. Sad… Im sure your family is really proud of what you have done with your life?

    • Make sure you don’t use cannabis as a medicine. Just stick with pharmaceutical drugs as you deserve them.

      • shawn the fisherman

        Why would I use cannabis? I dont have cancer. Thats what cannabis was advertised for the whole 215 thing. People like you have perverted the law. Do you have cancer? I doubt it your just afraid of the real world cant cope with reality so you self medicate. On the record im not against cannabis just the people who live on the fringes of society and pay for their life style with ill money derived from unholy amount of plants in the ground.

        • Veterans friend

          The actual LAW includes ARTHRITIS. Just so you know. Cancer is only one of many things that are helped by cannabis. If you needed it, as I do, and it was the least harmful alternative, I suspect you might have a different thought.

        • OlaftheBerzerker

          Its a plant, the first seed sewn by man, our god given right to use, like any other plant or fruit , vegetable or tree.

      • Hard to argue for so called medical mariJuana when greed is your motivation. All about money. Always has been in this type of endeavor and always will be. Green rush. Get rich quick. Awfully tempting for some. Dispicable to others. Hope he’s prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

    • Where is the magical community where there’s no crime? What does that economy run on?

    • These people pay there taxes you fool. Hey you’re facts straight before you shoot you’re mouth off. Brett Visser has crossed every t dotted every I paid the IRSannie preble has a community garden to feed people for free she has helped numerous individuals to help turn there life’s around. I no them very very well. These are two tremendous above and beyond there call of duty to pay. So save it. I hope there a huge law suit slapped for defemation of character. They will prevail they are wonderful people. .

      • I have known Brett all his life. If he could screw over one of his sister’s when their dad died with all his lies, he can do anything! I hope he gets at least 30 years! Didn’t he cheat on everything he did? He’s a liar, crook, and a lot of other things. Hurray forKarma. I am glad Jack and Margaret are not here to see this. Wouldn’t they be proud of their son?

  • 100 % greed the stupid ass. Stash your money some where underground duh .Now that is a hugh comm grow .Now if the cops would do that on meth labs or heroin dens . when have we ever seen that in the paper never that I can recall it’s weird that the chump never has anything to say when the devil s lettuce get busted i wonder why anyways good job law enforcement bust all the blatant greedy out of control growers .

  • 300+ Pounds seized! Wonder what the value of that is?

  • Why are they still busting people on weed if it’s legal

  • What kills me about these busts is the fact that an entrepreneur with the organizational skills to put together something like this has wasted those skills by a misguided focus. That said it also kills me to see our area exploited and destroyed by these entrepreneurs.

    • This guy has always been involved in hustles and activities on both sides of the law. If it wasn’t pot it would be some other money-making scheme.

      • Well spoken, his love of money has now destroyed his life, marriage, and family. It’s sad.

        • That’s not true either. First of all he’s not married. What’s sad is that the generosity of these two individual to help others in life is remarkable. It’s like Hollywood where I work now. Everyone loves to condem people it makes them feel better about themselves. Muster up some kindness there the best.

  • All the trash and general disregard for the environment, such a lack of human decency. Too bad these Big Marijuana grows aren’t being regulated to grow some food instead. It’s going to be worth more than the weed soon with the giant grows popping up. Humboldt Grass Fed Beef is already big all over the state.

  • There is always someone growing to take their place. When southern calif. with indoor grows come on all things change.

  • It’s going to get ugly. I heard that wells up in Dinsmore have dried up.yikes water deliveries will be pricey!! If they keep busting people the price of weed will climb. Supply and demand. Take care everyone!!!

  • Only 80k in cash for a site that big?!

  • I love how old dudes with weed money can get young-ish gals in this county.

  • Veterans friend

    The Humboldt TRIFECTA
    When will you learn?

  • With a scene that big, there has to be a million bucks hidden somewhere.

  • I love when I see mmj arguments on threads like this involving major black mArket grows. What do they have to do with eachother? I’m a once-upon-a-time stoner turned legitimate believer in medicinal purposes of marijuana. Helps with diseases that make it hard to eat like cancer, kidney disease, immune deficiencies, and others. Helps with insomnia and ptsd, calming nerves, muscle recouperation, and other issues. Obviously there will always be different types of users; recreational use to get stoned, the weed snobs that don’t care about potency as much as they do flavor or how big they can make O rings, the ones who want to look cool for friends, people who need it for medical reasons, to go to sleep, help them eat… the list will go on. Always. If California can erase the debt of the state through taxing weed, thus hopefully lowering taxes on other items across the board, why is it a bad thing? What I disagree with is That California also uses legalization of pot to control who can or cannot purchase firearms from an FFL. I’m sure that with legalization of recreational use, they will somehow integrate a required UA to apply for a ccw now, too….. bleh

    • Right! Thank you my father suffers from Parkinson’s disease the last stage he wouldn’t take the oil until it was legal now it’s delivered in a truck with a written script it literally takes his trembling away in five minutes! It’s a miracle. THANKYOU marijuana

  • Censored again!

    • Me too. What were you censored for?

      • Please, no insulting fellow commenters. Honeydew Bridge Chump is the master of driving me mad by insulting entire classes of people without individually insulting one commenter so he isn’t breaking the rules. Surely you can outdo him.

  • Permitting Gone Wrong

    Although it appears to be a large amount of environmental damage, a few of the pictures tell the bright side of the story. It appears the trash is contained in in piles for the most part, and a trailer next to the pile means they were probably loading it up to take it to the dump.
    That being said the pallets of Fox Farm and stream alteration shows this guy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Obviously got a commercial drop to the scene.

    • Thank you, at least you can see a bit of the truth. He’s actually the smartest tool in the shed. A brilliant hard working followed all the rules citizen. He has made mccklivilke a better place to live. He respects his community I have the upmost respect for the two of these individuals. Thanks again for a tad of positivity I hope you don’t get arrested and raided for that.

  • Too bad they took his Xanax! He’s gona need that shit after this!

  • HOW many seasons did they get away with this? I am afraid the environmental laws violated will result in the real jail time and fines. How does a judge decide what to do?

    Seems like these folks will just get out and run… I hope the bail is high!


  • Who buys 758 pds.or he isn’t selling that much, and that’s his stock pile of weed he can’t sell ,but he is or was growing like a bat out of hell .

  • Looks like a cop ripped a 20$ In half trying to slide some in his pocket till he realized it says 1700$ on it, next time go for the 100$s like everyone else did there not rubber banded any more either! pfft what a rookie.

  • Busted for having private property or was the property stolen or something? I don’t get it. Private property is private property, no matter what that property consists of.

  • It seems to me that all the charges against them are what’s criminal.
    You are free as long as you go broke paying for permits to drink the kool-aid.

  • 13,000 gals of diesel, just wow. But this one seems a little lame “using an RV as a residence”.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Google map Visser ct. Huh wonder how that was built. Then google map mosquito creek huh not to hard to see where it was and the environmental dammage

    • It was built by a smart hard working man that crossed every t dotted every I followed every rule and gave back to his community. So save you’re jealous fire filled empty comment you e got no faces because there are not any. Brett Visser is stellar. Not one thing was built on what accusations are. He’s one in five million men. Save it.

  • DTF told one of the fish they let go last month to go next door and tell them “you’re next”. Guess Brett didn’t believe it. Saw them in Eureka today they look stunned, just like they lost a Million Bucks.

    • OlaftheBerzerker

      They did, its over, gig is up, news is out they finally found him.
      Its over, like at the end when it says “game over” it means exactly that.
      His name will be read in the high score list, like at an arcade game from,the 90s

    • Now for the other criminals hiding in plain sight on Visser Court.

  • you'reallchumps

    Get the right lawyer he will have his money back within the year. Doubt they will even bring charges.

  • Elizabeth Cotten

    Wow these comments ……..
    It’s like the playground from freaking middle school .1 DaY It wIlL GrOw EveRy WheRE AgAin SO pUt yoUR GuNS DoWN YoU WiNGnUtz.hopefully then all you flag waving Bible thumping Business Degree in my face people will stop persecuting marijuana it will cost as much as produce in the grocery store then there won’t be cartel. we’re winning the war on drugs. BTW pharmaceutisick,alls suck dude.

  • Raids on weed is a ripoff of taxpayers money. Spend that money and manpower going after the scumbag dealers selling death.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      The Devil’s Lettuce is the emerald gateway to folly and a life of crime.

      The Roman’s crucified Jesus, because he was anti marijuana, Noah was the only one not too stoned to build an ark, and everyone knows that Eve smoked marijuana in The Garden Of Eden forcing God to file & serve eviction papers.

      Learn your history and understand why the Devil’s Lettuce needs to be removed from the planet.

  • Midwestern Josh

    Another Great one guys your the best!

  • Again, I have known him all his life! He’s a real rat and I am so glad his parents, Jack and Margaret are not here to see all this.

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