Woman and Child Missing Since Monday After Receiving Death Threats

Press release from Eureka Police:

Natalie Rashelle Wright,The Eureka Police Department have begun an investigation into an “at risk” missing mother and child. The mother, 37 year old Eureka resident Natalie Rashelle Wright, and her 19 month old daughter, Mack Chevelle Grant, were last seen on Monday night, June 26th, 2017, around 1800 hours.

Natalie Wright had been in contact with friends and family on a consistent basis prior to her disappearance. Natalie Wright had received death threats that were under investigation prior to her disappearance. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Natalie or Mackenzie should contact law enforcement or advise Natalie to make contact with law enforcement to confirm their safety.

Detective Ronald B Harpham at 707-441-4305 or Eureka Police dispatch at 707-441-4044.



  • May she and her daughter be found quickly and safely. Must be so very hard for her and her family.

  • If I were getting death threats… I would go hiding, depending on the source and reasons.
    Sounds pretty serious and hope they’re hiding out till things cool off

  • That poor child, I hope it’s ok they never should have given her back, she was just involved in a murder! A duh I wonder who was threatening her, couldn’t be anyone in those booking photos, captain obvious. I hope they are both safe, but she seems like someone who shouldn’t have custody of a child. Roll around with murderers with your fuckin kid in the car.

  • Law enforcement need to do more then threats are reported!
    I currently have a serious threat against me and the law is taking their time to figuring out what they are gonna do about it! I pray this woman and her daughter are found safe

    • I hear ya. We have an armed man living in the woods behind our neighborhood. He has been found hiding behind peoples firewood stacks with fully loaded rifle pointed right at the landowner. He is a stalker of a neighbor up the road who she has a restraining order on. The sheriffs said since he lives in the woods they cant catch him. I told my neighbor to say they were earth firsters trespassing, the sheriffs always showed up for that.
      Now i feel like i have to carry a gun just to go for a nice hike in our neighborhood. The sheriffs need to get on top of things or let everyone go back to dealing with things like this on our own.

  • Wasn’t this woman suspected of murder? If she didn’t do it, good, but if she’s receiving death threats they are either deserved and good luck to her, hopefully she isn’t missing due to being killed. If she doesn’t deserve the death threats, and went into hiding, posting a bolo for her could be counter productive and end up getting her killed if it’s a legit threat. Not sure if I’m writing properly to get my
    Points across but yeah….

  • If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. As an adult she is free to associate with whom ever she wishes. As a mother, she needs to put her child first. Thats the problem with lots of people, they shouldn’t be parents because they don’t know how to act or be one. Place the child in a safe , loving home and let her do whatever she wishes. If no child was involved, I could care less if she received death threats or went missing.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Wow. Just wow. Murder in Klamath, attempted murder in Eureka all involving Michael Grant. He always has been a violent person, even as a kid. I hope the baby is ok and safe. Momma needs a life change.

  • shawn the fisherman

    My grandpa always said ” you reap what you sew” That said I hope for the best where the child is concerned. She prolly turned witness

  • I just hope the child is safe. Bless the children and protect them.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    Three scenarios: One, the associates of the man against whom she must testify in order to avoid prison (she was driving the car during the murder) are after her (he’s from Chicago, they don’t like snitches) or two, the family and friends of the woman who was killed are after her. Either way, she should hand the child over to social services for the duration. Oh, and a third, she doesn’t want to testify, reported non-existent death threats, and is hiding. Again, leave the kid someplace safe, the child should not suffer the sins of the mother.

  • Thank you for the news links. Pretty sad situation.

  • I wonder what she saw? yikes…

  • And her kid is a Grant, too…dang…that really is quite the web.

  • What type of person receives death threats? Seriously.

    • I got life threating messages, even pulled a gun on me from a crazy ex. I looked over my shoulder for years. Restraining order, some scary times. He’s long gone, I hope. Been 16 years

    • Wait…you’re blaming her for receiving death threats? I don’t know her situation but blaming her because she’s a victim seems odd.

      • When you surround yourself with bad people, bad things tend to happen. I would never wish harm on her because of her decisions and it’s sickening to think of a child’s involvement, but you can’t feel too bad for people who put themselves in these types of situations. We all have choices to make. This isn’t a victim of circumstance.

        • Blaming her for decisions she’s made…okay. Blaming her for receiving death threats? That’s wierd. I’ve had death threats. Does that make me a bad person?

          • If I had to guess, your death threats might be tied to the news you report. Does that make you a bad person, no. I’m saying it goes with the territory. Im not “blaming” her for death threats.

      • Oh fuck her… She was an accomplice to the muder of a native woman, it’s no surprise there are death threats… I’m just surprised we haven’t seen any of them in the paper since they release

  • Lol… I’m really surprised that threats is all she has gotten!! Sonni has a huge family and are still greatly mourning her loss… I feel no pity for this [edit] and as for her child, well if cps gave her back than if something God forbid happens to that innocent baby, the blood is on their hands

  • The various people involved with this are poster children for the need for a eugenics program — anyone convicted of any serious crime of violence will be sterilized. Anyone with more than 1 child must be sterilized before receiving any sort of public assistance.

    Over time, this would reduce appreciably the population of undesirables and the quality of life would be improved immensely for all of us.

    • EyesAreEverywhere

      You must be a supporter of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger’s philosophy, and Hitler’s Final Solution. How sad.

  • Why don’t you all mind your business and quit judging cause you never know when something happens in your family and you wouldn’t want people to judge you right

  • Late post but please if my sister In law Natalie Rachelle wright reads this contact me u used to keep in contact with at all times til about 3-4 years ago my brother wrote me every day asking if we heard from u….you guys took vows in 2011 til death do part we are your family and we’ve got ur back 150% no matter what even if u had another child w/someone else we just wanna know ur safe and so what if u had a child from someone people seem to be afraid of (family wise) cause I got news for them I ain’t scared of shit not even the devil himself so try me that woman might not be the best but she’s our family and so is her babies all of them!!!

  • Omg…she’s running the streets doing whatever…she got her freedom after she brought the guys to Klamath to commit a crime which ended in the MURDER OF SUNNI JO GRANT MY COUSIN….YES SHE SEEMS TO HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH MURDER. IF SHE WOULD HAVE NOT DROVE TO KLAMATH CALIFORNIA MY FAMIKY WOULD NOT BE SUFFERING TODAY!!!!!!! Freedom for a murderer whom is still out there doing bad things like trying selling guns in the same area where my cousin was killed mighty brave bitch…

  • I have literally spoken to this person. She’s a terrible human being with NO remorse for what she did! She is in crescent city trying to run shit like she’s hot shit. Forcing others to help her. Stealing vehicles, using and selling drugs. She’s a worthless piece of shit. She speaks of this as if it is funny to her.

  • Can someone please pass on the message to my brothers wife Natalie wright and tell her to call her husband in madera because apparently everyone else seems to know where she except her husband that never left her but she seems to have forgotten he married her for all the right reasons and deserve at least an explanation even if its over the phone I’m glad she is alive but disappointed in her actions!!!

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