Quarter Craze at Redway School to Raise Money for Relay for Life

2015 Quarter Craze at Redway School.

2015 Quarter Craze at Redway School.

Press release:

Quarter Craze and Dutch Raffle – team BZ Bees is raising money for Relay for Life. Money raised stays locally in the Humboldt County area. On Saturday, July 8, come on out shop our amazing vendors, eat some delicious food, get raffle tickets for the Dutch Raffle, enjoy yummy bake sale. Up to 60 prizes up for auction bids are anywhere from 1 to 4 quarters. Reservations are suggested and can be made by calling or texting Lori Ruiz at 707-599-5570 or email fab5ruiz@yahoo.com. Reservations must be made by June 30th to have a chance to win a prize for the biggest group. $5.00 each pre reservation $7.00 each at the door – includes 1 bidding paddle. Extra bidding paddles available 3 for $10.00, more chances to win!

Get an extra chance to win the door prize by wearing something relay related or something purple.
Bring friends and don’t forget your quarters!! We will have a limited supply.

Thank you to Soroptimist of the Redwoods for sponsoring us. 

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  • Money for nothing and something stinks

    Once again the Cancer Society will be making the county money poorer. What is this money being used for? The Executive Director in San Diego lives the life of a Besos. A personal jet for travel wherever, a million dollar salary, an office rivaling Trump. And yet when I called the local Cancer Society office and asked how our hard earned money was being spent I was told to call the office in San Diego. And the answer I got from the San Diego was, “for research”. I then asked what percentage of the money goes to research I was told, I don’t have the information. When I asked if they could provide me with a list of organizations that were funded for research the snarky lady said, “NO”. This smacks of a cover up and should be investigated. The economic health of our county could be being compromised. When I asked the local Cancer Society office how much money they spend locally helping fund treatment for people having problems paying for treatment the lady said she didn’t have that information. When I asked who had the information I was told to call the office in San Diego. Around and around the Cancer Society goes and who is responsible nobody knows. I called the San Diego again and asked what Humboldt money was spent on helping local cancer patients I was told, ” I don’t have that information. When I asked who did I was told to submit a written request. I did almost a year ago and to date I haven’t gotten a response. Why are people so head up on Relay for Life when there isn’t a clear understanding as to how the tens of thousands of our hard earned money can be explained???

    • I have often wondered the same thing! This is real questions we should have the answers to! If there is nothing to hide then this should be public knowledge what each cent goes to! Do we really know what this money goes for? I know that a TON and I mean a TON of money is raised every year and still no cure. Im not saying don’t keep looking but what is this money helping or who is it helping? I know one guy alone in this area that raised $5000 just himself! So they are getting a lot of money

        • Someone is living it up at our expense

          340 million in administrative and fundraising funds? And 500 million in program expenses? What does that constitute in line items? Expenses is a catch all phrase for any number of non cancer research expenditures. What’s are the breakouts. A half a billion dollars is a lot of money. I still think there is mismanagement possible. On average anywhere from $300,000 to $700,000 is collected in Humboldt every year and from what I was told locally they don’t know how much of that money stays in Humboldt County? Why don’t they know? What are they covering up? At least 70% of the money collected should go for the treatment of local patients. I looked up online and found out the major contributor to cancer research is the Federal Gov’t based on Obama’s executive order. Know anyone with cancer who applied for financial assistance and been rejected by the Cancer Society?

  • July 8, not July 18. 🙂

  • Great bunch of ladies putting this event on!!! Come out have a blast and support Relay for Life!!

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