Many Areas of Six Rivers National Forest Still Inaccessible as Employees Continue to Assess Road Damages

This is a press release from the U.S. Forest Service:

The series of strong storms that hit California this past winter and spring caused extensive damage to roads, trails and infrastructure on the Six Rivers National Forest. Forest employees have been evaluating roads and trails in the daily course of work and have so far identified at least 90 road-related sites needing repairs. While the forest continues to evaluate the damage, many areas remain inaccessible due to heavy snow accumulations and hazards that make them unsafe for anyone, including employees, to enter.

“The safety of our employees and the public is always our first priority,” said acting Forest Supervisor Michael Green. “Because we haven’t been able to evaluate the damage to all our roads yet, we’re asking everyone to please respect all road closures. There may be damage to the road ahead that you just can’t see.”

Damage identified so far includes large and small landslides from above or below the road, large rocks in the road, downed branches and trees, large gullies, road settlement and cracking, cutslope failure, excessive road surface runoff, plugged culverts, erosion and so forth. Drivers are urged to exercise caution along any forest road.

Roads into and through campgrounds, including individual campsites, have been cleared of any debris.

Persons who plan to visit the forest and are uncertain about the status of a road are urged to call the nearest ranger station for current information:

Gasquet Ranger Station:           (707) 457-3131

Orleans Ranger Station:            (530) 627-3291

Lower Trinity Ranger Station:  (530) 629-2118

Mad River Ranger Station:       (707) 574-6233



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