Hwy 36 Near Dinsmore to Be Closed for Construction 8 Hours Per Day Starting July 5

An area of Hwy 36 slated for construction work 2017 summer.

An area of Hwy 36 slated for construction work this summer. [Photo from the Federal Highway Administration]

Facebook post from Caltrans:

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Beginning July 5, Route 36 near Dinsmore in Humboldt County will be under FULL HIGHWAY CLOSURES for a realignment project being delivered by the Federal Highway Administration.Caltrans map

The project will upgrade the highway in the location highlighted in red to have two full lanes with shoulders, and will make significant adjustments to curves within the project limits. This is the last location on Route 36 that is not considered to be a typical two-lane highway.

Highway closures will last from 8 a.m. til noon every weekday, with a one hour break to allow traffic to pass through the work zone. Closures will resume at 1 p.m. and will be in effect until 5 p.m.

Closures will be abbreviated on Friday afternoons; work is expected to end at 3 p.m. to better accommodate weekend traffic.

Motorists should anticipate 30-minute delays at any time outside of the full closure times.

These are HARD CLOSURES. Emergency vehicles and school buses will be allowed through the work site, but regular traffic *will not* be permitted through during closure hours.

This is not a Caltrans project. For more information, visit the Federal Highway Administration’s project page at https://flh.fhwa.dot.gov/projects/ca/sr36/.



  • Just in time for harvest… gonna be a lot of traffic all hours of the nite.

  • Actual Old School

    Ha Ha! How to get all that dep weed out? South to Zenia? CHP would do us all a big favor by using this road closure as an excuse to hassle all the growers driving through there and search and confiscate all that they can. It’s obvious now that our sheriff doesn’t give a crap that our county has been turned over to criminal gangs and outside mafias. Everybody tripled size this year and still the sheriff has a bag of lame excuses.

    • That’s for sure we have a no guts Law enforcement who let’s this dope dealers do what ever they want, and destroy our wonderful environment!

    • how about get a real job and stop depending on black markets to inflate your product prices (for a product that is significantly easier to grow than corn ? ) Any dumbass with 1/2 a brain and good plant genetics can blow it up well and of the best quality. People can only smoke so much.. If you produce more than the market can demand then you should pack it up and stop complaining. Get a normal job and suck it up. It’s called supply and demand. Good luck getting $500/lb your stupid depot weed ! I hope it turns brown just like the other 100lbs you couldn’t sell last year.

  • Will they work through the winter? The Fed site just says the work will go through fall of 2018.

  • Veterans friend

    Which 8 hours?

  • Well, you can always come in to Restaurant 36 Carlotta for a bite to eat and a cold one!😁

  • Effing A, Cotton.
    Effing A.

  • HOJ in Training

    A summer without weekday traffic.

    I hate like hell that I won’t be able to fly through the one-lane anymore, but I sure will enjoy a summer without weekday traffic. Hopefully, the road condition will deter the weekend Ruth Lake crowd as well.

  • I hope they put in lots of turn outs so I can let the speeders by once it’s finished.

  • That stretch has always been kinda cartoony. 40 years ago I came through there at night and thought I’d made a wrong turn into somebody’s driveway. Went through there this A.M. and they are getting ready to do some major terraforming. Much like the Buckhorn Summit on 299. Supposed to take several years to complete. Feel for the folks who rely on that stretch. Think local .

  • Will the road surface be dirt or paved during the times traffic is allowed to go through? I ride a motorcycle and it makes a difference.

    • Mary Picknell-Scott

      It will vary, there will be asphalt, then they will grind that, if they build new sections of road. Defiantly yes, you are going to encounter all phases of road construction. Practice riding in less than optimum circumstances, or you may, for your own safety sake, use a car until this project is done. Your life is precious to many more people than you may or may not know. Either way please be safe.

  • I just spoke with the project manager today, James Herlyck on 07/05/2016. He said they are hoping to begin construction in 2 weeks. So not closed yet…

  • Any word? Is it closed starting tomorrow?

  • I will be traveling west on 36 from Red Bluff in mid to late October. Is there an update for fall travel?

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