Here’s Your Updated SoHum’s Most Wanted Poster

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:



  • Wish someone would turn in Kaiser, sick puppy. I bet most these douche bags are in or around the motels in Garberville daily. Or the transient camps. Are The McDonald’s brothers?

  • Kenny Springer looks horrible looks like a fat grey beard drug addict .geez Kenny you look used up .

    • charles engebretson

      That guy is 5 years older than me…yeah let me know when the dope has taken enough from you…

      • Punish the pained. Good on you. When the dope takes his life it’s on friends like you that could have engaged him, a little love goes a long way. Tough Love is for oxymorons.

  • Patriot in Willits

    I never realized that Sohum’s Most Wanted had become such a bastion of white male privilege. How about some diversity? I feel somehow that this must be Trump’s fault…

  • It would be nice to get an updated Eastern Humboldt also

  • Kaiser looks a bit like sasquatch, bet he’s got a nice place in the woods, a real man cave with all the bells and whistles,…

  • Kaiser is literally right in front of the market in Redway daily, with a sign….

  • What saddens me is the cops can go get any one of these people right now but they dont. I dont understand why everyone knows where they are and yet police do nothing

    • Have you seen the sheriffs on patrol? Two in one cruiser?
      Last I’ve seen them they were crying redway from Groveland road to kmud and back, doing nothing but burning time and fuel, beat part about it was it being apparent that they weren’t doing any real work and seem completely incompetent and certainly unable to conduct any foot chases, a set of chuckle brothers in uniform. A COMPLETE DISGRACE TO ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT!

  • Wish the cops would.bust meth labs for once .bust the big time heroin dealers for once.

  • robby you are dug in like a tick you have been on most wanted for quite awhile .go turn your self in you know how to do your time when we were in jail 20 yrs ago all you did was sleep ,so go get it over with Peggy is I’m sure worried about you .

    • damned meth needs to be addressed..cops aren’t doing anything to stop the sales and distribution of the shit..why dont they stop riding around trying to bust people for shit that dont matter get to the core of the problem here in humboldt meth it makes a monster out of anyone who uses it…for every face shown here felons..they have a loving mother i being one..i pray for my sons recovery from this drug.sheriffs have known for more than 25 years who is dealing and where they live….i tried to give the address and mile marker post and was told if i was expecting a reward to forget it i was not looking for a reward in cash i was looking to stop the flow they know who deals and wont do nothing we all know what happened to gary bullock…thats what meth does to a decent person

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